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1 SS501

They r the perfect idol for me.. N they r best.

Of course they're number one because of their different peesonalities, great talents, and funny ways.

They are simply the best..
Each member are not just good looking, all of them can sing really well!
Even now that they are on their individual activities they are still doing good ^^

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2 Exo Exo Exo is a South Korean-Chinese boy group based in Seoul. Formed by S.M. Entertainment in 2011, the group debuted in 2012 with twelve members separated into two subgroups, EXO-K and EXO-M, performing music in Korean and Mandarin, respectively.

They are the top for me, not like other groups who really seeks for perfection, this guys are imperfect, to be honest not all of them have talents but they have this charisma that put them in the pedestal.. I love Exo because their songs are really catchy!

They should be the top 1. Here in Korea, they are really popular. I just saw them in the mall earlier and I saw there are a lot of fans are following them. They have the talents and looks. And they are just simple socializing with other and living like a low profile humans. They should be the top 1!

Why do I love exo? Because of Tao... My dream is to meet EXO especially Tao

They are king

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3 Super Junior Super Junior Super Junior is a South Korean boy band. Formed in 2005 by producer Lee Soo-man of S.M. Entertainment, the group comprised a total of thirteen members at its peak.

Super Junior is the best and will be forever!

There's no words to describe my feelings about them... Super junior is the most beautiful and the most interesting thing in my entire life~ E.L. F and SUJU is 1!

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4 Infinite

Best Kpop group ever...
LOVE them...
Best dance, best songs and best looking guys :D
Hope they always stay together

All r so performances with perfect songs and dance..always an INFINITE FAN!

Infinite zzang! Inspirit zzang! Best boy band ever! Love them so much...!

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5 Big Bang

1st, It's annoying that I voted. As if it matters.
2nd, It's annoying that BIGBANG is 4th in the list. SERIOUSLY, THIS IS A TOTAL BULL CRAP. Don't even start about why they deserve the NUMBER 1 spot.
3rd, Its annoying because people are more concerned with the artist's LOOK than the artist's TALENT and ART. (let's face it BIGBANG doesn't have the most good looking members but come on, when they sing high notes or dance... they are like a TOTAL PACKAGE and a SOLD OUT PERFORMANCE)
4th, It's annoying because some of these popular bands nowadays rely on other people to write songs for them. They should not be called as IDOLS.. they are merely PERFORMERS. They lack artistry.
5th It's annoying that I am so affected. I just can't accept the fact that these ARTIST, PERFORMER & GENIUSES are being compared to low quality "idols".


I don't know how this happend by I was shoore that big bang will be n1 life is not fare and com on big bang is way to beter than super junior x (

Come on.. All of them are good but bigbang is already a living legend.. Otohke? I like cn blue too, and bap too, suju to oh life is so harsh

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6 B.A.P

B.A. P was one of the best newcomer. Even after many comebacks they are still loved by many fans. And let's their last song "Excuse me" was and still is a huge succes!

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7 2PM 2PM

THE BEST! Since ever and Forever!

2pm is truly talented, amazing, handsome, fun, funny, and many more! I'm forever a hottest <3 I just became one over the summer though. I wish I knew about them earlier. I really want to meet them someday in the future! Saranghae oppas! 2pm fighting!

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8 X-5
9 F.Cuz
10 CN Blue

They are the only kpop boy band that I listen they touch my heart even though am not Korean... Love yonghwa

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11 Shinee Shinee

Truly amazing and beautiful (well as beautiful as males can be )

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They were all sexy!

Lee joon cute and sexy - SooKi

13 BTS (Bangtan Boys)

They have very good songs and many other groups like them. I especially love Dope and all the members have different personalities which is great fun. They've won awards before and are all irresistible.

I have fallen in love with this group after watching their debut song "No More Dream". They're all really talented and unique!

I love bts because they are real fighters and extremely talented

International they are very famous. They are Awesome.. so awesome!

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14 Got7

The best ever. All time favourite. Their charisma on stage and off stage is capturing. You cannot help not fall in love with them

Got7 is the best group. Everyone is equally talented unlike other groups.

I really love music a lot so much that I like mark

15 TVXQ TVXQ V 2 Comments
16 Beast

Fighting Beast. Always the best. Go, go Beast. Do a new mv together. I will always vote for Beast.

I like all of beast member group especially yoseob..goodluck cube! even they are not famous like bigbang and exo but they are really good than other group kpop..

17 ZE:A


18 Teen Top Teen Top

I love them a lot since they debut. They are the best.

So talented and their songs are so catchy

20 Seventeen
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