Top Ten Iron Maiden Songs Part of the Charlotte the Harlot Series


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1 22 Acacia Avenue UListen to Sample
2 Charlotte the Harlot

By the way, I don't particularly like this series. I just made the list for the sake of it. - IronSabbathPriest

Yeh neither do i

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3 From Here to Eternity UListen to Sample
4 Hooks In You

This song is good and underrated in my opinion

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Top Remixes

1. 22 Acacia Avenue
2. Charlotte the Harlot
3. From Here to Eternity
1. Charlotte the Harlot
2. 22 Acacia Avenue
3. From Here to Eternity
1. 22 Acacia Avenue
2. Charlotte the Harlot
3. Hooks In You


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