Top Ten Hottest Couples On Days of Our Lives

The Top Ten

1 Chelsea and Nick

My grandma loves this show - Luckys

2 Chelsea and Max
3 Bo and Hope
4 Chelsea and Daniel
5 Nicole and Ej
6 Daniel and Nicole
7 Teresa and Brady
8 Will and Sonny
9 Lucas and Sami
10 Kate and Stefano

The Contenders

11 Kayla and Steve Patch Johnson

After everything they’ve been through, they’re back together. (As of April 2018.)

12 Maggie and Victor
13 Jennifer and Jack
14 Abigail and Chad
15 Hope and Rafe
16 Bo and Billie
17 Bo and Carly
18 Lawrence and Carly
19 Eric and Nicole
20 Austin and Carrie
21 Mike and Carrie
22 Abe and Lexie
23 EJ and Sami
24 Daniel and Chloe
25 Shawn and Belle
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