The Top Ten Coolest Hypercars


The Top Ten

1 McLaren P1

It is the coolest car in driveclub

I have Forza Horizon 2, and with the McLaren P1 I AM UNSTOPPABLE! Looks cool, is fast, and is from an awesome company. The McLaren P1 is the best of the best.

2 Ferarri LaFerarri
3 Pagani Hyura
4 Koenigsegg Agera R

Goodness gracious vote for something that isn't outdated. All of these cars are great, but when it comes to hypercars, the highest performance is the deciding factor (generally) and If I could I would vote for these: Tesla Roadster (if it lives up to claims, here's hoping), Rimac Concept One or whatever there next car is since they will release it in like a week, Koenigsegg Regera (yes I know that ones not out either, or Agera RS.
You see how most of them aren't even officially out? RS is current king: top speed (for now), amazing build and bullet-like looks, light body, nice enough inside, company actually proves it's the fastest unlike VW, amazing brakes and torque (acceleration for non car people), AND it can hold its own on a track from what I've heard. Since RS isn't here, win goes to the R for being nearly as good.

5 Hennessy Venom GT
6 Lamborghini Veneno

One of the fastest and way better than the veyron and the chiron

Poisons you do not have it

7 Bugatti Veyron

The most striking and I think overrated

8 Ferarri 458
9 McLaren 12C Spyder
10 Audi TTS Coupè

The Contenders

11 Koenigsegg One:1
12 Hennessey Venom F5

The fastest car in the entire world

Not the fastest car in the world YET. but it is claimed that it will be the first production car to reach 300mph. They say it will reach a top speed of 301mph (about 484 kmh)

13 Mercedes CLK GTR
14 Lamborghini Egoista
15 Lykan Hypersport

This is absolutely insane, this car deserves top 3 with minimal expectance. This car looks sick and it is really fast.

16 Porsche 918 Spyder


17 Bugatti Chiron
18 Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo
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