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41 Proof of Life

This totally trying not to cry and ended up at crying so much. This is sadder than Servant of evil
Listen to this song l, please. If you have your time
Sorry about my English

42 Against the World
43 Neko Ni Orenji
44 Want to Say
45 Your Adventure Log Has Vanished

I first listen to this song before I fell in love with vocaliod when my brother had showed me a different version. Then I found some hatsune miku songs and I've loved vocaliod ever since, a few days ago my brother played the song again and I found out is was sung by the kagamine twins. Now I love it even more it's super funny and cute ^^

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46 Childish War

Very catchy. Not as depressing as usual

One of the first kagamine songs I've listened too and I love it! So cute and you can abviously tell it's a sibling rivalry

It's waaay to awesome. And it's just a kitty-fight! It's impossible to go talking 'bout rin without this.

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47 Daughter of Evil

It goes along with servant of evil and tells a pretty good story

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48 Like Dislike this song...

49 Luvoratorrrrry! V 1 Comment
50 Iroha Uta
51 Jailbreak

In my opinion, both the story and the melody are amazing. Plus, Rin sounds really good in this song.

52 Alice of Human Sacrifice V 2 Comments
53 Song for Great Satan
54 Too Cute
55 Twinkle
56 Onii Yuukai
57 Last Night, Goodnight
58 Goodnight Tonight
59 Promise

Love Miku and Rin, this combination is great!

60 Enclosure
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