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1 Vitamin K

Symptoms of Deficiency: Thin blood, Danger of Bleeding to death - Animefan12

2 Vitamin B6

Symptoms of Deficiency: Depression, Nausea, Weakness, greasy and flaky skin - Animefan12

3 Vitamin B2

Symptoms of Deficiency: Poor Digestion, eye disorders, dry and flaky skin, sore red tongue - Animefan12

4 Vitamin B12

Symptoms of deficiency: Anaemia, Fatigue, Nerve Damage, very sensitive skin. - Animefan12

Which, by the way, you CAN get without meat... - keycha1n

5 Vitamin B1

Leads to Beriberi. Symptoms of deficiency: Tiredness, numbness in hands and feet, loss of appetite - Animefan12

6 Vitamin C

Symptoms of deficiency: Tiredness, swollen gums, aching, sores that won't heal - Animefan12

7 Vitamin B7

Symptoms of deficiency: Appetite loss, dry skin, depression, fatigue - Animefan12

8 Vitamin D

Symptoms Of Deficiency: Deformed skull, Curved spine and knobbly growths on ends of bones - Animefan12

9 Vitamin B3

Symptoms of deficiency: Weakness, diarrhoea, weight loss, memory loss, depression and skin inflammation. - Animefan12

10 Vitamin A

Symptoms of deficiency: Scaly skin, poor growth - Animefan12

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11 Vitamin E
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1. Vitamin K
2. Vitamin B6
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1. Vitamin A
2. Vitamin K
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