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1 Ill Mind of Hopsin 5

No doubt, Hopsins most well created, performed, marketed, sand most hard worked song he's made throughout his career. Beat, lyrics, background... The whole masterpiece is so amazing it should be on the top songs of all time rap. Like number 10 or something

1-52-43-74-65-36-17-2Should be higher than 6 because it's a issue he already talked about in Chris Dolmeth. - Rapsody

2 Ill Mind of Hopsin 4

Both hysterical and beautifully played... But the story to this is basically talking about his change of life from a High School special kid to a multi-millionaire rap artist and what it's done for him, great song but I think it should be placed 4th or 5th

The best III Mind song in my opinion. - Mumbizz01

I just wanna say that it's pretty funny to see the Tyler the Creator diss 7 years after this track was released. Seeing how Tyler released Flower Boy and Hopsin released Happy Ending last year, it's pretty hilarious how Hopsin here is the "real" rapper and how Tyler is just some guy who wants attention and does so by making purposely offensive stuff.

Somewhere, there is a being above us, looking down on this set of events and smirking to himself. - BlarchBlaces

3 Ill Mind of Hopsin 7

Most controversial of all of his songs. He REALLY questions life and pushes the boundaries of religion. He tries to make sense of it in song but he ends up just walking out all by himself. Amazing song

4 Ill Mind of Hopsin 6

Absolutely beautiful song, driven by a loss of a loved one by drug overdose. He talks about his best friends mistakes with meth and about the demons inside of him yelling at him that he could have changed it. One of the best songs.

This sing damn good hella underrated and the hook is killer

5 Ill Mind of Hopsin 8

I'll Mind of Hopsin 8 is one of the best songs he's created behind 5. Not only is this lyrically funny and amazing, it tells a story of him being betrayed by something/someone he trusts. I easily expect this to be AT LEAST 3rd place.

6 Ill Mind of Hopsin 3
7 Ill Mind of Hopsin 2

You are absolutely tin headed if you think this is worthy even a percent of the votes. It's just a video

Are you kidding? Ill mind 2 is just a video! It's not even a song!

Over ill mind 7?

8 Ill Mind of Hopsin


9 Ill Mind of Hopsin 9
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