Top 10 Most Iconic Twilight Zone Plot Twists

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To Serve Man

I've heard of this episode through WatchMojo - scienceLover10

The great Richard Kiel of James Bond movie villain fame is part of a telepathic alien race known as the Kanamits who have come to Earth with seemingly good intentions. They have answers for war, famine, and other plagues affecting humankind. To help substantiate their claims, the government enlists two cryptographers to decipher the written text they’ve left behind. The disturbing truth is discovered when it’s already too late. it's a cookbook! - VainillaKid

The Masks

Well made list, there are so many good choices, but this episode would probably be my number one. - 2storm

Mardi Gras comes to The Twilight Zone in this tale about a wealthy, terminally ill man named Jason Foster (Robert Keith) who invites his belligerent, greedy family to help settle his affairs before he dies. Foster insists all of them—self-absorbed daughter Emily, her cash-obsessed husband Wilfred, and misbehaving offspring Wilfred Junior and Paula—don masks in honor of him or risk losing their heritage. But Foster isn’t in a celebration mood.

Plot Twist: The masks disfigured the whole family's face - VainillaKid

The Little People

Commander William Fletcher (Claude Akins) and Navigator Peter Craig (Joe Maross) are two astronauts forced into an emergency landing on a unknown planet. As the dutiful Fletcher tends to ship repairs, Craig goes exploring and finds a race of tiny people. Rather than resume their mission, Craig wants to stay behind to rule as the beings' deity. worship of a false god doesn’t end good for him. When he meets people with more size than him. - VainillaKid

The Silence

Can money buy silence? That’s what Colonel Archie Taylor (Franchot Tone) proposes to Jamie Tennyson (Liam Sullivan), a deal who gnaws on Taylor’s nerves at their social club. Taylor wagers that Tennyson can’t remain completely silent in a glass-walled room inside the club for one entire year. If he can, Taylor will pay him $500,000. The matter becomes one of resolve, as Taylor attempts to antagonize Tennyson into speaking by any means necessary.

Plot Twist: Colonel Archie Taylor Went bankrupt but Jamie Tennyson tonsils were removed in a permanent operation - VainillaKid

Eye of the Beholder

One of the most popular scenes in history. - 2storm

In a society that values beauty, Janet Tyler (Maxine Stuart) has undergone several procedures to improve a suitable face. The latest—and last—will determine whether she will be deemed acceptable by the high standards set by the state-run hospital. Tyler herself has no idea of the outcome, as the bandages have yet to come off. And there is, his face is perfectly beautiful and the deformed are the others. - VainillaKid

Time Enough at Last

This episode is one of my favorites. The ending is classic. - 2storm

Henry Bemis (Burgess Meredith) is a book enthusiast working at a bank who can’t keep his nose out of a good place to read. His love of the written word antagonizes both his boss and his wife Helen (Jacqueline deWit), who each grow tired of his reading attention. Soon, Bemis finds himself in a world with all the reading material he likes—he’s seemingly the only survivor of a nuclear explosion.

Plot Twist: He has all the time to read but has no glasses to see. - VainillaKid

Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?

This is one of my favorites. - 2storm

A roadside diner is the site of a UFO mystery, though the objective isn’t to find a killer—it’s to discover who among the patrons might be an alien whose ship has crash-landed in a nearby pond. As two police officers investigate, each customer has both reasons and excuses for being the uninvited alien.

Plot Twist: There is an alien from Mars and another from Venus, it's a double turn twist. - VainillaKid

I Shot an Arrow into the Air

Has any space traveler ever met with a gloty fate in The Twilight Zone? After crashing on an asteroid, the four surviving members of an eight-man crew begin to wander the dry landscape in search of water and other life. What they find instead is the kind of a devastating fate that would make anyone think twice about suiting up for space travel,
Plot Twist: They kill each other but in the end they were always on planet earth (Planet of the Apes Style) - VainillaKid

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

This adaptation of the Ambrose Bierce short story of the same name was originally produced as a French short film in 1962 and screened as part of The Twilight Zone in 1964, a path that earned it trivia status as the only Twilight Zone episode, and possibly the only episode of television, to have won an Academy Award for Best Live-Action Short Film. In the Civil War-torn South, resistance fighter Peyton Farquhar (Roger Jacquet) is about to be hanged by Union soldiers. He escapes, determined to be reunited with his wife no matter the obstacle. And he succeeds, no lie was hallucinating he was galloped to death. - VainillaKid

The Invaders

A woman (Agnes Moorehead) living in a ugly cabin is terrorized by a tiny race of alien beings that have landed their ship on her roof. She uses everything at her disposal to ward off their high-tech items, including fire, before the viewer understands their true intentions.

Plot Twist: The tiny people are the real humans. - VainillaKid

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