Top Ten iPad Apps

The Top Ten

1 Mortal Kombat X

If you are mortal Kombat fans than you should get this app! - madmango1

2 Hungry Shark Evolution

You are a bloodthirsty shark and you eat fish (and humans)! - madmango1

3 Candy Crush Saga

If you like bejeweled and candy, this is the game for you! - madmango1

4 Boom Beach

Make your island as boss as you want it to be. Take over other islands to level up! - madmango1

5 Minecraft: Pocket Edition

It is Minecraft on the size of an iPad. - madmango1

6 Geocaching

This app lets you go on worldwide scavenger hunts! - madmango1

7 Blitz Brigade

It is like Team Fortress 2 but on your iPad. - madmango1

8 Ravensword: Shadowlands

You fight treacherous beasts in medeval times. You make your own character and it is a free roam app. - madmango1

9 Brothers In Arms

Imagine Call of Duty but with a different story line! - madmango1

10 Angry Birds

This is a strategy game where you have to defeat the pigs who steal your eggs and you could be a variety of birds! - madmango1

The Contenders

11 Instagram

I love sharing my photos on there

12 Safari

I LOVE tech blogs.

13 Facebook
14 Messenger
15 Happy Wheels
16 Episode-Choose Your Story

I love this game I am currently playing Demi path to fame season 1 I recommend these episodes:
Mean Girls
Demi Season 1 and 2
Real Hollywood

17 Createrria
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