Top 10 Best Cities in the United States to Visit

The beautiful thing about exploring the cities in the United States is the sheer diversity of experiences you can encounter. Want to bask in the neon glow of dazzling entertainment and thrills? Las Vegas, Nevada has you covered. Perhaps you'd prefer a walk through history with a side of clam chowder? Boston, Massachusetts is waiting for you. Craving a culture-rich experience steeped in Southern charm and soul food? Look no further than New Orleans, Louisiana. Or maybe you're a nature lover, and the thought of a city with ample parks and outdoor activities is more your speed. If so, Denver, Colorado might be calling your name.

Your choice might be a bustling metropolis where you can take in a Broadway show, dine at a five-star restaurant, and visit world-class museums. Or perhaps you prefer a smaller, quirkier city with a booming arts scene and craft breweries at every turn. The joy of this adventure is that the decision is entirely up to you.
The Top Ten
1 New York City Known as "The City That Never Sleeps," New York City offers an endless variety of activities. From Broadway shows and Michelin-starred dining to iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and Central Park, there's always something to do in this bustling metropolis. The city's vibrant neighborhoods each offer their unique charm, making NYC a diverse cultural hub.

I live on Long Island, so I'm super close to NYC. I go to the city at least once a year and it never gets old, there's always something new to experience there.

I love visiting Midtown. There's Times Square, Macy's, Radio City, Rockefeller Center, and 5th Ave. Best part of Manhattan!

Yes, It is a good place to visit, I would want to visit there so badly!

2 Seattle Seattle, crowned by the futuristic Space Needle and nestled between Puget Sound and Lake Washington, entices visitors with its natural beauty and vibrant arts scene. Visit Pike Place Market for fresh seafood and unique crafts, and don't miss the opportunity to explore the city's thriving tech scene, rich music history, and delectable coffee culture.

San Fran sucks, I've been there. I don't know what its like to just visit but its awesome living and being here. Best place in the world (New York might be better for visiting, but I haven't been, un like San Fran)

San Francisco sucks, its way too overrated. Seattle is better. Come visit Seattle! It has friendlier people and prettier scenery.

3 Los Angeles Los Angeles, the city of stars, is a sun-drenched, sprawling metropolis with diverse attractions. From the glamour of Hollywood and the art galleries of Downtown to the beautiful beaches of Santa Monica and the hiking trails of Griffith Park, LA has a unique blend of nature, culture, and entertainment that caters to all tastes.

Dreamy waves & stars & millionaires & weather & ships, but, avoid rush hour unless on a motorbike!

Many people say it's too cold there, blah. I live in South Dakota, it's cold.
I want to go there!

4 San Diego San Diego, boasting beautiful beaches and an ideal climate, is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. The city offers a mix of family-friendly attractions like the world-renowned San Diego Zoo, a thriving craft beer scene, historic sites in Old Town, and a vibrant downtown that buzzes day and night.

Wow this place should be at least in the top 4! It's so fun here! There is sea world a beautiful amusement park to visit! There is also great attractions there like balboa park.

Why are people saying San Diego is boring? they have Lego Land, Sea World, pretty good beaches, good weather, balboa park, nice hotels, its cleaner than LA and less Ghettos here

It is never too hot and never too cold there.

5 Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. stands as a symbol of American history and democracy. Visitors can explore iconic landmarks such as the Lincoln Memorial, U.S. Capitol, and of course, the White House. The city's many free museums, vibrant neighborhoods, and thriving restaurant scene contribute to D.C.'s unique allure as a travel destination.

Every American should visit the capitol.

6 Las Vegas Las Vegas is not just a city; it's a spectacle. Known for its bustling casinos, world-class dining, and headlining shows, Vegas offers entertainment at every turn. Beyond the glitz of the Strip, the city also provides access to natural attractions like the Grand Canyon and Red Rock Canyon.

Vegas is so awesome! The Mirage volcano, the Bellagio fountains, buffets everywhere, the Forum Shops, all the hotels...they're so cool!

For the win! This place is awesome... It deserves to at least be in the Top 3!

Why is this so low?. Should be higher.

7 Denver Denver, the Mile High City, is a gateway to the Rockies and a destination in its own right. The city combines a vibrant arts and music scene, a thriving food and craft beer culture, and a range of outdoor activities that capitalize on its mountainous backdrop, making it a paradise for nature lovers and urban explorers alike.

If you consider this for vacation, beware I70 traffic...

Sincerely, A devoted skier and resident

8 San Francisco San Francisco's scenic beauty and rich history make it an inviting destination. The city's iconic landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf, and the cable cars offer unique experiences. Plus, its close proximity to wine country and diverse culinary scene solidify its place among the top U.S. cities to visit.

The sour dough is delightful and tastes better than any other location.

San francisco is the Istanbul of America.

9 Chicago Chicago, known for its stunning architecture and deep-dish pizza, is a city of diverse charms. The city offers world-class museums, a stunning lakeshore, vibrant neighborhoods, and a thriving music scene, particularly blues and jazz. The warmth and midwestern charm of its people add to its appeal.
10 Atlanta Atlanta, a city that seamlessly blends the old and the new, is an epicenter of Southern culture. From the historic sites honoring Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement to the city's modern attractions like the Georgia Aquarium and vibrant culinary scene, Atlanta offers a rich, multifaceted experience.
The Contenders
11 Philadelphia Philadelphia is steeped in history, from the Liberty Bell to Independence Hall. However, the City of Brotherly Love offers much more than historical sites. Its thriving food scene, world-class museums, and passionate sports culture make Philly an inviting destination for all kinds of travelers.

The City of Brotherly Love has a great history, but also a GREAT place food and fun. It should at least be in the Top 12.

Even though the Eagles have still never won a Super Bowl, I think this is a perfect city to visit.

Voted the most underrated city in America!
Try it out, it's actually quite nice.
This is America's HISTORY we're talking about.

12 Boston Boston is a treasure trove of American history, making it an excellent city for explorers interested in the nation's past. Its historic sites, like the Freedom Trail, blend seamlessly with modern attractions, such as the thriving sports scene. Add in delectable seafood and a rich academic culture, and it's a city that truly has it all.
13 New Orleans A visit to New Orleans is an immersion in a vibrant musical, culinary, and cultural scene. The city's blend of French, African, and American cultures shines through in its unique cuisine, particularly in the Creole and Cajun dishes. Don't forget the soulful sounds of jazz that fill the air in the historic French Quarter.

New Orleans is an amazing place to visit! The food is great, and the architecture is beautiful!

14 Miami Miami, with its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and rich Latin culture, offers a unique blend of leisure and adventure. Explore the Art Deco Historic District in South Beach, enjoy the bustling atmosphere of Little Havana, or venture into the Everglades for a wild encounter. Miami is a melting pot of experiences.
15 Phoenix Phoenix, known for its warm climate and sun-kissed desert landscape, is a city that shines. Whether exploring the hiking trails of Camelback Mountain, strolling through the Desert Botanical Garden, or diving into the city's burgeoning culinary scene, Phoenix offers a unique desert escape.
16 Austin Austin, the Live Music Capital of the World, is a city that dances to its own beat. With an abundance of music venues, a burgeoning tech scene, and a reputation for excellent food (especially barbecue and Tex-Mex), Austin offers a unique, vibrant, and eclectic experience for visitors.

With nice people, a wonderful area for live music, and a ton of bars and restaurants make this place a very pleasant place to visit.

Easily the best place to have a great time. With the most Live Music venues per capita than any other city, it's no wonder why

17 San Antonio San Antonio captures the spirit of Texas while offering a unique blend of cultures. Stroll along the iconic River Walk, explore the historic Alamo, or indulge in the city's renowned Tex-Mex cuisine. With its rich history and diverse attractions, San Antonio promises an enriching experience.
18 Houston Houston, Texas, with its vibrant mix of culinary delights, arts scene, and space-centric attractions, notably the Space Center Houston, is a bustling metropolis that has something for everyone. Coupled with its Southern charm, the city offers a unique and vibrant experience.
19 Grand Rapids Grand Rapids, often overlooked but not to be underestimated, boasts a thriving art scene, a burgeoning craft beer industry, and easy access to the beauty of Lake Michigan. Known for its friendly midwestern charm and its commitment to sustainability, this city is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.
20 Memphis Memphis is a city where music and history come alive. Known as the home of the blues and the birthplace of rock 'n' roll, the city reverberates with musical heritage. Don't miss the chance to visit Graceland, explore Beale Street, and of course, enjoy some of its world-famous barbecue.
21 Park City, UT Park City, Utah, renowned for its world-class ski slopes, also offers much more. Its historic Main Street is lined with unique shops and restaurants, and the Sundance Film Festival brings a touch of Hollywood glamour each year. In the off-season, the city is a haven for hikers, mountain bikers, and nature enthusiasts.

With plenty of things to do all year (hiking in the summer, skiing in the winter), as well as being close to many other attractions, such as lakes and multiple other ski resorts, this small town in Utah is perfect to be high on this list. It also has many tourist attractions and stores.

22 Portland Portland, Oregon, is a city that prides itself on its quirkiness and progressive mindset. With a thriving arts scene, foodie culture, and the beautiful landscapes of the Pacific Northwest at its doorstep, it's a city that appeals to nature lovers and urban explorers alike.
23 Traverse City Traverse City, Michigan, is a hidden gem nestled along the shores of Lake Michigan. Known for its stunning beaches, bountiful cherry orchards, and vibrant arts scene, it's a delightful destination that promises relaxation and recreation in equal measure.

My brother and I visited Traverse City during their cherry festival. We had fun but I remember they were mad at Don Henley because he apparently had to cancel an appearance there. We were looking forward to seeing Henley, but we enjoyed it anyway and it is very scenic there.

24 Lansing Lansing, the capital of Michigan, offers an inviting mix of cultural, educational, and historical attractions. From the beautiful Capitol building to the fascinating museums and the scenic River Trail, Lansing provides a wholesome and enlightening experience.
25 Marquette, MI Marquette, Michigan, perched on the shores of Lake Superior, is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. The city's extensive trail systems, stunning lakeside parks, and vibrant downtown make it a must-visit destination for those seeking a balance of natural beauty and urban charm.
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