Top 10 Hottest Asian Models

The Top Ten Hottest Asian Models

1 Daniella Wang

That picture made me fall in love...

Ok, it's decided: Asian women are the most beautiful women in the world! - Kenny_McCormick

2 Sung Hi Lee
3 Mei Ling Lam
4 Arianny Celeste

She posed for Playboy so you know she's hot! - Kenny_McCormick

Wowowowow! Beautiful!

5 Kelly Hu

She is gorgeous! - Kenny_McCormick

6 May Myat Noe
7 Felixia Yeap
8 Zhang Xinyu
9 Natasha Yi

Man, Asian women are so attractive, way more than American women that's for sure.

10 Hiromi Oshima

She looks like a Goddess

The Contenders

11 Jin Mei Xin

I've seen pictures of her before, she's really gorgeous!

12 Zhou Wei Tong
13 Lena Li
14 Zhang Wan You
15 Kim Ha Yul
16 Victoria Nguyen
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