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1 Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong, nicknamed Satchmo or Pops, was an American trumpeter, composer and singer who was one of the most influential figures in jazz.

Why on EARTH isn't this great man first? Truly beautiful to listen to and watch; he puts his heart and soul into Jazz music. He clearly loves every second and it shows. - Britgirl

Come on. Pops will always be Number 1. Remember what Dizzy said: "No Louis, no me."

HE'S LOUIS! DUH! Come on people, he basically founded jazz trumpet.

Pure soul innovation and eminence -and, of course, the inventor of modern jazz.

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2 Clifford Brown

Any way you consider BROWNIE is the MAN

Must come after Dizzy no two ways about it.

Brown could connect phrases so well

3 Miles Davis Miles Davis

Early Miles - pure technique.

Miles = Pure Genius!

How can anyone be ahead of Davis? Even Sachmo is a close second never had the impact Davis had

4 Wynton Marsalis

He really is the best. He could win any trumpet battle against anyone, and it's hard to deny that. His sound is so much more mature than anyone else's. He's the Michael Jordan of the Trumpet. - mikespike

Wynton is the most overrated player out their. NO soul in his playing at all. number 2 are you kidding me? REALLY

This guy played the trumpet like while having great dance skills

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5 Dizzy Gallespi

No one played the trumpet like him. Her explores every nuance and range of the instrument.

Never stopped experimenting. The best don't, but he incorporated everything he found.

Not a technician but an artist that should never be forgotten.

6 Lee Morgan

Most lyrical jazz trumpeter ever. Who knows what he could have accomplished with more years.

So much meaning into his playing... usually kicks everyone's ass (at least 80/85% of the time)

The Crown Prince - Never got to be king because his life and talent was short.

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7 Chet Baker

Really very expressive and controlled his horn well. Especially with soft sounds.

Davis could not hold a candle to Baker

Such a great singing voice as well

He is simply the best.

8 Freddy Hubbard
9 Bunny Berigan
10 Nicholas Payton

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11 Roy Eldridge
12 Tom Harrel
13 Bix Beiderbecke V 1 Comment
14 Maynard Ferguson

He changed the way people play trumpet forever! He should be number 1 or at least in the top ten!

No other trumpet player could play such high notes with such control. He was incredible.

I miss him. Saw him many times and always left satisfied.

He was the only man who could send those notes into the stratosphere.
He was unbelievable.

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15 Arturo Sandoval

He would have to be in top ten

16 Henry "Red" Allen
17 Donald Byrd
18 Harry James
19 Claudio Roditi
20 Harry "Sweets" Edison
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1. Louis Armstrong
2. Bunny Berigan
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1. Wynton Marsalis
2. Miles Davis
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