Top Ten Greatest John Bonham Performances

The Top Ten

1 Good Times Bad Times

Doesn't this have sixteenth triplets at one point? This is a great song for drumming. - Metarock

2 Moby Dick

Well, of course! - Metarock

Expected this to be number one. Good list - BrianScott01

3 When The Levee Breaks

The drum sound here is phenomenal. - Metarock

4 Achilles Last Stand

My favorite Zeppelin song. The drums are great here! - Metarock

5 Kashmir

He is the best...

6 Whole Lotta Love
7 Immigrant Song
8 The Ocean
9 Fool in the Rain
10 In My Time of Dying

The Contenders

11 Black Dog
12 Dazed and Confused
13 Four Sticks
14 The Crunge
15 Stairway to Heaven
16 The Song Remains the Same
17 In the Evening
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