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1 Love Story

Oh yeah! Taylor beats Katy! Not the best song though- they all are! I love Taylor Swift because she really is a good person and a good singer.

If someone says " I don't like love story " surely I will punch the face... No doubt

There is nothing to say. Everything is sufficient in this song that a song need.

Love Story is the cheesiest song. It makes no sense and is so fake. And yeah, I hate Taylor

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2 Back to December

I love this song and this song is very beautiful

Back to December is so beautiful. I sing it all the time.

This song is really nice thanks

The best song forever

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3 Firework

It's inspiring and a change to her usual songs

It's so nice and lovely song. I love this song.

I like this song

Excuse me?! But this should be number least. - xXLittleQueensXx

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4 Enchanted

This is the easiest song to relate to that I've ever heard

This is a gorgeous song by a gorgeous girl. Not wanting to offend anyone, but I hate Katy Perry. I like her music - just not HER. Taylor FOREVER! #swiftie

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5 You Belong With Me

This songs story is basically the story of most teenage girls lives!

Why can't you see? You belong with me...

This song is basically my life story!

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6 Hot 'n' Cold

"You're hot and you're cold, you're in then you're out, you're yes and you're no"

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7 Blank Space

Clever, mature and breezy answer to her haters. If my daughter were a pop star (God, forbid) this is how I wish she would handle the inevitable hate

It's the song that led me into loving Taylor swift

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8 The One That Got Away

This song is amazing... When I'm sad or I need to cry, I listen to it... It really makes me feel better... I love this song.. This song means a lot to me... Like memories

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9 All Too Well
10 Wonderland

We found wonderland, we got lost in it.

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11 Style

"This is one of her most seriously intense and thrilling songs of all that I have heard so far yet! I can definitely relate to it (in some ways). It actually makes my hair stand on end and gives me goosebumps every time I hear it! Thank you! "

We never go out of style.

I love style

We never go out of style! 🎶
It's just like Taylor swift 's music, never out of style!

12 E.T.
13 Wide Awake

I'm just saying taylor swift has more catchy songs than katy Perry.No offense to katy Perry I like your songs to but I think Taylor is just better at making catchy and amazing songs.

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14 Stay Beautiful
15 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
16 Teenage Dream


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17 Bad Blood V 1 Comment
18 Red
19 Roar
20 Unconditionally

I love this song even though I can't always remember the tune.

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