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1 Blood Brothers

Best song of this album. And it is one of the top ten songs of all the maiden songs. Great voice with great guitar solos and overall great music. One of my favorite songs.

Oh my god! What a song! Soft in the beginning and then explodes! Great music and I'd say greater rhythm!

One of the best maiden songs. - Chemical_Wedding

When was this album released?

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2 The Wicker Man

Possibly the best Maiden chorus ever! Great song! Check out the rock in rio performance! This song is so much more epic live

I love this song! You can sing the chorus to anyone who gets on your nerves

YOUR TIIME WILL COMMEE! I love this song and I think of it as a maiden trademark. This is the first maiden song I ever learned to play on guitar. I think the wicker man rocks - caryrox16

My Opinion is:
10 The Mercenary
9 The Nomad
8 The Fallen Angel
7 The Thin Line Between Love and hate
6 Dream of Mirrors
5 Out of the Silent Planet
4 Brave New World
3 Ghost of Navigator
2 Blood Brothers
1 The Wicker man

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3 Ghost of the Navigator

The opening so soft and sweet then goes into a heavy period. Come on you irons! The only bad thing is that it says ghosts of the navigators in the song why? But it is epic.

Just something makes you want to listen again and again

Come on this and blood brothers are the best songs in this album

This is the most melodic song that hypes you every time you here it and you never ever get bored of it

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4 Dream of Mirrors

This is an awesome long epic of a song. Such a blast at the beginning then a nice wave of chill melody in the chorus

Best song ever! 9 Minutes of enjoyment


1.Dream of Mirrors
2.Blood Brothers
3.Brave New World
4.The Wicker Man
5.Ghost of the Navigator
6.The Nomad
7.The Thin Line Beetwen Love & Hate
8.The Mercenary
9.Out of the Silent Planet
10. The Fallen Angel

5 Brave New World

Brave New World is the best song forever. It's not so heavy but it turns me on as no one does. Also the best solos I've ever heard to.

Beautiful song not too heavy and not too soft the perfect song and very emotional solo I like it

As a drummer, this is one of my favorite dum riffs.

My first metal song ever. - SoldierOfFortune

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6 The Nomad

This song is so underrated! Just listen to the middle section and you will understand what I mean

Another overlooked one. The chorus, where Bruce gets to use his high voice is amazing! Not to mention the mind blowing instrumental part... - IronSabbathPriest

Maiden's most underrated song ever. When the interlude gets heavy is my favorite part of any song ever. Up The Irons!

One of maidens heaviest songs, awesome! - wolphert

7 The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

Definitely the most underrated maiden song ever. An absolute gem at the end of the album that is so overlooked.

Their most under appreciated song, however this album has a lot of fantastic songs. - IronSabbathPriest

The best song from the best Iron Maiden album. Not my favorite Maiden song, but one of them for sure. - CostcoHotDogs

So good, especially the last bit is so beautiful

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8 Out of the Silent Planet

This is a fantastic song with really cool riffs and great energy. It's my favorite on the album, I just wish more people knew it. - Songsta41

Three-way tie: Out of the Silent Planet, Wicker Man, Ghost of the Navigator - all are rippin' good tunes. The whole album is just super. It's their best album. All the other albums have a few great tunes but this one has all or almost all great tunes. An inspired work!

Underrated. Amazing song, deserves to be known as the best on the album.

How is this number 8 should be 1 if the song was only the first minute I would still say it is epic

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9 The Fallen Angel

Hard to choose the best song from this album as they are all amazing. Although I had to choose this as it does not deserve last place - wolphert

I agree, The Wicker Man or this are the best songs on the album. Blood Brothers is one of their worst moments for me. Borderline power ballad.

This kicks Blood Brothers mellow ass. Bar the Wicker Man at 2 this list looks upside down from here. Up The Irons!

This is the song that most reminds me of classic Maiden, could fit in any of the big albums of the 80s.

10 The Mercenary

This song is amazing! It's way too underrated. Should be at at least top 3. Listen to the Rock In Rio version. Then you'll see why I'm right!

Deserves to be in the top five. Starts off aggressive until the chorus where Bruce sings with his amazing high voice. - IronSabbathPriest

Way too underrated this is one of their greatest songs

The most underrated sonf from maiden

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1. The Wicker Man
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1. Blood Brothers
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3. Ghost of the Navigator
1. Brave New World
2. Blood Brothers
3. The Wicker Man

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