Top 10 Simpsons Predictions that Haven’t Happened Yet but Could Become a Reality

If you watch the Simpsons and pay close attention you’ll know that The Simpsons are strangely good at predicting future events in society.Knowing they can predict our future Here’s the top 10 predictions that could happen next.
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1 Colonization of Mars

It hasn't happened yet, but apparently they are already looking for people who'd be willing to live on Mars. This is something that I'm expecting will happen anytime from the 2020s to 2050.

In fact, I believe SpaceX is planning to send someone to Mars between 2019 and 2025. This could very well be our future.

This would give me nightmares!

2 A Female President

It's going to happen at some point. It didn't happen with Hillary Clinton (thankfully), but America will eventually get a female as president. The episode itself (Bart to the Future) has already made an accurate prediction that Trump would become president. Another weird thing about this episode is it mentions something about inheriting a budget crunch from the previous commander in chief, Trump... interesting.

We've had females run for president before, but most have been extremely disliked. I personally think and hope there will eventually be a female president, but just not Hillary Clinton. Someone who's well-mannered and understands how to run a country.

3 Robot Take Over

Another prediction made by The Simpsons involving technology and robots, and although it is similar to the prediction about mass automation, it is much more sinister. This prediction was made in the episode "Itchy and Scratchy Land," which aired all the way back in 1994. The family visits Itchy and Scratchy Land, which is basically a theme park heavily based on Disneyland. The theme park is filled with Itchy and Scratchy robots who are peaceful at first but eventually go berserk, killing everyone in sight.

What this episode is alluding to is the eventual "Singularity" of artificial intelligence. For those who don't know, Singularity is the exponential growth of artificial intelligence, up to and beyond the point where it becomes on par with human intelligence. There are many theories about what would happen when machines become smarter than us, but one of the darkest is the prediction that the machines will exterminate humans because they see us as a threat. Although you may think this is just something that happens in Terminator movies, artificial intelligence is actually growing faster and faster today, and eventually we may have to accept the fact that our race will be destroyed by a new, synthetic form of intelligence.

4 Extremely Large Scale Environmental Disaster

The Simpsons Movie talked about a lot of really strange things, and some of them might be predictions of future events. One of those things that really stands out is the central theme of the movie: a large-scale environmental disaster that forces the country to quarantine Springfield by placing a giant bubble on the town. The bubble thing is a little outrageous and will never happen, but the part about the environmental disaster might just be a major warning to us in the future.

Companies are getting more and more careless in the way they do business, and this is having a major effect on our lives, as well as the environment we live in. At this point, we all know that global warming is a real thing and a huge issue caused by humans. The Simpsons could be predicting a huge environmental disaster on a scale we've never seen before.

5 Dangers of Virtual Reality

One of the most eerie episodes of The Simpsons tackled the issue of virtual reality. Now, I'm not saying that The Simpsons predicted the rise of virtual reality, as the episode in which the technology was featured came out quite recently, well after virtual reality headsets had come into existence. The thing that The Simpsons has predicted is the dangers of overusing virtual reality technology.

The episode was in one of the newer seasons of the show, airing on October 2, 2016, and entitled "Friends and Family." In this episode, the entire town gets all hyped up on the new virtual reality headsets. Bad things start to happen as a result of this, including people being hit by cars because they're walking around wearing their headsets on the street. Eventually, the people become so enamored by the fake reality that they lose touch with the real world, becoming totally disconnected from what's around them.

Could this happen in real life one day? Could the use of VR become so widespread that no one actually lives in this reality anymore? Only time will tell.

6 Suppression of Green Energy

This prediction involves solar-powered vehicles. In the recent episode "Paths to Glory," Lisa Simpson, being the stalwart inventor she is, invents a solar-powered vehicle. She enters it in a roller derby and is inches away from winning when a Duff blimp blocks out the sun, reducing her speed to zero just before she crosses the finish line. The townspeople gather around the disappointed girl, pointing and laughing at her utter failure.

But is there a darker, more complex theme at play here? What we are seeing is the success of an alternate, green, and renewable form of energy being sabotaged by a blimp belonging to a large corporate entity: Duff Beer. Could this symbolize the continued suppression of green energy by corporate interests in the past and continuing into the future in our world? Could there one day be a functional solar-powered vehicle that is suppressed by big (oil) business?

7 Mind Control Through Music

Some people have said that the episode that featured mind control through music was one of the scariest they have ever seen. It definitely gives you the shivers. What I'm talking about is the episode called "New Kids on the Blecch" which aired in 2001. The plot involved Bart, Milhouse, Nelson, and Ralph becoming members of an all-new boy band called The Party Posse. However, the band is actually a psy-ops project by the US Navy to bombard children with subliminal messages. Their hit song, "Drop Da Bomb," features the chorus "Yvan Eht Nioj," which is of course "Join the Navy" spelled backwards. This was meant to be a joke, but how far from the truth is it?

Could this be a prediction of the way the music industry is heading? Songs are getting more and more reliant on strange frequencies and bizarre auto-tuning effects. In a society where music has a huge effect, could we be heading towards a world where mainstream music affects our brains, making us do things subconsciously? Who knows?

8 Ivanka 2028
9 3D Projection Technology

While The Simpsons has proven time and time again that it can predict major world events, the election of certain presidents, and even the deaths of celebrities, perhaps one of the things it predicts most accurately is the advent of new technology. In the past, it has already predicted the rise of devices like smartwatches and many other gadgets. But one of the things it predicted many years ago, which is just now starting to gain momentum, is 3D projection technology.

The prediction was featured in the episode "Bart To The Future," which aired in the year 2000. In the episode, we see a vision of Bart watching Itchy and Scratchy through a new form of media: a holographic projection that actually interacts with its surroundings, spraying holographic blood all over Bart's walls. We are just now beginning to see the rise of this technology. This technology is nowhere near the levels that were shown on this episode. But will it get there? Probably.

10 Mass Automation

Another prediction that involves technology is something that tons of people, especially factory workers, are already extremely worried about: mass automation. For those of you who don't know what this refers to, it basically means creating robots to do the jobs that humans once did. Everyone who works in the fast-food industry, the auto industry, and many other lines of work would find themselves completely out of a job. And the experts today say it's only a matter of time before this happens.

The Simpsons predicted this way back in 2012, and it featured the ever-scheming Mr. Burns creating a workforce of robots to replace his less competent human employees. The only person left in the entire power plant is Homer Simpson. Could this actually happen? You may be ordering your Big Mac from a robot sooner than you think. Already, people in certain industries are beginning to fear replacement by robots.

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11 Total Breakdown of Society

All throughout the series, there are strange messages that pop up for a second and then disappear. These almost subliminal messages carry a huge range of different themes. You have to watch The Simpsons very carefully to find them, but rest assured they do exist and they are anything but meaningless.

One message in particular really got people scratching their heads. This was a message that popped up for only a few seconds and featured Bart spray painting, "I love the breakdown of society" on the wall. Matt Groening himself is an admitted anarchist - could he possibly know something about a massive upcoming depression or society-ending cataclysm?

12 Apple Slaves Humans

Corporations, technology, or any other powerful entity enslaving the entire system.

13 Alien Presidents

How are things from other planets going to reach Earth?
What if they don't want to come to Earth?
What if things from other planets prefer to live on their own planet like us and just have their own rockets to visit things in their own galaxy?

Are we just going to forget the aliens? I mean, they were also people that had a lot of power.

When no one actually knows what aliens are like.

14 Hover Cars

Besides The Simpsons, The Jetsons predicted it too.

15 Rotary Phones
16 Fortnite Ending
17 Mexico vs. Portugal World Cup Final
18 World War III
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