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1 Charlie the Unicorn

Hey Charlie! Wake up! Yeah silly sleepy head wake up! What the heck is it is the forest on fire? No we found a map to candy mountain! Laugh out loud!

When I was in elementary school, me and my friends would act out episodes of Charlie the Unicorn at recess! It was SO MUCH FUN!

Okay this is something else but I don't get why "baby shark" is so popular. People have to know that some don't like that video.

Oh man I haven't seen an episode in forever! But there the best I've got them memorized.

2 Potter Puppet Pals

Hilarious! It'll satisfy the needs of Potter-hungry fans who're still shocked they finished the series so soon...I should know. I was one of them, and Potter Puppet Pals rescued me from the cold, dark, harsh reality I was trapped in.

I remember this. At my camp a few years ago, everyone sang the 'mysterious ticking noise' song.

The bleeping curse words are one of the episodes.

3 The Evolution of Dance

So awesome! One of my life goals is to master the evolution of dance routine!

4 Numa Numa

Yes I was just watching this it's so funny! Wish I could've lived back then.

Laugh out loud! Have you seen the numa numa guy's mouth... It's ' huge!

You should see Numa Numa conducting a marching band! actual video!

Come on, it's the numa numa guy!

5 Don't Hug Me I'm Scared Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

I will always love you, Robin (duck guy). You will always be my special one...
I am absolutely 100% OBSESSED with DHMIS. I love almost all of them. RIP, Robin. You really did kill all those pesky bees... *cries*

It's got a catchy song, a twist, horror and comedy. What's not to love? - Unnamed Google User Remade

I thought we agreed to never be creative again!

That sounds really boring.

6 Charlie Bit Me Charlie Bit Me

Charlie that really hurt

See the arabian version

7 asdfmovie4
8 Shrek is love, Shrek is life Shrek is love, Shrek is life

This story has changed me emotionally and physically. I cried st the sad parts, was scared at the spooky parts, and cheered st the happy parts. This video is a classic, and hopefully we get a movie adaption

It hurts a lot but I do it for Shrek.

He looks my father straight in eye.

It's all ogre now.

He changed my life... shrek is love

This scarred me for life

9 Funny Spongebob Video - Grandma's Kisses

This video is inappropriately sick, which is why it is so funny.

This is actually funny. Charlie The Unicorn is just retarded.

10 Nyan Cat Nyan Cat

What's better than a flying cat in space farting out rainbows with his belly as a poptart?

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11 Keyboard Cat Keyboard Cat
12 Zombie and Squid get 3 jobs and get grounded

The best cringe

13 Shoes
14 Me at the Zoo

When YouTube shuts down, there will be a video called "me leaving the zoo".

The first video ever!
Also, by the way, why is a Katy Perry music video at 16?

This video started it all.

This should be number 1.

15 Katy Perry - Roar
16 Postman Pat Rude Version
17 The Scottish Peppa Pig
18 Leave Britney Alone!
19 Gangnam Style

1 Billion Views! Most Likes! Elevator Guy! Swagger! Random! This should be at least #10!

Dude be in 2015 because this video has 2 billion views.

20 The Duck Song
21 Brian Gets Held Back
22 Sabrina Carpenter - Can't Blame A Girl For Trying
23 Chocolate Rain
24 The Real Hog Wash
25 Bed Intruder
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