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1 Kiss: Ace Frehley

A great listen from beginning to end! It demonstrated the amazing talent Ace had, the breadth of his guitar talent, produced the only bona fide hit ("New York Groove") from the four solo albums, and bruised Paul and Gene's egos in the process. Whether they like it or not, it shows what this guitar god is capable of when he is focused and firing on all cylinders, and is proof that his guitar playing is a cornerstone of that signature classic KISS sound that inspired millions of teens to pick up a guitar (several of whom became modern guitar gods in their own right), and the gold standard for ALL KISS guitarists who followed in his footsteps. Get this one in your collection NOW!

2 Kiss: Paul Stanley

Ah come on, it's the best of all 4

3 Kiss: Peter Criss

This is the worse solo album

4 Kiss: Gene Simmons

Gene's is a great album, definitely worth a listen, or a re-listen to everyone who looks this one over. Great songs.

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1. Kiss: Ace Frehley
2. Kiss: Paul Stanley
3. Kiss: Gene Simmons
1. Kiss: Paul Stanley
2. Kiss: Ace Frehley
3. Kiss: Gene Simmons
1. Kiss: Ace Frehley
2. Kiss: Peter Criss
3. Kiss: Paul Stanley

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