Top 10 Languages of India


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1 Tamil

It is the very ancient language than any other languages in the world. Many poems and literature has been written even before 5000 years ago, before because.

Tamil is the only surviving classical language of the world.

Who is that stupid saying that telugu is great it takes many days to learn telugu but Tamil in one hour

Most of the people speak Tamil

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2 Hindi

Hindi is something all Indians can learn. With Bollywood films, you can show different cultures in India using the Hindi language and fusing the regional language with Hindi

Best language ever...!

Hindi is the language that simple to speak and easy to learn best language in the world

Hindi Is Best Than Kannada.

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3 Bengali

Our national anthem &national song is composed in bengali

I love Bengali! It is a sweet language. It should be #1 on this list!

Bengali sweetest langues in India so I Love Bengali

Good and sweet

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4 Marathi

Marathi is language of Warriors.

Marathi language has sweet words and pronunciations than any other language...its nice to hear marathi conversation

Marathi it is a most peace full language in the world


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5 Telugu

It is the best language in the world but you all are fools to keep Telugu at 6th

Telugu is a Pride unto it's people, it stays in the culture and becomes one with it's younger generation through the colloquial tongue and the numerous films. It is called Italian of the East due to it's words ending with vowels thus lending it a sweet note.

I love telugu...very sweet language

Refer wikipedia and now real facts

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6 Kannada

Kannada is one of the oldest language on earth. You can write any words of other languages using kannada script where other language can't. This language has got more number of jnana peeta awards.

No words can be about such a beautiful language

Kannada is one of the easiest language to learn

Kannada has set up a word record that it's 3 pairs of father and son got kendra sahitya acadamy award๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

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7 Punjabi

Language Of Lions

I speak Punjabi I think Punjabi is the strong language in india

Singh is king Punjabi is the best

Very good language

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8 Urdu

The style of speaking to him is very beautiful. And its words are very sweet

One of the most reasoning and beautiful of the world after Arabic language.

All bollywood songs are written in Urdu, there's a reason why.

It is the sweetest language in the world. Very beautiful language. Full of depth and wisdom!

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9 Gujarati

Sweetest language

Best and sweet

Easy & sweet language

This best language in india

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10 Sanskrit

We have dumb idiots who ignore mother and choose silly imperfections

Love the language which can easy to computer proved by NASA, Mother language

Yes the mother of indian language

I love my language

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11 Malayalam

Although I speak Hindi and English almost all the time, Malayalam is a beautiful language. The most poetic languages in India are probably Malayalam and Kannada.

In my opinion hardest language ever to study and if you achieve its greatness you can master every language perfectly.

Hello?! This can't be so low. Get this higher! It is an amazing language

Songs have beautiful meaning

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12 Oriya

I think Oriya desert india's top 5 best of the all

Number 1 luggage for India.

Odiya is the best simple language as compare to other languages. you can learn vary easily because it's common with other language like Hindi,Bengali...

Odia language is deeply conceted to sanskrit thus it connects hindi Bengali Bhojpuri Assamese etc

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13 English

English is worst according to me because, we don't spell what we write in English. Indian languages, what we write we spell in same manner. - frozen-993

That's true my friend

Effective language to communicate anywhere in the world...

Don't compare ENGLISH with other indian languages.It is simply can cover 95% of the world confidently if he can just speak it.It has speciial status anywhere in the world.

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14 Maithili

I like maithili because its very sweetest language for conversation.

Maithili is sweetest language. Even scolding sounds respectful and sweet

Maithili is sweetest language in the world

So sweet language

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15 Bhojpuri

This is the most sweetest language compare to other why because everyone can understand which one know Hindi so most advantages of this language is that its very sweet

My people says it is very rough language and these people don't anything about this language why they think so.

Yup bhojpuri is the best & respectful language in the world

I LOVE BHOJPURI because that's my language and respectful language - ArunKumarPal

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16 Rajasthani

It's the most sweetest and respectful language

Best and sweetest language

It is very good


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17 Assamese

Easiest to learn, most effective communication medium is Assamese. Very sweet to hear without any sharp and harse pronunciation is the beauty of Assamese language. One can express his/her feelings with a very less vocabulary.

Its popular language in NE. People of enire NE can speak this language. It's a means of communicate among the NE people in day life

Sweet Language

I love Assamese language

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18 Arabic

Arabic is divine. The most beautiful language of the world. It is the the language of both worlds. The world here and the hereafter. It is the language of the most righteous Person of the world.

19 Nepali

Spiritual language

Love Nepali

It's a language based on sanskrit. Ist vocavulary is very rich and different adressing words. There is a specific tune of this language. Similar, almost, to Hindi. Sweet and rhythmic.

20 Garhwali

In this language u can find (N) no. Of words for an single word. It's also polite language

21 Haryanvi

11 crore people speak Haryanvi in India

Using Haryanvi we beat anyone easily

Dhakd and sweet language


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22 Tulu

Best in the world

Nice language

We love tulu

23 Persian
24 Sindhi

It is the world's only complete language you can even pronunce all words of any of the language if you can speak Sindhi completely...

It is also one of the most oldest language specially in south asia.

One of the most hospitable language around the world like as people.

25 Bhutanese
26 Konkani

Konkani is the best language

It is a language spoken along the west coast of India, across Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala. It is a logical language, and has many dialects according to the region in which it is spoken. It has a touch of royalty in its most pristine form.

I love Konkani because it's mixture of three Marathi Kannada and Hindi
Let Konkani hail

I SPEAK KONKANI it's easy.

Vote for konkani

27 Angika
28 Sinhala
29 Chinese

Good but very difficult to understand and learn for English Hindi and Telugu people

30 Santali

Ancient language in India
It is easy to learn

One of the oldest Tribal language of world. spoken by Tribal in India [ Jharkhand, West bengal, Orissa, Bihar, Chattisgarh ] ; Nepal ; Bangldesh, Myanamar.

31 Lambadi
32 Bhili
33 Bodo
34 Ho
35 Banjara

Banjara languages starter to sevalal maharaj and vasantrao naik

36 Kosli

A very sweetest language of Western Odisha of India

37 Havigannada

Most beautifull language

38 Portuguese
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