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For all of those rhcp fans out there + his solo work fans like me... This is for you guys!

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1 The Empyrean

Sadly his last guitar-driven album, The Empyrean to me captures Frusciante at his absolute peak. Every song is composed intricately and yet focused music-wise, and John manages to create such strong and vibrant moods that his lyrics on this album, though cryptic and often infused with high-brow metaphysical themes, are nothing short of visionary. I am usually a sucker for quotations -- with The Empyrean, quoting lyrics proves tricky: Taken out of context, they might seem weird or even hokey at times, but within the context of the songs, they are among the most beautiful and touching pieces of writing I've come across in recent years. The Empyrean is definitely Frusciante's best and most accomplished album, hands down.

While Curtains and Niandra are both close seconds for me, Empyrean is an expansive aural experience that defines the idea of a story-less concept album. Musically astounding, Frusciante wows with musical and lyrical prowess, as well as composition as of yet unmatched by any of his other works.

Has really nice songs that make you feel like you're in a different universe! So innovative and artistic. - pianomushroom

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2 Curtains

This album deserves its place amongst the greatest acoustic albums of all time.

"It was just me sitting on a pillow, on my living room floor, with my back leaning against the couch."... awesome acoustic album. Meaningful and emotionally in parallel with every song. This is amazingly expressive and underrated - pianomushroom

3 Inside of Emptiness

A very commendable set of tunes! Instrumentals are definitely great and his music directly expresses an effective objectification of 'eeriness'. Nice interpretation of emotion through guitars and lyrics. - pianomushroom

4 Niandra Lades & Usually Just a T-Shirt

Very dark, he was high out of his mind when he made this obviously. This was the album that introduced me to John's solo music... There is just something about his artistic expression in the songs from this album that sticks to you even though some of the singing is kind of eccentric. - pianomushroom

Great album, very psychedelic.

Beautiful, raw, haunting music.

He saje that he did this album before his drug addiction while still touring with rhcp and that just shows through what he must've gone at that time.

5 Shadows Collide With People

Has more electro than guitar and has some nice songs like Song to Sing When I'm Lonely and Omission. - pianomushroom

6 The Will to Death

A very chill album still capturing his guitar skills, certainly less electronic. A very pleasant listen for the longest time. The most RCHP-ish, I think. Almost at level with "Inside of Emptiness". - pianomushroom

7 DC Ep

A balance of trance-like music and meaningfulness. Great guitars and considering it only has four songs... it's a nice listen to identify John's music style. - pianomushroom

8 To Record Only Water for Ten Days

Fabulous, nothing quite like it...

Unique in its own way - pianomushroom

9 PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone

Experimental, bluesy and electro. A very interesting listen. - pianomushroom

10 A Sphere in the Heart of Silence

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11 Smile from the Streets You Hold
12 Enclosure
13 Letur-Lefr V 1 Comment
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