Top 10 Instances of Weird Video Game Logic in Video Games


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1 Characters being able to carry ludicrous amounts of items and equipment - Various

Since everything on here happens because of magic, I wouldn't say that any of these problems are due to weird video game logic.

Steve from minecraft can lift 39 Eiffel Towers

2 Characters being able to fly using methods that would literally never work in real life - Various
3 Characters taking their turns to attack each other in heated fights - Various RPGs
4 Enemies respawning infinitely after death - Various
5 The fact that the Morph Ball actually works - Metroid
6 Wildly Unrealistic Fatalities - Mortal Kombat Series
7 Controlling the Puzzle Realm inside of the Puzzle Realm - Henry Hatsworth and the Puzzling Adventure
8 Link's money deposits still being in the Clock Town bank even after he resets time - Majora's Mask
9 Being able to literally pass right through enemies with Screw Attack - Metroid
10 Sonic being able to shred right through solid steel with his hair - Sonic The Hedgehog

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11 Pokémon needing absurdly specific ability types in order to clear out certain obstacles (for example, Charizard not even being able to burn down a sapling) - Pokémon
12 Psycho Mantis breaking the fourth wall - Metal Gear Solid

But in a cool way. Did you know he can sense what games you played on the console?

13 Being able to make literally anything slip onto the ground with a banana peel, no matter how big said thing is - Mother 3
14 Samus and Mega Man being able to fire literally anything from their arm cannons - Mega Man and Metroid
15 Multiple skeletons' worth of bones coming out of characters during fatalities - Mortal Kombat Series
16 Being able to make cars spin out, no matter how slow they're going, with a clean banana peel - Mario Kart
17 Generic enemies being able to survive in lava - Metroid
18 Villains leaving their strongholds completely unguarded at the ends of the games, when the heroes are most powerful - Various
19 Old men in caves using trees as their front doors - NES and Gameboy Zelda Games
20 Samus being able to wall-jump straight up a single wall while somersaulting - Super Metroid and Metroid Zero Mission
21 Characters being able to perform acrobatic feats that more-often-than-not are literally impossible in real life - Various
22 Gordon being able to aim and fire a rocket launcher while simultaneously climbing a ladder - Half-Life
23 Becoming literally invincible with Krieg's and Salvador's rage modes - Borderlands 2
24 Being able to tank literally infinite amounts of damage as long as you're able to heal yourself in time before the rolling HP meter runs out - Earthbound and Mother 3
25 The rolling-HP-meter system working for the protagonists but not for enemies and bosses - Earthbound and Mother 3
26 Quite a few of the Plasmids - BioShock
27 Tails being able to spin his tails endlessly in a propeller motion without accidentally twisting them together - Sonic The Hedgehog
28 Knuckles being able to climb basically any surface with his fist-spikes - Sonic The Hedgehog
29 Knuckles having the ability to glide like Superman - Sonic The Hedgehog
30 Phendrana Drifts being placed directly above Magmoor Caverns - Metroid Prime
31 Samus seemingly weighing almost as much as Master Chief, yet often moving as if she's featherweight - Metroid
32 Samus being able to fit a seemingly endless amount of missiles into her arm cannon - Metroid
33 One-shotting numerous enemies (including the final boss) with the boomerang - Link's Awakening
34 The X-Ray and Scan Visors sometimes not actually showing the weaknesses and hidden gaps in walls - Metroid
35 Being able to double-jump in midair while rolling off of a ledge - Donkey Kong Country
36 Straight-up double jumping - Various
37 Being able to jump in midair after unmorphing from ball form - Metroid NES
38 Grillby somehow not burning his own clothes despite the fact that he's made of fire - Undertale
39 Being able to eat food literally instantaneously - Various
40 Mario Can Breathe In Water But Not In Space - Super Paper Mario
41 Being able to oneshot numerous enemies with the Grapple Beam - Super Metroid
42 Being able to shoot the entirety of the Spazer Beam right through walls - Super Metroid
43 Invisible Walls - Various
44 Clipping through walls - Various
45 Running against walls - Various
46 Mario being able to actually fly with the wing cap - Super Mario 64
47 Ridley never actually directly using his claws to attack - Metroid
48 Mario being strong enough (even without star power) to swing Bowser right around by the tail and throw him far away - Super Mario 64
49 Weapons that have literally infinite amounts of ammo for unexplained reasons - Various
50 Attacks with names like Supernova and Nuclear not actually killing the characters, let alone destroying the entire area around them - Final Fantasy
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1. Characters being able to carry ludicrous amounts of items and equipment - Various
2. Characters being able to fly using methods that would literally never work in real life - Various
3. Characters taking their turns to attack each other in heated fights - Various RPGs


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