Top Ten International Fraternities and Sororities

The Vision was An ultimate Fraternity that focuses on achievements, which the Frat can be proud of ��" not mere togetherness or brotherhood.


The Mission was to continue recruiting scholars and diligent students who were striving to become achievers in their field of interest.

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1 Tau Gamma Phi

TRISKELION WILL FOREVER BE A TRISKELION.. WE are born to be kings and queens... Not prince and princesses

Triskelion is righteous just and strong.

Tau Gamma Phi members or the Triskelion are helping Universities and Colleges for a good benefits of the school. They also help the comnunities and helping poor people after hitted by the calamaties and that is one reason why they are really known in the community. Each councils have chapters where in each chapters have there presidents in order to have a good relationship and orientation of the members. They can really help the community without asking for a favor or anything that give them credits. I salute the Tau Gamma Phi organizations they are really helpful.

The supreme fraternity!

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2 Alpha Phi Omega

To lead, a friend and to serve. Strong the circles we. Frank Reed Horton founder.

It's service oriented. It's a pioneer and the rest are copy cats

"Proud to be one, until to the last drop of my blood DO A GOOD TURN DAILY"

I love APO not my chapter alone

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3 Alpha Kappa Rho

Long live brad and sis

We Alpha Kappa Rho, Alumni Chapter, Lyceum Northwestern University, Political Science/Law Chapter. Long Live!

I born I live I die as alpha kappa rho

We Alpha Kappa Rho, Alumni Chapter, Lyceum of iligan foundition, maritime Lambda Chapter. Long Live!

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4 Sigma Lambda Phi

"Not all brothers have the same last name".. This is the SIGMA LAMBDA PHI..!

For me No. 1 Fraternities and Sororities in the World...

Long live UNO Tau Omicron Chapter


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5 Megalith Nu Sigma Phi

To live and die as fully blooded megns

We face all challenges behind all the obstacles, because we believe that the more trials we overcome the stronger we become that's the real fully blooded MEGANS are! Longlive 8253!

Proud megans


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6 Upsilon Phi Sigma

Proud to be a member of UPSILON PHI SIGMA 1935!

Best fraternity... I heard.

Member ship


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7 Phi Lambda Sigma

€�For GOD, for HONOUR, for GLORY’

8 Kappa Lambda Mu
9 Kappa Lambda Mu
10 Philippine Guardians Brotherhood Inc. Philippine Guardians Brotherhood Inc.

About the Philippine Guardians Brotherhood Inc. Group

The Guardians Brotherhood Organization was first known as the “Diablo Squad” (DS) organization in 1976 and is originally comprised of 14 members with Sgt. Leborio “ABRAHAM” Jangao, Jr. as its founder. As detachment commander at that time in Sitio Kidama, Parang, Maguindanao, Sgt Jangao conceived the DS as a fraternity of soldiers carrying with them the symbol of strong Brotherhood, Unity, Solidarity and Oneness and with these principles, he was able to convince his men to join the group.

The Philippine GUARDIANS Brotherhood, Incorporated (PGBI), is a non-stock and non-sectarian orga nization. The core and main objective of the Organization is to unite, develop and maintain camaraderie among its members in order to better and more effectively address matters of their common interests and concerns, and with the view of achieving sustainable development for the Filipino communities as a non-government ...more - char

The Contenders

11 Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Lets vote our fraternity brother and sister for being a top 10

Every girl deserve a true gentelmen join SAE


...soar high Epsilonians..keep the fire burning..i I love SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON..longlive bro's and sis's..

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12 Zeta Psi Omicron

This fraternity deserves to be Number 1, because the members put priority on community service among their yearly activities besides personal development.


I love this frat because the members are friendly, achievers and always help the community when needed like feeding programs, assistance after calamities and disasters, operation tuli and assistance during medical missions... This frat deserves to numero uno... Mabuhay!

number 1

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13 Zeta Phi Omega

Zeta phi omega deserve to be an no. 1 because we focused on community service as well

God bless Zeta Phi Omega

Long live zeta phi omega 1975 God bless you all brod and sis

Arina aguila de zamboanga...ariba zeta phi omega

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14 Zeta Epsilon Alpha Lambda

Long live

long live,

Long live lion, patuloy and paglago

ZEAL In Everything Always Leading.
As Long as the Sun shall Shine, As Long as the River shall Run, Zeta Epsilon Alpha Lambda shall never Die.
I am born as ZEALians, and I will remained as ZEALians until I Die.
Long Live ZEALians.
>Pisces Chapter, Siay Zamboanga Sibugay<

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15 Alpha Sigma Phi

America's Fastest Growing Fraternity.

Sail on alpha sigma phi!

Reborn from the ashes! Sail on alpha sigma phi!

Sail on alphasigsss! we always look for the quality not in the quantity

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16 Alpha Beta Phi

Long live zephians 1947 Philippine chapter

Alpha Beta Sigma Phi -zephians 1947

Alpha Beta Phi - international chapter 1906

Long live brod and sis

17 Scouts Royale Brotherhood

Srb forever! Viva saraba!

May we always be in leadership,friendship and services...
Strong the circle we

Viva saraba!

18 DeMolay International

Kalilayan Chapter Order Of DeMolay Prometheus Batch

Keep the 7 candles burning Brethren!

Batch Perseverance 86
James J. Wilson chapter Order of DeMolay
Zamboanga City

19 Kappa Rho Kappa

Longlive...proud to be a krkean.✌

Nice the 99999

Longlive the KRK





From KPK-SNBC - alfiemarknight

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20 Phi Omega Sigma

Phi omega sigma is the best fraternity and it has the power to serve the society, understand their brod and sis also others that need helps.. I'm porfz bryan and I invite u to vote phi omega sima as #1 fraternity not only in our counrty but in all over the world.

Lets vote phi omega sigma to become #1 long live brad and sis'''''''''''

21 Sigma Nu


I love sigma nu fraternity...

Sigma nu internatila fraternity... Love this frat...

22 Sigma Upsilon - Upsilon Lambda

Long live sugaan keep the fire burning

23 Alpha Phi Epsilon

The blood of being an EPSILONIAN is the best among the rest. THY WILL TO SERVE to anyone who needs and we serve sincerely without expecting any returns. The real brotherhood and sisterhood is in our heart. We UNITED as one under GOD. We do turns daily ALPHA PHI EPSILON. We are not claiming as number 1 but we belong on the very best.

Long live Alpha phi epsilon since 1961.

Long Live Alpha Phi Epsilon

Long live alpha phi epsilon,epsilonians thy will to serve

24 Gamma Sigma Epsilon

LONG LIVE! Brod & sis!

25 Alpha Chi Omega
26 Gamma Kappa Rho

I'm proud to be a member of Gamma Kappa Rho Fraternity/Sigma Gamma Lambda Sorority...

"GAMMANS never die, we just multiply "

" GAMMANS never die "

27 Alpha Sigma Omega
28 Tau Kappa Epsilon (ΤΚΕ)
29 Phi Beta Rho Confraternity
30 Crime Busters (M5)
31 Alpha Sigma Rho

And when the challenge demands its supreme
Sacrifice, Then I will be prepared to give without shame and
Dishonor That others may live.

32 Tyro Gyn Phi

Tyro gyn phi forever
I love tyro gyn phi

I am proud to be tyronian

33 Gamma Sigma Psi
34 Alpha Xi Epsilon
35 Psi Sigma Phi

One brother one soul
In life and death
Now and forever

36 Alpha Theta Omega
37 Phi Kappa Sigma
38 Kappa Sigma
39 Alpha Eta Upsilon
40 Alpha Beta Sigma Phi

Alpha beta phi chapter

Alpha beta sigma phi 1947..Philippine chapter

Motto: Save your island in the right loyalty...

Born Zephians die Zephians

#Long live zephians

#international fraternity and sorority

41 Delta Upsilon
42 Alpha Rho Sigma
43 Alpha Sigma Epsilon
44 Psi Zeta Omicron
45 Gamma Kappa Phi-Sigma

Great camaraderie is found to high and mighty KAPPANS.

46 Kappa Omega Alpha
47 Kappa Beta Phi
48 Zeta Psi Omicron 1965
49 Phi Lambda Epsilon
50 Zeta Phi Delta
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