Top 10 Ideas for The Loud House Season 4

Some ideas for the Loud House for the fourth season assuming they get a fourth season.

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1 Lincoln Runs Away Lincoln Runs Away

In this special the sisters get mad at Lincoln when he tries to help with there things but screws it up and the final nail in the coffin is when he accidentally breaks Lori's phone and she gets super mad at him madder than she's ever been before and without thinking she snaps at him even accidentally telling him that she wishes she never had a brother which causes Lincoln to decide to runaway from home, the next day feeling bad for how they treated Lincoln they go to apologize to him but find that he's runaway which leads to them blaming one another for making Lincoln leave they along with Lynn Sr. Rita and their friends go on a desperate search to bring him home meanwhile Lincoln ends up at the city where he gets taken in by a gang who welcome into the gang but things take a turn for the worst when their leader pressures Lincoln into taking part in a rumble with their rivals unaware that one of the rival gang members plans on sneaking a gun to the fight meanwhile Ronnie Anne finds ...more - egnomac

I think this would make a real good special.

The Loud Sister will be hated by other people for blaming and harming Lincoln because is always a bad idea, and he run away from home to find a new place to stay for a few days and nights, taking Clyde, Andrew, and other classmates along with him after he disowned them.

I can wait to see the runaway episode about Lincoln, Lucy's eyes and the incredible Hulk lookalike Lynn

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2 The Loud Siblings Meet The Genderbent Louds

This is one idea I most want to see, in the episode Linka Loud the female version of Lincoln wants to find out what life would be like to have 10 sisters instead of brothers similar to the One of the Boys episode and Levi helps her by using a machine he invented to open up a portal that will transport her to a world where she has 10 sisters however the machine goes haywire and out of control after Lexx and Lief get into a fight and bump into the machine causing it to go haywire the other Loud brothers go to check it out and all of them including Linka get sucked up into the portal and end up in Lincoln's universe at the same time Lisa is also testing her portal machine like Levi's and they emerge out of the portal destroying not only the machine but watch that would allow Linka to return to home, and Lisa and Levi must repair the machine to allow them to return to their own universe, it would be really great seeing the Loud siblings interacting with their gender counterparts and see ...more - egnomac

I would really like to see another or more episode featuring the Genderbend Louds. Cause, to me, One of The Boys won't be the last episode they will appear. Maybe their going to return in a future episode on season 4

This would make a really awesome special hopefully Nickelodeon actually does this. - Loudhouserules

This would also be a full 1 hour special. - egnomac

3 The Great Prank War

Luan deserves way more screen time this could help her become an even better character she’s already my favorite but she could have more to her

It's the day before April Fool's Day and Luan learning nothing from the previous April Fools Day episode plans on giving the Loud's the worst pranking that they ever seen before fearing for the worst they try to come up with a plan to avoid Luan's pranks they decide to hire a super pranking genius I haven''t thought of a name for him yet so I'll call him the Prank Master voiced by Weird Al Yankovick to give Luan a pranking she'll never forget and it works with Luan's pranks backfiring on her thanks to the Prank Master and also brings in people that she's pranked in the past to get their revenge on her. - egnomac

To take a quote from Matilda "When a person is bad, that person has to be taught a lesson! " and Luan defiantly deserves be taught a real hard lesson and face the wrath of all the people she has hurt with her dangerous pranks. - egnomac

This would be AWESOME!

4 Freakier Friday


One of Lisa's experiments goes wrong which switches the Loud siblings minds with one another, Lori with Leni, Luna with Luan, Lana with Lola, Lynn with Lucy and Lisa with Lincoln and worst the siblings have perform their siblings things while in their body like Luna having to perform at one of Luan's party gigs and Luan performing a gig for Luna, Lynn while in Lucy's body performing a poetry contest and Lucy has to take Lynn's place while in her body while playing on Lynn's baseball team the jokes pretty much write themselves. - egnomac

5 Lincoln Goes Bad

Finally fed up with his sisters treating him like crap Lincoln has had enough and decides to stop being nice and starts bullying his sisters making their lives a living hell he even goes as far as dyeing his hair black even dresses in all black meanwhile Lucy helplessly watches on seeing her once kind brother turned into a malicious monster hellbent on destruction. - egnomac

Those sisters would have had it coming after all the crap they put Lincoln through I would love to see him retaliate give them all a taste of their own medicine.

He should go bully the other citizens of towen and not just his sisters. and then PEE in their moths too

6 Lincoln's Wonderful Life

Lincoln sees what life for his family and friends would be like if he never existed and finds everybody is miserable without him and that his sisters end up with a brother who's straight up mean and abusive towards them. - egnomac

To make it better, they should show what happens if he was a girl and they got a sister. - Drawbox

7 Lincoln's Birthday

Lincoln's birthday is approaching and is excited but after hearing from his older sisters about how things changed for them as they got older and now he worries about how much things will change for him not only that but starts to lose interest in a lot of the things he use to like and becomes incredibly depressed while his sisters and friends try to cheer him. - egnomac

I Never saw lincolns birthday

8 A Loud/Casagrande Christmas

In this full hour special The Loud family decide to spend Christmas over at the Casagrande household and this time have a lot more of the focus on Lincoln and Ronnie Anne though Lori and Bobby would have their moment as well and also have Lincoln reunite with his old friends from the city from the episode idea Lincoln Runs Away and seeing what they've been up to since he last saw them. - egnomac

I think this a really good idea. Hopefully it actually happens

9 The Haunted Mansion The Haunted Mansion

Lincoln makes a new friend and he invites Lincoln for a sleepover at his mansion. But at 12am Lincoln starts experiencing spooky things in the mansion. Lincoln finds ghosts, zombies, vampires and monsters but realizes that his friend is actually a mix of those four things. At the end, Lucy comes and saves Lincoln and turns his friend back to human. The friend reveals a backstory about an evil witch that trapped him in the mansion and made him haunted. NOTE: This should be a half-hour special

While on a family road trip the Louds van breaks down and take refuge in a creepy mansion as they get taken in by the family that lives there but it doesn't take long for them to realize that that this isn't a normal house and that its actually haunted and the family they met earlier are actually ghosts and their son wishes to make Lucy his bride. - egnomac

10 Lucy Loud Eyes

Both air nick & mtv

Dark emotional episode

Do this as thinks dark sad episode

Will start spring or summer


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11 Luck of the Loud

The complete opposite of No Such Luck, Lynn's baseball team is on a losing streak and she finally allows Lincoln to come to her game after getting over the whole thinking his unlucky and to her surprise her team actually wins that she now thinks that Lincoln is lucky that she has he come to her games so her team will win then the other sisters suddenyl think he's lucky and try to use him as their own lucky charm and give them good luck until things get out of hand and the sisters start fighting over Lincoln to help give them good luck. - egnomac

This would almost make up for that crappy episode No Such luck.

12 Night of the Living Mr. Coconut

This would be part of a Halloween anthology episode that would be loosely based of the Goosebumps story night of the living dummy where Luan stars getting blamed for a series of pranks and the siblings having their stuff destroyed and Mr. Coconut begins saying really horrible things about them without Luan saying them and it turns out Mr. Coconut is actually alive and is the one doing all these things and getting Luan blamed for them and of course nobody believes Luan. - egnomac

13 Lincoln Finds a Dirty Magazine

After returning home from school Lincoln is horrified to find a dirty magazine in his backpack put there by some kids who in a panic put it in his backpack to avoid the principal from finding it and Lincoln has to sneak the magazine out of the house and get rid of it before his sisters and parents find out the only problem everyone needs his help on this day. - egnomac

That's inappropriate but funny

That would be pretty interesting. - Linkaloud

14 Lola's Rival

How would she deal with it - blackflower

Lola is faced with a new pageant rival who is more ruthless and more determined than her to win. - egnomac

15 Lincoln Beats Up Lola

When Lincoln drinks a potion that makes
him feel like a bully, he starts to pick on Lola, making everyone
in the Loud House family think that he is having bad day.

16 Old Love

This is a very good idea! Should be number 1!

Lincoln falls in love with one of Dad’s collegues, and tries to gas her so she can act like a child. - PageEmperor

17 Lori Wants to Learn Spanish

After seeing Lincoln being able to speak Spanish after learning from Ricky one of the gang members he hung around with from the episiode where he ranaway Lori too wishes to learn to Spanish from Bobby but has a much harder time learning than Lincoln did. - egnomac

18 Loud House Kart Double Dash

In this Mario Kart inspired episode the Loud's and their friends take part in Lisa's new virtual reality system in which they take part in a racing game where they pair off in teams of two like Mario Kart Double Dash to see which team comes out victorious with the teams consisting of Lincoln and Clyde, Lori and Leni, Luna and Sam, Luan and Benny, Lynn and Margo, Lucy and Haiku, Lana and Lola, Lisa and Darcy, Rusty and Zach, Liam and Stella and even Lynn Sr. and Rita take part and it would also be a half hour episode. - egnomac

19 Leni x Chaz Episode

We already saw two Loud sisters be featured with their crushes in season 3 I'd really like to see them do one for Leni and Chaz in season 4. - egnomac

20 Lincoln and Ronnie Anne Go On a Date

Lincoln and Lori return to the city and Lincoln hangs out together with Ronnie Anne alone in the city and Ronnie Anne's family thinks the two are on an actual date and begin to spy on them while trying to make their day together special. - egnomac

21 Lincoln and Clyde Get Into an Argument and Stop Being Friends

Makes sense

Lincoln probably finds out that Clyde was pretending to be his friend just to get to Lori. Maybe that's why they argue and end their friendship.

22 Lana Loud Pet Detective

Lana decides to start her own pet detective business and gets her first major case. - egnomac

23 The Loudest House Party

Lincoln decides to throw a house party while his parents and sisters are all out of the house however another kid from his class is also throwing a bigger and better party of their own and everyone else decides to go to their party instead all except for Clyde, Liam, Rusty, Stella and Zach who still attends Lincoln's party but after getting numerous videos from the other kids showing how awesome the other kids party is Lincoln becomes really depressed that his party is a bust until his sisters all come home early and find out about him trying to throw a party without them and help him out by inviting all of their friends to have one massive house party and as expected things get way more chaotic as more friends are thrown in, this episode could also feature a lot of past characters as well as one off characters. - egnomac

24 The Genderbent Louds Episode The Genderbent Louds Episode

An entire episode centered on the Genderbent Loud universe as we see Lincoln's female counterpart Linka Loud and her 10 brothers who are the male versions of Lincoln's sisters. - egnomac

25 Big Brother Lincoln

It would be cool to see Lincoln as a teenager and the others grown up.

Lincoln takes part in a big brother program for a class project and begins spending a lot of his time being a big brother to an only kid which makes the younger sisters Lola, Lana, Lucy and Lisa incredibly jealous that Lincoln is giving all this attention to this kid and ignoring them. - egnomac

26 No Such Luck Part II

That shouldn't happend. In reality, the bad luck incident shall be a nightmare and Lincoln, with fear of being kicked out, try to go to any of his sisters' events. The challenge end up getting harder when Lincoln gets sick.

The episode picks up right where the first part left off with the family at the beach and Lincoln still having to wear the squirrel costume when Lincoln becomes fed up with thew and takes off the costume with the family ordering him to put it on before something bad happens and Lincoln straight u p tells them that he's had enough and that they will all be sorry, the next day the family finds out that Lincoln has filed a lawsuit against them and is taking them to court with the help of a crooked lawyer looking to exploit the whole situation for his own benefit after word gets out of their actions towards Lincoln both Lynn Sr. and Rita are fired from their jobs they aren't the only ones who suffer as all the other sisters also suffer Bobby breaks up with Lori disgusted by her treatment of Lincoln, Lola gets banned from all pageants and is stripped of all her trophy's, Leni is banished from the Mall, Luna's idol Mick Swagger shows up at the Loud House and becomes disgusted by her actions ...more - egnomac

27 Lola Must Stay Nice for a Day
28 7.8/10 Too much Loud

IGN guest stars in this half-hour special! - Drawbox

Lori takes an embarrasing photo of Lynn and posts it online, and the photo becomes popular! Feeling bad for her, Lincoln decides to be her body guard until he finally teaches Lori a lesson. - PageEmperor

29 Lily's Day Out
30 I Love Lucy

In this episode Rusty's brother Rocky from "Back in Black" returns and ends up competing against Lucy's other love interest from "L is for Loud" for Lucy's affection. - egnomac

31 Lori Loses Her Memory

Following an explosion from one of Lisa's experiments Lori loses her memory and is unable to remember her siblings, as the episode goes on she slowly begins to remember them one by one but is unable to remember Bobby and them being in a relationship as Bobby along with Ronnie Anne, Lincoln and the sisters attempt to get Lori to remember Bobby again. - egnomac

32 Loud House/ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Crossover
33 Linc to the Future

Lisa uses Lincoln as her test subject to test out her new time machine and Lincoln ends up in the past and meets his parents before they got together and just like Back to the Future he accidentally prevents them from meeting and Lincoln has to get them back together before he and his sisters are erased from history. - egnomac

34 Louds of The Galaxy : Guardians of the Galaxy/Loud House Crossover

This would be one insane crossover.

35 Mansion of Leni

After her family destroys a ticket to a convention she was dying to go to, Leni moves away from the house into a mansion, not knowing that her family didn’t actually destroy the ticket and went to the convention without her! - PageEmperor

36 Series Finale


37 Lori Loud Dies

Maybe she gets shot by thugs and is nearly dead, but doesn't actually die - PageEmperor

That's just awful. - Linkaloud

38 The Ghost and Mr. Lincoln Loud

Lincoln is forced into to accompanying Lucy along with her goth friends to a seance being held at an abandoned house at night and during the seance they summon the spirit of a mischief's ghost who's voiced by Mark Hammel who possess Lincoln wrecking havoc at school and at home terrifying his sisters and Lucy must find away to free Lincoln from the ghosts control over him. - egnomac

39 Loud Bebop: A Cowboy Bebop/ Loud House Crossover
40 Happy Holidays, Now Die!

The parents drag the kids into an expensive vacation even though they don’t want to go due to being busy with their lives. Soon, the vacations turns out to be a disguise, and the tour guide turns out to be a bloodthirsty murderer who was a decendant of one of the parent’s mortal enemies! - PageEmperor

41 I’m Your Biggest Fan

Lincoln buys a fan from a poor kid, who immediately befriends him. However he realises this friend seems to be really overprotective at him. - PageEmperor

42 Unnamed Time-Travel Episode

Thanks mainly to an invention of Lisa's malfunctioning, the siblings are thrown across space and time. They must make their way through the perils of history in order to return to their own time.

43 Power Charged!

Lincoln, his mom, and some of the sisters go on a quest to find a rare phone battery. - PageEmperor

44 Hug Hug Lick Lick
45 Adventures in Loud Sitting

When Lynn is unable to babysit the Fox quintuplets due to one of her games being scheduled on that day she asks Lincoln to fill in for her and at first Lincoln is reluctant to do this after hearing all the horror stories from Lori, Leni, Luan and Luna but agrees after more bribing from Lynn, while babysitting the Fox quintuplets Lincoln finds himself at the mercy of these troublemakers but eventually wins them over but when a pair of burglars attempt to break into the house to rob the place Lincoln commands the quintuplets to help defend the house and terrorize the burglars and make them regret wanting to rob the place. - egnomac

46 Journey to the Center of Lincoln

Yes, an ACTUAL Fantastic Voyage parody, but this is where Lori and Leni get shrunken by Lisa, only to enter the inside of Lincoln's body. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

47 Chris Savino Returns

The creator of the show returns.

48 Chunk E Chedder Pizzeria
49 The Misadventures of Rugrats Sitting (Loud House/ Rugrats Crossover)
50 OutLoud Star: A Loud House/ Outlaw Star Crossover
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