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1 Erode Bus Stand

It is one of the most busiest bus terminal and moves over lakhs and lakhs of people per day by thousands of bus service.
It has 11 platforms
4 entry and exits.
If you visit to Erode bus stand for the first time, you should definitely get confused about which bus is in which platform and where it is and which buses are comes from which entrance and where it get away.
Its just an awesome place
I love it very much

Erode central bus terminus is the second largest bus stand in Tamilnadu, it is very neat and clean and it is very busiest bus stand.

ERODE is one of the fastest growing cities in India. ERODE is also known as textile city or tumeric city

A good clean and spacious bus station ever...

2 Chennai Mofussil

Have any one seen the domed lounge. It's a good place to meet people and kill time. lots of people from nearby area use this as pass time location. besides facilities are good. The crowd is too much to satisfy the sanitary needs. Sanitation requires improvement. Other wise go to koyambedu with one or two friends, take filter coffee from Hot chips and have a good time. of course you can also catch a bus to go any where in TN/AP/KA/KL.

3 Madurai Mattuthavani

Tamil nadu's second largest and busiest bus stand in tamil nadu next to Chennai koyambedu bus terminus, We are having structure like Railway station, We are proud of a madurai city person, madurai gethu...

Madurai Mattuthavani one of the biggest bus stands and serving East, North towards Trichy via Melur and South of Madurai city.

It's much larger than erode providing much facilities. I think erode should not be in this list.

Very biggest bus stand after chennai
And beautiful bus stand in Tamil nadu

4 Salem Central Bus Stand

Salem cental bus terminus is of the best transport connectivity in South India.

Importantly, Daily Buses Available To Metro Cities. Likes, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Goa,Mangalore, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Kochi, Kozhikode, Trivandrum, Mysore.
Even, TNSTC have inter state bus routes every time. Like, Trichy, Covai, Chennai, madurai and other South Cities.
So, The Salem Central Bus Terminus is the only Best Transport connectivity.

Salem bus terminus providing bususes for metro cities...there are include Chennai,Bangalore, Hyderabad, Cochin and 2 tier cities of mysore, Madurai, Coimbatore, puducherry, Mangalore, Vijayawada and etc... There are connected very easily...daily services including private transport...

Salem bus stand is very beautiful and cleanest city in tamilnadu.

Salem central is very biggest and clean. Buses are come from all part of south India like bangalore, mysore, tirupathi, ernakulam, cochi, chennai, kanyakumari

5 Kovai Central

Kovai bustand is small but beautiful city in tamil nadu, there are so many colleges, medical centers, like living different language people in cbe, and it is very impotrant second biggedt city in tamil nadu, there is have a run on more industries.

Beautiful of all

6 Trichy Central

I want new central bustand in trichy because trichy one of the livable city in india all facility are here but central bus area is become short. So we want new central bus stand

Sexy bus stand

7 Tirunelveli

I do know why this webpage creates mistakes,The bus terminus in Tirunelveli is one of the largest bus moffusils in tamilnadu as it is even bigger than salem terminus,As I went salem central terminus.. it comes 4th largest bus terminus positions,daily this bus terminus carries more than 4000+ buses from all the important cities in south india. This bus terminus is more beautiful and attractible than madurai mattuthavani. it is the main cental bus terminus in Tirunelveli,also called as ''Tirunelveli New Bus Stand''...

It's my native

8 Thanjavur Central Bus Stand

Please extend terminals
In Tanjore it was 4 bus stand here
Please combine it to a Asia's biggest

My bus stand is nice

My district is best

I like my Thanjavur

9 Vellore

No wonder why vellore has been chosen as upcoming smart city in tamilnadu... fast developing city with full of wonders... vellore bus stand and KatPadi railway station are the examples of how busy our vellore city is.

10 Madurai Periyar Bus Stand

Madurai periyar bus stand before it's named as a central bus stand. This is the first bus stand for madurai. Before this city operated all the buses from here now only city buses operated from here but this bus stand is larger than trichy central coimbtore etc. This is very beautiful and time passing place for youths daily this bus stand carries 3000+ city bus services. except chennai no other cities have bus stand like this for city buses.

Second bus stand but the oldest of Madurai City serving only city buses. Biggest of this kind in Tamilnadu.

Oldest and busiest 24/7

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11 Villupuram (NBS)

The biggest bus stand

12 Salem Kottai - Old Bus Stand

This place is awesome!

I like old bus stand...

13 Chennai Broadway
14 Kumbakonam

My city... Beautiful area...more buses... Service on all down and city

15 Nagercoil

Erode central bus terminus is the second largest bus stand in Tamilnadu, it is very neat and clean and it is very busiest bus stand.

Biggest bus stand

Nice bus stand

16 Hosur

Hosur bus station is one of the busiest station it will connect all over the tamil nadu and border for karnataka.Hosur just 40 km away from bangalore,per day more 500 buses will connect to hosur bus station.Buses will avaliable any time for many cites.

17 Karur Central

Almost 6hrs to Hosur
And 6.5hrs to Kanyakumari
8hrs to Chennai...Need a NewBustand to make free the existing one!...because in peakhrs about 90-1kh people daily using this busstand area!
Need a bus terminus in NH7 byepass...then it will easy to connect Karur city with other cities!

Not bad or not so god!
Just a B grade good looking bus stand...but it is conjusted lonng ago!
about 70k-1lakh people using it daily!
need an integrated bus terminus to deconjest the existing one!

but kannayakumari is 6hrs from here to down south and hosur/bangalore is 5.5-6hrs to north side and also cochin in 6hrs to west side and nagapatinam is 6-7hrs to east from here!
we can go any end of the state within 6-7 hrs from this bus stand!

Such a beautiful bus stand & centre of Tamil nadu.

18 Thoothukudi New Bus Stand

Good bus stand

19 Rajapalayam New Bus Stand

Beautiful bus stand

20 Dindugul
21 Tiruppur
22 Theni Bus Stand
23 Kovai Ukkadam
24 Tiruvannamalai Central Bus Station

We need new bus stand

25 Trichy Chatram
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