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Once again, I would just like to thank everyone for voting and your continued support for Digital Revolution Radio! And to all of our Casserollers, who have been voting and leaving comments about The Rock Casserole... Thank you all so very much! You all are the reason we continue doing our show, and as long as you all continue tuning in and showing up in the DRR chatroom, Lizzie (Mother Metal) and I will continue busting our humps to bring you the very best show we're capable of, every Sunday!

The Rock Casserole airs live on Digital Revolution Radio, every Sunday, from 12 Noon - 5 PM Eastern Time. Thank you all again! Jeff Dbury - Co-Host of The Rock Casserole.

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2 Hi On Line Radio

Hi On Line Radio is an internet radio music station with an international vision to satisfy the demand of listeners with a taste for good music in maximum audiophile quality.

I think Hi On Line Radio is maybe the best internet radio on the internet. Great sound, different kinds of good music, and always in for something new. Sam Button

Greatest quality sound and choice. Only a very musical director can manage this station.

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This website is fabulous. My favorite without a doubt!

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4's Metal Genre collection is awesome. They keep records from classic metal artists as well. Here, you can also rate and vote for your favorite music. Also, free mp3 download is available. And I love the appearance of the site. So overall, it's the best for me. Good work, guys. Keep your site up and running, best wishes.

5 Size Radio
6 SomaFM
7 Top Rock News Radio
9 Radio Shaker

I found cool radio stations on RadioShaker that I wouldn't have clicked on if I were on a regular radio portal where they are working based on lists. Check out if you love electronic music. Ciao, Klaas.

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11 Live365

How has this one been left out? It should at least be number 3 behind Last FM and Pandora anyway!

So much choice. A favorite of mine.

12 A1A IRadio Network
14 Spotify
15 Radio Paradise
17 Digitally Imported
18 Lala
19 iHeart Radio
20 Rock Rage Radio
22 Tunein Radio
23 Lapaloop Web Radio
24 RadioMetro.FM
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