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1 He Secretly Likes The Spice Girls

I Want To Thank LizardKing99 For Helping Me Out She Makes Amazing Lists Check Her Lists Out - FettiMC

2 He Played Drums For Tenacious D And Appeared As A Devil In One Of Their Music Videos
3 He Loves London Food
4 He's Prouder Of The Foo Fighters Than Nirvana
5 He Is Terrified Of Japanese Porn

Who isn't terrified of porn?

Isn't there Japanese porn where octopuses rape women?

6 His Large Nostrils Make Him Uncomfortable
7 He Had A Life Threatening Stalker Who Is Locked Up
8 Uses Grammy As A Doorstep
9 His Favourite Gun Is A 12 Gauge

Cool mine too not kidding

10 His Middle Name Is Eric

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11 He Wanted to Play Drums for Led Zeppelin as a Kid

Who didn't though - Gruunge

12 He Worked as a Drummer for Nine Inch Nails's Fourth Studio Album, With Teeth
13 His Band The Foo Fighters, Is Named After Actual Foo Fighters Which Were Unidentified Flying Objects Reported by US Pilots During World War II
14 He Produced If You Have Ghost (Ghost's First EP)

Didn't he work as a drummer for Ghost?

15 He Was The Drummer Of Nirvana

Any fan of his would know this though, its what he was famous for

16 He Has Slovak, German, and Irish Ancestry
17 He Worked As the Drummer For All of Tenacious D's Studio Albums
18 He Worked as a Drummer for Queens of the Stone Age
19 Dave Was Vice President of His Freshman Class in High School. Before Making the Morning Announcements Over the School Intercom, He Would Play Music From the Likes of Circle Jerks and Bad Brains
20 In 2000, Dave Told NME Lynyrd Skynyrd's 'I Ain't The One' Makes Him Feel Homesick. "That Was the One Song I Kept Rewinding to When I'd Have to Go to the Grocery Store."
21 He Appeared on a Tribute Album Dedicated to the Late Ronnie James Dio. Metallica and Judas Priest's Rob Halford Also Appeared on the Album
22 He Used His Grammy as a Doorstep. "For the Longest Time I Used a Grammy to Hold My Bedroom Door Open Because It Never Would Stay Open. And Now I Have Them on a Shelf."
23 His Daughter Violet Maye, Was Named After His Grandmother, While His Other Daughter Harper Willow Was Named After His Great Uncle
24 Jennifer Youngblood, Dave's Ex-Wife, Shot the Photographs for Nirvana's 'Unplugged In New York', As Well as the Album Artwork Image for Foo Fighters' 1995 Debut Album
25 In 2009, Dave Was Awarded a Key to His Hometown of Warren, Ohio. A Road, 'Dave Grohl Alley', Was Named After Him and Decorated With Murals Painted By Local Artists.
26 He Played Satan in Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny
27 He Has a Short Attention Span
28 While in Australia in 2000, He Was Fined and Banned from Driving-For Driving on a Rental Scooter While Drunk
29 Foo Fighters' Video for 'Long Road To Ruin' Features an Appearance from The Office's Rashida Jones
30 He Loves London Cuisine
31 Dave's Favorite Gun is a 12 Gauge, Which He Calls "An All Rounder"
32 Dave Served as an Ambassador for Climate Change Campaign Global Cool, Along with Sienna Miller, Heather Graham, Josh Hartnett, Brandon Flowers and Johnny Borrell
33 Dave Doesn't Think He's as Hunky as Fabio Is
34 He's a Comedian. His Favorite Drummer Joke? "How Can You Tell a Drummer's at the Door? He Doesn't Know When to Come In."
35 He Hated Working at a Record Store. In the Late 80s, He Worked at Tower Records in Washington DC and Cites It as the Worst Job Ever
36 When US President George W. Bush Used 'Times Like These' at His Rallies in 2004, Dave Publicly Announced His Support for Opposing Candidate John Kerry and Performed Solo Acoustic Sets at Kerry's Rallies
37 As a Kid, He Wanted to be a Helicopter Pilot
38 Dave and His Mother, Virginia Grohl, Used to Fight for Time in Their Small Bathroom
39 He's Confused by The Prodigy's 'Smack My B*tch Up'
40 Dave Is an Asparagus Connoisseur
41 Dave Worked with Funnyman Jack Black on Tenacious D's Debut Album
42 He Doesn't Want to Go to Hell, But Thinks He Will
43 He Wishes He Had Written the Line "Do do do/Do do do do" from Third Eye Blind's 'Semi-Charmed Life'
44 He's Uncomfortable with His Large Nostrils
45 Dave Wants People to Suffer as He Dies, Revealing He Wants to Go "Nice and Slow. I Want People to Feel My Pain"
46 Dave Supposedly Chews Gum While Performing on Stage Because It Keeps His Mouth Moist and His Vocal Chords Fresh for Singing

Chewing gum can also make your heart beat faster.

47 Nirvana Only Played One Show with Dan Peters on Drums-On 22 September, 1990, at Seattle's Motor Sports International Garage. Dave was in The Audience at That Gig
48 His Favorite Paul McCartney Track is 'Blackbird'
49 Dave's Mother Loves Ash
50 Dave Likes Cheese. A Lot. He's "Not Down" With Goat Cheese, Though, Because It's "Too Sour" and He Imagines "Sucking a Dirty Goat's T**". "Whereas a Cow", He Says "With Those Big Supple Handlebar Nipples, I'll Suck the Hell Out of Those."
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1. He Secretly Likes The Spice Girls
2. He Is Terrified Of Japanese Porn
3. He Loves London Food
1. He Secretly Likes The Spice Girls
2. He Played Drums For Tenacious D And Appeared As A Devil In One Of Their Music Videos
3. He's Prouder Of The Foo Fighters Than Nirvana


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