Top Ten International Fraternities and Sororities

The Vision was An ultimate Fraternity that focuses on achievements, which the Frat can be proud of ��" not mere togetherness or brotherhood.


The Mission was to continue recruiting scholars and diligent students who were striving to become achievers in their field of interest.

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21 Alpha Chi Omega
22 DeMolay International

Keep the 7 candles burning Brethren!

Batch Perseverance 86
James J. Wilson chapter Order of DeMolay
Zamboanga City

23 Alpha Sigma Rho

And when the challenge demands its supreme
Sacrifice, Then I will be prepared to give without shame and
Dishonor That others may live.

24 Gamma Kappa Rho

"GAMMANS never die, we just multiply "

" GAMMANS never die "

25 Scouts Royale Brotherhood

May we always be in leadership,friendship and services...
Strong the circle we

26 Gamma Sigma Psi
27 Alpha Xi Epsilon
28 Psi Sigma Phi

One brother one soul
In life and death
Now and forever

29 Alpha Eta Upsilon
30 Tau Kappa Epsilon (ΤΚΕ)
31 Alpha Beta Sigma Phi

Alpha beta phi chapter

Alpha beta sigma phi 1947..Philippine chapter

Motto: Save your island in the right loyalty...

Born Zephians die Zephians

#Long live zephians

#international fraternity and sorority

32 Phi Beta Rho Confraternity
33 Delta Upsilon
34 Alpha Sigma Epsilon
35 Tyro Gyn Phi
36 Psi Zeta Omicron
37 Gamma Kappa Phi-Sigma

Great camaraderie is found to high and mighty KAPPANS.

38 Sigma Upsilon - Upsilon Lambda
39 Alpha Sigma Omega
40 Alpha Theta Omega
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