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1 Craigslist

Craigslist outshines any free classified service out there. I search Craigslist every day, and my biggest complaint is that I see numerous posting violations. People who complain about being flagged need to realize they most likely violated the terms of use. Period. As CL states, "Millions of ads are removed by flagging monthly, nearly all of which violate the Craigslist terms of use."

Ignore the naysayers below. The site is moderated by you - the user - not degenerates. You make your own reality. Just follow the terms of use. It's as simple as that. Love to all, we are one.

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OLX provides free classifieds services in more than 100 countries across the world.

For me, it is the best and most interactive between the parties.

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To me, it's one of the best free classified ads because it gives you more options in selling, such as auction, best offer, or you could sell for a fixed price set by you. Also, it has easy and great features to be applied to your ads. Indeed, the team tries to assist you in every aspect of your sale.

More features than most sites. I like the account management function. It allows you to see and edit all your ads in one place.

Great site! Easy to use and awesome features. I recommend them highly. Two thumbs up!

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4 Kijiji

Kijiji was the second most popular free online classified ad listing website in the USA. Kijiji was acquired by the auction giant eBay years back. Now, eBay, willing to use their popular brand name to make their free classified site more popular, has changed the name of their free classified site. Kijiji USA is now named eBay Classifieds.

Free Local Kijiji Classifieds. Search and post classified ads in For Sale, Pets, Jobs, Apartments, Housing, and other categories.

Easy to use and simple, clean design. It's the same thing as eBay Classifieds, just a different name.

5 WorldStuffer

The site is very clean, and the interface is intuitive. It has the most demanded features on the classifieds market supported by people's profiles. Everyone can easily post, find, or review what they want with comments and discussions. It has some new features like tracing ads by request, and the profiles are open for everyone.

Very easy and user-friendly site. Kudos, WorldStuffer!

6 Locanto

Free classifieds site in every city, state, suburb, and area in 40 countries. It's fast, easy to use, has good SEO implementation, and many categories.

I have a feeling that Locanto might be the next to Backpage or Craigslist in terms of popularity. I owe my success in online business to them. Thanks a lot, Locanto.

Locanto provides free classifieds services in more than 45 countries across the world.

7 Quikr

The largest site for classifieds in India with a lot of categories (almost everything). Also, the interface is simple and clean.

I had to buy a used car. It was so simple and easy! Great interface as compared to other websites in India.

8 Sulekha Classifieds

Free for wanting but paid to offer in the USA. However, it's the best free website in India for wanted or offered.

9 Clickooz

Clickooz is the best online classified website in the world. The website loads very fast. Users have the option to post without registration. Great work.

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A big concern of mine with websites is reputability. I've been using this website for a while now and have been a repeat visitor ever since. It has helped my business substantially.

This is an awesome site with all the real jobs and real companies. It's really easy to use and has great navigation mechanisms. Love it!

OutLived is one of my favorite free classifieds sites. Clean and easy to use, should definitely be ranked higher.


What we liked about this site was the fact you are given many options on how and where you want your free ad to show up. The number of images that can be posted is more than enough, unlike some other classifieds. You also have access to a classifieds forum through the site. It was a pleasure to do business with this site.

I used this classifieds site to sell my car, and it was sold within a week. The posting was easy, and everything was done at no charge. I noticed they covered a wide variety of categories, and this can be an extra plus for everyone.

16 Post Free Advertising

Best classified site because the ads are searchable on Google.

I found another free classified site which even allows you to add your business location via Google Maps so visitors may find your business location. All this is free, so check here.


It's the best site to list anything that you want to sell. Items go like hotcakes on this site. I feel like all of Utah lives on this online haven.

Everyone in Utah uses this. It's much easier to use than Craigslist. I wish news sites in other states used it as well.


Wow, you can insert your PayPal button and sell your stuff on your free advertisement 100% FREE! is better than all the other classified sites here.

19 Xoocal

Nice, clean site. It's the best, simple to navigate and post.

Amazing classifieds site. I can post my ad in multiple locations.

20 99LocalAds

Great service with free recharge for ad posting.

Not sure why this is not on the top 10 list. Great site.


Adclassified is a great ad posting and classified website. This is a pure classified advertising website. You can post unlimited ads without registration or email confirmation.

I am using this website because it is a restriction-free website. I am using it for my business promotion. Good website for all time.

This is a worldwide classified website that offers free ad posting service.


BEST Antiques, Appliances, Arts+Crafts, and Farm+Garden Classified site with genuine visitors and zero spam ads. Admins are good at keeping away spam.

All my ads went live with moderation within 30 minutes. I also made an ad featured there, and it has good traffic.

Post Free Classified Ads Online Anywhere in the world. Search and post anything you need to buy online and sell online.


Very good classifieds site. You can upload pictures, and videos, and provide links to your website. Also, you can see the location in every advertisement. All advertisements are free, but if you want, you can choose paid options.

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