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1 Charlie the Unicorn

Hey Charlie! Wake up! Yeah silly sleepy head wake up! What the heck is it is the forest on fire? No we found a map to candy mountain! Laugh out loud!

When I was in elementary school, me and my friends would act out episodes of Charlie the Unicorn at recess! It was SO MUCH FUN!

Okay this is something else but I don't get why "baby shark" is so popular. People have to know that some don't like that video.

Oh man I haven't seen an episode in forever! But there the best I've got them memorized.

2 Potter Puppet Pals

Hilarious! It'll satisfy the needs of Potter-hungry fans who're still shocked they finished the series so soon...I should know. I was one of them, and Potter Puppet Pals rescued me from the cold, dark, harsh reality I was trapped in.

I remember this. At my camp a few years ago, everyone sang the 'mysterious ticking noise' song.

The bleeping curse words are one of the episodes.

3 The Evolution of Dance

So awesome! One of my life goals is to master the evolution of dance routine!

4 Numa Numa

Yes I was just watching this it's so funny! Wish I could've lived back then.

Laugh out loud! Have you seen the numa numa guy's mouth... It's ' huge!

You should see Numa Numa conducting a marching band! actual video!

Come on, it's the numa numa guy!

5 Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

I will always love you, Robin (duck guy). You will always be my special one...
I am absolutely 100% OBSESSED with DHMIS. I love almost all of them. RIP, Robin. You really did kill all those pesky bees... *cries*

It's got a catchy song, a twist, horror and comedy. What's not to love? - Unnamed Google User Remade

I thought we agreed to never be creative again!

That sounds really boring.

6 Charlie Bit Me

Charlie that really hurt

See the arabian version

7 asdfmovie4
8 Shrek is love, Shrek is life

This story has changed me emotionally and physically. I cried st the sad parts, was scared at the spooky parts, and cheered st the happy parts. This video is a classic, and hopefully we get a movie adaption

It hurts a lot but I do it for Shrek.

He looks my father straight in eye.

It's all ogre now.

He changed my life... shrek is love

This scarred me for life

9 Funny Spongebob Video - Grandma's Kisses

This video is inappropriately sick, which is why it is so funny.

This is actually funny. Charlie The Unicorn is just retarded.

10 Nyan Cat

What's better than a flying cat in space farting out rainbows with his belly as a poptart?

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11 Keyboard Cat
12 Me at the Zoo

When YouTube shuts down, there will be a video called "me leaving the zoo".

The first video ever!
Also, by the way, why is a Katy Perry music video at 16?

This video started it all.

This should be number 1.

13 Zombie and Squid get 3 jobs and get grounded

The best cringe

14 Shoes
15 Katy Perry - Roar
16 Postman Pat Rude Version
17 The Scottish Peppa Pig
18 Gangnam Style

Dude be in 2015 because this video has 2 billion views.

1 Billion Views! Most Likes! Elevator Guy! Swagger! Random! This should be at least #10!

19 Leave Britney Alone!
20 Brian Gets Held Back
21 The Duck Song
22 Sabrina Carpenter - Can't Blame A Girl For Trying
23 Chocolate Rain
24 The Real Hog Wash
25 Bed Intruder
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