Top 10 Countries with the Most Beautiful People

Beauty, of course, is subjective, varying across cultures and individual preferences. Yet, there's an undeniable allure in certain places, a certain je ne sais quoi that leaves a lasting impression.

Let's explore some of the countries that have garnered attention for their aesthetically pleasing populations. As we journey through these diverse lands, we'll uncover the factors that contribute to their reputations for beauty, from genetic heritage and cultural practices to lifestyle and environmental influences.
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1 Pakistan Pakistan was established in 1947 and is located in South Asia. Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan. Karachi, Lahore, and Peshawar are other major cities of Pakistan. Urdu and English are the official languages of Pakistan. The world's second-highest peak (K-2) and ninth highest peak (Nanga Parbat)... read more

Pakistani people are innocent, which is why they are considered beautiful and are often taken advantage of. The main source of beauty comes from the heart. If your heart is pure and devoid of negativity, it reflects on your outer appearance.

No one is born ugly. What your heart projects is the image others perceive. Every skin tone is beautiful. On Pakistani faces, one can clearly see freshness, shine, hope, and smiles, which are all signs of beauty. Pakistani people are friendly, and their consumption of Halal food contributes to their health and stunning appearance.

2 Sweden Sweden, officially the Kingdom of Sweden, is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe.

It borders Norway to the west and Finland to the east, and is connected to Denmark in the southwest by a bridge-tunnel across the Öresund. At 450,295 square kilometers (173,860 sq mi), Sweden is the third-largest... read more

I haven't been to Sweden yet but it seems like the people may be beautiful there since Sweden sounds like a beautiful country itself. I'm really hoping to go there soon but I'm not too sure yet. Hopefully, you guys saw some people that look nice there!

My whole family is Swedish, and my friends are also Swedish. They are drop-dead gorgeous.

Everyone in my class except me are like angels. I'm a transfer in a Swedish school.

3 France France, officially the French Republic, is a sovereign state comprising territory in western Europe and several overseas regions and territories. The European part of France, called metropolitan France, extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel and the North Sea, and from the Rhine to... read more

Polls have proven that French women are skinny and attractive. Besides, they would never think of leaving their house without being properly dressed, unlike some people you see at Walmart in the USA!

French men are players, but that's why they have what it takes to be players! France's population is diverse. No matter your preferences, you'll find someone in France who fits your criteria: tall, short, blonde, brunette, blue/green/hazel/black eyes, hairy men, non-hairy men, light-skinned, dark-skinned, black-skinned. You can even find a mix of all the above, all wrapped up in stylish clothes!

4 Japan Japan is an island country in East Asia in the Pacific Ocean. It lies off the eastern coast of the Asia Mainland (east of China, Korea, Russia) and stretching from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and near Taiwan in the southwest... read more

Unlike other Asians, Japanese girls have wide, sparkling eyes, long black hair, and some of the best fashion in the world. I wish other countries had such an interesting music and fashion industry! I don't even want to talk about their culture and customs. They might be the most mannered people on Earth. I'll marry a Japanese woman one day!

Asian people are the most beautiful in the world, especially the Japanese. My wife is Japanese, and I live in Japan with her. Everyone here is so beautiful and adorable!

5 Russia Russia, or the Russian Federation (RF), is a transcontinental country spanning Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. It is the largest country in the world by area, covering over 17,125,191 square kilometres (6,612,073 sq mi), and encompassing one-eighth of Earth's inhabitable landmass. Russia extends across... read more

Very beautiful people, mostly tall men (180 cm and more) and medium or tall ladies. Short men are an exception. They are very intelligent, always reading books (I've seen a lot of people reading in transport). Their theaters and music halls are always full of people, including very young people, which is almost impossible in Spain, where young people listen to reggaeton, salsa, etc. So the level of culture is very high.

In general, I've never seen so many intelligent and educated people as in Russia. Amazing, really amazing! I'll be back, Russia!

6 India India, officially known as the Republic of India, is a country located in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area and the most populous country, with over 1.4 billion people. Additionally, it is the most populous democracy in the world... read more

I don't think Indians are ugly at all. I believe a lot of the men and women are beautiful. In the North, they tend to have lighter, Middle Eastern-like features, and in the South, they tend to have darker features. I love Indians.

I believe that Indian people are truly the most beautiful, especially those from the northern side. They are blessed with beautiful fair skin and stunning features. Many Indians have won the Miss World and Miss Universe contests. The men and women of Bollywood are among the most gorgeous and handsome people in the world.

When you walk on the streets of Delhi or Mumbai, you will see many beautiful women and handsome men.

7 Brazil Brazil, officially the Federative Republic of Brazil, is the largest country in both South America and Latin America. At 8.5 million square kilometers (3,300,000 sq mi) and with over 214 million people, Brazil is the world's fifth-largest country by area and the sixth most populous. Its capital is Brasília,... read more

Brazilians are beautiful. A lot of Brazilians are mixed, which makes them really beautiful. They are more beautiful than Mexicans.

My friends from Brazil do everything for beauty. It's crazy to think about how they're always working out, tanning themselves at the beach, and going to the dentist every month.

I've visited a lot of countries and can confidently say that Brazilian men and women are the most beautiful people I've seen. No other country has that unique mixture of races, and nobody cares about physical appearance more than Brazilians.

8 Italy Italy (Italian: Repubblica Italiana) is a sovereign state and unitary parliamentary republic in south-central Europe.

Italy covers an area of 301,338 km². With almost 62 million inhabitants, it is the third most populous EU member state. Located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Italy shares... read more

Hold up. I agree Italians look good, especially the men who are very handsome and stylish. But there's a comment here that negatively stereotypes other races, such as Indians. Why put down others to elevate another race? Italian men have body hair too! Many are also quite flirtatious.

But that's not the focus of this poll. It's about looks, and yes, they look good. But there's no need to degrade other races. Such comments reflect poorly on the person making them.

I'm an Italian female, and some of these comments are honestly the most horrific things I've ever heard. You must have encountered the wrong individuals. A vast majority of us are sweet, kind-hearted, lovable, and honest.

We are all deeply passionate about our loves and desires. We help each other whenever we can. We're no different from anyone else, so it's unfair to accuse us of negative behaviors. Not everyone in any country is rude or mean. Every country has something that makes it unique.

9 South Korea South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea (ROK), is a country in East Asia, constituting the southern part of the Korean Peninsula and sharing a land border with North Korea. Its western border is formed by the Yellow Sea, while its eastern border is defined by the Sea of Japan. South Korea claims... read more

They are definitely the most beautiful. I believe that they are the most attractive race among men. They have a calm, refined aura with their light skin and black eyes. Their physiques are nicely toned. Their facial structure is pretty without pointy noses and calming black eyes, unlike European and other foreign races.

Asians tend to be the most attractive, but Indians and Pakistani people are not. I even admit this though I am Indian.

Koreans are very beautiful. They can be a bit superficial and vain, but a lot of them get work done and look cute. Some are naturally cute, while others pay a lot of money to get work done.

10 Germany Germany was formally united in 1871 under the initiative of Bismarck with King Wilhelm of Prussia as emperor. The previous 'Holy Roman Empire', basically a continuation of the empire of Charlemagne/Karl der Grosse was dissolved in 1806... read more

Germans are by far the most good-looking. The men have great facial structures and are well-built. Women have a diverse and natural appearance. When I first arrived in Germany, I had certain stereotypes in mind, thinking men would look aggressive and women would be masculine. But I found the exact opposite.

From what I've seen, German people might be the most beautiful in the world.

German women are real beauties, far surpassing Italians who are often overrated.

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11 Ukraine Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe. It is the second-largest European country, covering approximately 600,000 square kilometres (230,000 sq mi), and has a population of around 40 million people. It is bordered by Russia to the east and northeast; by Belarus to the north; by Poland, Slovakia, and... read more

My boyfriend is Ukrainian. They have stunning eyes. The men are wonderful, well-mannered, educated, and of course, good-looking! I couldn't have chosen someone better!

Ukrainian women are the most beautiful women in the world!

Ukrainian people are beautiful and kind, especially women!

12 Spain Spain, or the Kingdom of Spain, is a country in southwestern Europe with parts of territory in the Atlantic Ocean and across the Mediterranean Sea. The largest part of Spain is situated on the Iberian Peninsula; its territory also includes the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, the Balearic Islands... read more

Spaniards are very attractive, especially the men. They're extremely handsome and carry themselves well. I love their accent and the romantic, sexy beach and wine culture.

I've been to most of these countries, and Spain is the only one that possesses both the looks and personality that make them the most beautiful people in the world.

Men from Spain are amazing. My husband is Egyptian and Spanish. Nobody can beat that combination!

13 Lebanon Lebanon was established in 1920 and gained its independence in 1943. For a couple of years it has lacked a president; yet, on October 31st, 2016, it got president Michel Aoun. Lebanon is situated in the middle of the fertile crescent on the eastern Mediterranean sea overlooking Europe, North Africa... read more

Middle Eastern people are the most beautiful, probably more than Europeans. Such beautiful features, nice eyes, olive-dark skin tone, dark hair. They are great and friendly.

Lebanon is one of the most beautiful countries, as well as its people! They are kind, big-hearted, beautiful people from the outside and the inside. They are everywhere in the world and they have a big diaspora. Most of them are renowned for their beauty.

With an open-mindedness, more western-oriented lifestyle that still values the oriental heritage, the Lebanese are among the most hospitable, most welcoming and warmest people in the Middle East.

14 Netherlands The Netherlands, informally Holland, is a country located in north-western Europe with overseas territories in the Caribbean. It is the largest of four constituent countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Netherlands consists of twelve provinces, and borders Germany to the east, Belgium to the... read more

Come to our beaches in the summertime and judge for yourself. There are only three countries that have more beautiful men and women than the Netherlands: Finland, Sweden, and Norway. The Netherlands ranks fifth for the best-looking people, thanks to the North European genes. It's not just an opinion. It's a proven fact.

I've spent some time in Europe and frequently visited the Netherlands. On my first visit, I noticed the men. I thought one in a million? No, two in five are very attractive. Needless to say, I had a pleasant time. Can we attribute this to selective breeding?

15 Philippines The Philippines, officially the Republic of the Philippines, is an archipelagic country in Southeast Asia. It is situated in the western Pacific Ocean and consists of around 7,641 islands that are broadly categorized under three main geographical divisions from north to south: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao... read more

Their skin is naturally tanned. And the most discriminated tribes are even looking better, as I remember they are called Igorots. I find more better-looking men in those indigenous places.

One more interesting thing about them is that they don't care to expose their beauty to media as they were not used to it. Mostly, only the mixed races are on top of their celebrities. Showbiz is covered with makeup, spas, and a lot of beautification processes after all. You will find real beauty with those who look naturally beautiful without such treatments.

16 Colombia Colombia, officially the Republic of Colombia, is a country situated in the northwest of South America, bordered to the northwest by Panama; to the east by Venezuela and Brazil; to the south by Ecuador and Peru; and it shares maritime limits with Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Jamaica, Dominican Republic... read more

Colombians are as beautiful as Brazilians, with gorgeous skin tone, hair, eyes, and a friendly love for life. They are more beautiful than Mexicans.

I can't go anywhere in the cities without seeing at least a dozen attractive people. Definitely, Colombians are the most beautiful people I've seen.

The women have an amazing combination of natural beauty, sexy figures, and alluring feminine personalities.

17 United States The United States of America, or the U.S.A. for short, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, 48 of them are contiguous states. There are two other states, Alaska and Hawaii, which are north and south of the contiguous states, respectively. The United States declared its independence from the... read more

Absolutely, the most attractive people are in the USA, and I can prove it. Our film industry is the world's best. Our music and entertainment business, in addition to our sports teams, make us the most copied, admired, and imitated country the world has ever known.

Our language is the "universal" language. Because we are such a melting pot of cultures and races living in an environment that no other country can duplicate, everyone used to want to be American and secretly still does. Anyone who disagrees is shortsighted. Check out the People Magazine commercial on TV - it features beautiful people, mostly all American.

18 Ireland Formed in 1916 after the Easter uprising, Ireland is a small country with a population of roughly 5 million.

Red hair is probably the least common hair color in Ireland. Then come blondes, and people with dark hair are the most common. I'm Irish myself, so I should know! Ireland is great, though, and we are not all leprechauns!

I'd love to live in Ireland. Even if you're not a redhead, the pale skin and dark hair, well, anything really, every Irish girl I've met has been a doll.

I agree Irish people are beautiful, but red hair is actually rare here too. Just to clarify.

19 Czech Republic The Czech Republic, also called Czechia is a landlocked country in Central Europe. Historically known as Bohemia, it is bordered by Austria to the south, Germany to the west, Poland to the northeast, and Slovakia to the southeast. The Czech Republic has a hilly landscape that covers an area of 78,871... read more

They are honest, kind, intelligent, and friendly. Naturally attractive, they don't spend hours in front of a mirror. They know how to have a good time and radiate an amazing inner sparkle. Laughter comes naturally - they enjoy life.

They like to be fashionable but look just as stunning in jeans and t-shirts as they do in party clothes or more formal evening wear.

I like Czech girls. Where is their flag?

20 Denmark Denmark is a Nordic country in Northern Europe. It is the most populous and politically central constituent of the Kingdom of Denmark, a constitutionally unitary state that includes the autonomous territories of the Faroe Islands and Greenland in the North Atlantic Ocean. European Denmark is the southernmost... read more

Okay, the people all look attractive and proper everywhere you go. They're all fit, all smiling, and all beautiful. They are by far the best-looking people.

The Danish people are stylish at every time of the year. They're always stunning and look fit.

Beautiful, stunning people are everywhere in Denmark.

21 Belgium Belgium, officially the Kingdom of Belgium, is a country in Northwestern Europe. The country is bordered by the Netherlands to the north, Germany to the east, Luxembourg to the southeast, France to the southwest, and the North Sea to the northwest. It covers an area of 30,689 km2 (11,849 sq mi) and... read more

Oh my god! They're so good-looking!

Belgium may be a small country, but there are many beautiful people there.

22 Australia Australia, officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is a sovereign country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and numerous smaller islands. With an area of 7,617,930 square kilometres (2,941,300 sq mi), Australia is the largest country by area in Oceania and... read more

Celebrities might look great, but when you see ordinary people in Australian documentaries, most of them appear tanned, happy, and healthy. In my opinion, happiness is the most beautiful thing.

Australia has the best-looking men! I'd love to visit there!

They are so sexy, and their accents are amazing!

23 Poland Poland, officially the Republic of Poland, is a country in Central Europe, bordered by Germany to the west; the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the south; Ukraine and Belarus to the east; and the Baltic Sea, Kaliningrad Oblast (a Russian exclave) and Lithuania to the north. With a population of approximately... read more

I went there last year, and I'm still shocked at how many beautiful people there are per square meter. In my country (Australia), it's not so common to meet so many beautiful people just on the street.

Seriously? I can't say that Polish people are the best in the world, but come on, they deserve to be in the top 30!

Poland is a masterpiece created by God. It's God's country.

24 Belarus Belarus, officially the Republic of Belarus, formerly known by its Russian name Byelorussia or Belorussia, is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe bordered by Russia to the northeast, Ukraine to the south, Poland to the west, and Lithuania and Latvia to the northwest. Its capital and most populous... read more
25 Norway Norway, officially the Kingdom of Norway, is a sovereign and unitary monarchy in Northern Europe whose territory comprises the western portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula plus the island Jan Mayen and the archipelago of Svalbard... read more

In addition to being beautiful, Norwegians are also really friendly which makes them beautiful both on the outside and on the inside.

If I ever get married I hope it's with a Norwegian girl.

Norwegians are really beautiful. Norway needs to be way higher.

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