Top Ten Worst Users of the Miraheze Reception Wikis

I've hated on them for a while, but I haven't thought about who are the worst.
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1 Se/TheInterneto

Se has done so much garbage on the reception wikis. He started flame wars left and right, and he abuses multiple accounts. Even some of the reception wiki admins got tired of him, and now he's finally globally banned from Miraheze. Oh, and he also raided TheTopTens with Hendicted on 2/15/2020.

Right there! That reminds me, since he accidentially got his friends banned by Vicious, he bacame overhated, in fact, many people treated him as if he were a white nationalist.

2 Ramadhan1a

Ramadhan1a is definitely an SJW, who mass banned RoboticJeffy (known as AydenMowry on TTT) for telling a joke he didn't like. And despite using an anime girl as a profile pic, he gets extremely butthurt whenever someone uses a female pronoun aimed at him.

This list is an example of what would happen if the list "Worst Users of TheTopTens" made a comeback.

Well, he apoligized.

3 PKMNLivesNew

this guy should be at the top since he destroyed fandom. He's like the aggressiveblaze of the reception wikis, always deleting everything except this guy is better because he didn't pretend to reform 700 times. Most of the users on here either shouldn't be on here or didn't even do anything and the only reason autisticide is in the top 5 is because he had a bad username.

He is the worst, but the wikis are now bad

He's the one who destroyed FANDOM.

4 Autisticide

He keeps creating all these sockpuppets to raid the Unfavorable Wikis and Users Wiki with autism jokes and offensive comments about autism, and even listing autism as a bad quality on pages (there is nothing wrong with being autistic). I have autism and all the stuff he’s been saying offends me.

some troll who made autism jokes on thetoptens wiki page and whined about admin banning him because his name wishes death upon the autistic. Thank God he's banned.

By the name I can tell he probably tried to offend autistic people on purpose. That’s an awful name though regardless of being a troll or not

I really like his username he should not have been banned

5 TheChisatoFan/Iceyellow
6 Zenko

This user (who no longer goes by that name) is not the worst user on the list. If anything, she was the one of the users harassed because The Outcast Network has difficultly of letting go of a dead horse.

Zenko? Probably the most moral guardian over miraheze.

Zenko is actually a toxic moral guardian. There is a reason Se didn't like her

Does not belong on this list.

7 IHateShippers

He's a HUUGE vandal who has a huge hateboner on TheChisatoFan. --rainstorm1650

8 Inkster

I think he’s a sockpuppet of Autisticide, since he also said some offensive stuff about autism.

10 Wpetoi

Wouldn't close Bad Scratch Wiki and does not care about CircleyDoesExtracter's suicidal thoughts because he is a judgmental scum - PowerDagger15

He is so mean, he called me pathetic while I am trying to get him to delete the BSW

He ruined me... He ruined me... I in 2014 is better than in 2020.

... Well, This is the guy who ruined me.

The Contenders
11 Portrock1566

Are there any users there (not necessarily on this list) that also use the TheTopTens?

Egotistical moron who claims to he a "chad" and constantly harrasses and insults people like me.

Anti-Christian porno freak? If he was anti-Christian, then trust me, he would be banning anyone religious (Including TheChisatoFan) and causing all sorts of prejudice. ~ Madelinefan138

12 GrilledCheese800

This manchild can not handle different opinions at all, especially involving music. He's also started a flame war once because of that, and has gotten away with it, like Inkster and MeMeGuY.

13 Unnamedgoon

yeah, ask me, I got banned for criticizing the hypocritical direction they were taking, it was kinda your usual "site goes SJW" but hypocritical, since articles sometimes defended usual targets and the use of terms like SJW and several anti-BLM articles (predating George Floyd, so it was (somewhat) OK back in the day). He even said feminists are OK and their message is reasonable, making 25% of the pages worthless, glad I quit the Reception Network and moved on with my life.

Most of these admins enjoy blocking users unfairly, and Unnamedgoon is no exception. Just ask Maddox121

14 Hendicted

This guy has been accused of a lot more than what I know he did. If you remember 2/15/2020, he and another user raided TheTopTens, and even sending death threats to Rainbowkid38. And he could be #1 if it turns out to be true that he hacked somebody's account. I'll need more evidence for that.

15 Mar9122

So this user is confirmed to be a pedophile. Why are MeMeGuY, portorck, Zenko and TheChisatoFan higher than him? Sure Zenko may be annoying, but at least she's not a pedophile.

Pretty much everything he has said or done.

I don't even need to explain.

16 MeMeGuY

From what I know, he vandalized one of the wikis for an opinion, and now everybody loves him.

17 Adolfhitlerfan2009

Well, the name is offending me too.

The name offends me as well

18 Mr.PissS***Head


This troll uploads NSFW files and vandalizes UW&UW - InspecterAbdel


He archived BSW - PowerDagger15

Archiving BSW is not good!

Restored Bad Scratch Wiki.

20 Kesner
21 General I80

Seriously, I figure that I have tried to be the worst user possible. Without getting global locked.

Comparing me to a sex offender and rapist.

Asswipe who compares me to a rapist.

Not really, - PowerDagger15

22 FWKMiraheze

Wished me to get banned

23 PerryPikaplush
24 Seewater514

Only on here because he banned autistice - InspecterAbdel (PD15)

25 Miguel

A toxic Vyonder who thought it was a good idea to attack DuchessSponge5000.

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