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1 Japanese

This is one of the most melodic language you'll ever hear. It's very soothing to the ears. Just very beautiful. - Kiteretsunu

Sounds beautiful, I would love to learn it. - Pegasister12

Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. So many writing systems! It has harder grammar than Chinese, but no tones like most languages in East Asia. - PolishGuy

Love when they speak they speak very smooth it sounds cute like Korean. Japanese and Korean sound cute I love the way they sound. they flow very sweetly and these languages don't have any harsh sounds they sound lovely,they sound beautiful,they sound cute,they sound peaceful and they sound very colorful!
My favorite Korean words are 안녕하세" and 고맙습니다 in Japanese I love when they pronounce Tokyo correctly,they pronounce Yokohama correctly!

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2 French

French is absolutely the most romantic language in the world, much better than Japanese. It's just amazing and fascinating when we pronounce "tion" and "er", and it's similar to English, so it is easier to learn. No offense to Japanese speakers. - Alexlegende

French is interesting for the culture, the history and because it's a wonderful mix between latin and Germanic languages (but more latin). - lili117

French is the most interesting language of all time trust me

Competitors are truly worthy of English only in French.

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3 Welsh
4 Latin
5 Greek
6 Burmese
7 Polish

It has the most Latin loanwords out of Slavic languages, I think, because of the Roman Catholic Church. Relations with Germany brought many loanwords, so did French because aristocrats used that language! Grammatical cases can be hard, especially with numbers - but no Pole uses them correctly with numbers anyway. But the Past Tense, for example, is very easy. It's the only Slavic language with nasal vowels, so the phonology has been compared to French or Portuguese! - PolishGuy

8 Uzbek
9 Hungarian

Wow! How did a Uralic language end up in Central Europe? Well, I know how. But still, the process is so cool. It also has Turkic influences and so many grammatical cases! - PolishGuy

10 Hebrew

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11 Finnish

Dang, is this language cool or what? Vowel harmony, 15 cases. It's so beautiful. - PolishGuy

One of the most hardest languages to lean and the most unique and beautiful

I think Finnish is an interesting language because it is hard to learn and it's pretty isolated

12 English
13 Berber
14 Italian

It sounds so melodic and beautiful. One of the best languages in Europe for sure! - PolishGuy

Maybe it's not the most useful but is definitely the most interesting & beautiful one! - Fan_of_Good_Music

15 Korean

I'm learning Korean. it's really fun and now I can rap and sing any kpop song!

16 German

It sounds so cool! Also, it is one of the few Germanic languages to still have grammatical cases! - PolishGuy

This is a language to be respected! The Germanic people consisted some of, if not the strongest European tribes in all of history.

17 Ancient Greek

VERY APPEALING - oldfashionedmickeymousecol1995


18 Turkish

Turkish is a member of Altaic Language family which includes Turkic Languages, Mongolian, Tungusian (Koreanic and Japanic Languages are also generally counted as Altaic Language). Turkish is generally known as arabic or Persian languages but it is a huge mistakes. because turkish tribe is originated in Central-East Asia, Altai Mountains which is in Mongolia's area nowadays. It's really easy to learn. Because it has only several exceptions for pronounciation unlikely English has many. It's not a big deal to learn Turkish grammatical rules, especially for Asian Language speaking people.

19 Spanish

In middle school I learnt Spanish for two years and I wish I could speak it now! Unfortunately Spanish and French got mixed up a few years later in High School and I totally lost it :/ Love to learn it again!

You can literally express every emotion in this language. I love it especially because people talk so fast and it sounds so cool! - PolishGuy

20 Mandarin Chinese

The tones aren't very hard, but the writing system is. It's hard to memorize ALL those characters. The pronounciation and all those silly sounds are so cute. - PolishGuy

21 Mongolian
22 Portuguese
23 Yoruba
24 Icelandic

It's cool because Vikings and Old Norse. - PolishGuy

25 Persian

... I JUST LOVE IT ...

Ancient language ❤

26 Gothic
27 Ukrainian

The 2nd Best Slavic Language (after Polish)! While Polish sounds like French or Portuguese mixed with Slavic languages, Ukrainian sounds like Italian mixed with Slavic languages. - PolishGuy

28 Hindi
29 Russian


It has beautiful pronunciation and writing(my favorite word is ЛЮБОВЬ-love)

30 Arabic
31 Afrikaans
32 Croatian
33 Armenian

Has its own beautiful alphabet, sounds very nice

34 Estonian
35 Indonesian
36 Chichewa

Yabwino kwabasi :3 nice indeed

37 Zulu
38 Swahili
39 Sanskrit
40 Bhojpuri
41 Sindhi
42 Nepali
43 Telugu
44 Chinese
45 Pashto
46 Esperanto
47 Hawaiian
48 Bengali
49 Vietnamese

It's beautiful. Their languages like a song.

50 Thai
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