Top Ten Iron Maiden Album Openers


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1 Aces High

Best opener, this song is awesome, and the solo is a beast -MaidenReignsHeavyMetal

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2 Caught Somewhere In Time
3 Sign of the Cross
4 Where Eagles Dare
5 The Wicker Man
6 Moonchild

This is pretty low for a song that's as good as aces high, in my opinion its way better than prowler and invaders they're getting the credits from the albums while moonchild is a strong song on its own.

I still remember the first time I heard the first scream of Dickinson after that introduction about the seven sins, that syntethizer and that crunchy guitars.
It was the first time that Iron Maiden made me felt what all their covers tried and failed: fear. I was really frightened of what was going to come.

7 If Eternity Should Fail

It's their third best opener in my opinion (after aces high and caught somewhere in time). Hope its get up on this list soon. -MaidenReignsHeavyMetal

8 Prowler
9 Invaders

Honestly I do t really like this so b even though the album it's in is my favorite metal album

10 Be Quick or Be Dead

The Contenders

11 Satellite 15... The Final Frontier
12 Futureal
13 Different World
14 Wildest Dreams
15 The Ides of March
16 Tailgunner
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