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Everyone loves Tamil because of its ancient culture and every district have their own way of speaking Tamil for an example if you go to Madurai they speak different , if you go to Thanjai they speak different, if you go to "Thoothukodi" they speak different and etc. Tamil has So many shapes and beautiful words. If you guys are a book lover then you sure must-read at least one Tamil book which tells something about History and you admire every word.

1. One of the old classical language of the world.
2. First Classical language recognized by India
3. Representing language of the Dravidian language family
4. The language spoken by the Indus people and in Old Sangam.
5. Richest Indian language on old & classical literary works.

Oldest language after Sanskrit , it was created by Agastya Rishi to make understanding of vedas easy for the culture of South Indians.

Unless somebody is dumb Tamil is the worst language in history so try not to take the risk for learning Tamil . Learn Telugu it is so much sweeter and easyer


Hindi is the biggest language of India, has a scientific pronunciation, a complete set of grammar and proverbs, a good amount of books and literature and the ability to connect non-native people. Though its not thousands years old language but it progressed with way better than any other language.

Hindi is not the national language. There is NO national language in India. Get your facts right. Hindi has become so widely used only because it has been made compulsory by the boards of education in schools like CBSE.

Hindi is something all Indians can learn. With Bollywood films, you can show different cultures in India using the Hindi language and fusing the regional language with Hindi

Hindi is the language that simple to speak and easy to learn best language in the world


If a random intellectual is asked what's the most beautiful language in the world, he would probably say it's French. Yeah, we can't quite disagree with him. But there's a language in the earth, less known by Europeans, which is much more affluent, much more artistic and much more magical --- it's Bengali. Rich history, superior literary works and noble intellectual society (once). I really wish Bengali reclaims its due honor. Things weren't so bad just two decades ago. I am happy I found the most beautiful literary works written in Bengali. Life won't be the same once you come across this gem...

Bengali is language of poets, Bengali is the language in which the most melodious songs of world are made ( rabindra Sangeet ), it is the language of freedom fighters, ' rebel ' poets who wrote to inspire the freedom fighters, it's the language of intellectuals, best scientists of the world. Bengali is the language of that person who banned sati, made India a better place for women, it is the language in which the Oscar winning movie was made, it is no doubt the best language in India
I don't know about Tamil, but Bengali, at least is far far above hindi

Bengali has no dearth of writers, even now. It's not the limitation of the contemporary Bengali writers, but the readers are turning into viewers and surfers. They are lacking patience of reading. It's their problem. Again worst of Bengali literature scores better than best of Hindi. Bottom line : The list is quantitative, rather than qualitative.

Bengali is the finest of all languages in the globe. There is no better language than Bengali. I am proud to be able Bengali. Hope one day Bengali will become the national and official language of India.
Joy Bangla.


Marathi is the Most Sweetest and Beautiful Language I came across along with Bengali in whole India.
I would definitely Vote this one. It also have more than 80 Million Speakers in India making it the 4th most spoken language in India.
It is old and is very rich in literature. I just loved it.
Check songs like Apsara Aali, Dhaga Dhaga to understand the sweetness and beauty of this beautiful language.

History. Indian languages, including Marathi, that belong to the Indo-Aryan language family are derived from early forms of Sanskrit. Marathi is one of several languages that further descend from Maharashtri Prakrit...!

1. Economically important
2.Easy to learn especially for Hindi people
3.Many people know as most of them have lived in Mumbai some time

Marathi language has sweet words and pronunciations than any other language...its nice to hear marathi conversation


This top 10 website is from tamil fakers... Not only this they fakes everything in India with fake blogs and YouTube videos... They are much in social media just for misleading people with their fake activities...even they listed tamil heroes and music directors in top spots who not even know outside their State...Telugu people in social media just to educate people about world and with entertainment videos...these Tamils are in social media just to edit fake websites blogs and YouTube videos boasting about fake tamil language... Telugu is oldest surviving language in India older than tamil... And 3rd most spoken language in India...

Telugu definitely deserves more than this!
Telugu is known as the sundara Telugu for its beauty and for a fact it is also known Italian of the east... Google *the most beautiful language of India* and see what appears

Telugu is obviously India number one language it takes 5 hours to learn it but others like Tamil takes a 3 weeks. In my opinion I think Telugu is number one.

Best in India is Telugu.It should be number 1 or 2 because it took me 2 years to memorize Tamil but 1 month to memorize Telugu. Tamil is obviously last and Telugu is obviously number 1or2.


According to me Kannada older than Tamil. Tamil declared as a classical language on the basis of one thousand years old recod but Kannad declared as a classical language on the basis of one thousand five hundred years old record.

Sanskrit and Kannad ancient language of India.

Practically nobody will prove which is oldest language on the earth.

Kannada is the amazing language I have seen in my life, I have tried many language but kannada is something more than all languages, people who talk kannada are sweet, their heart is pure that's the power of kannada. No comments on kannada. There r no words to explain thus language, I think new words should be found to explain kannada.

It is on of the oldest languages on earth. It is also the only language which is 99.99 percent logically correct. It is very simple to learn yet very beautiful. It has to be in the #1 spot. Come on people vote for this amazing language to reach #1 where it deserves to be. Jai Hindu Jai Karnataka mathe.

Kannada is the 99.99 perfect language in india and vachana sahitya is a greatest liturature style in the world kannada have more than 50 sub languages and it have more than 370 types in way of talking


Learning Malayalam is like practicing tongue twisters. People may find it difficult to learn because it is a unique & amazing language. Malayalam has alphabets & words which can't even be pronounced or written in other languages including English.

This language is so low because of less speakers. But the fact is that thia is the toughest of all languages in India and can be in the top 10 list of the world's most toughest languages. It demands much effort and exercises from you as an below average Malayalam speaker too uses probably every muscles in his vocal part to speak this beautiful language. Also Malayalees are the best in learning any other languages and pronouncing it fluently that too because Malyalam has borrowed many words from other languages, even European, West Asian and East Asian.

Malayalam is probably new among of all these languages but has all the advantages of all south indian languages and if you have any chance to read any poems in this language then you can understand what I am talking about. It is very hard to learn, once you do you can master any language.

Although I speak Hindi and English almost all the time, Malayalam is a beautiful language. The most poetic languages in India are probably Malayalam and Kannada.


I am married in chennai recently and I hate tamil and really I miss my culture and language...punjabi is the best language and our punjabi vulture is the best culture

Punjabi is the language of heroes who given their lives for Our country India

I speak Punjabi I think Punjabi is the strong language in india

Punjabi is very easy to learn and easier than Hidni in writing. It is a great language. Perfect Script 'Gurmukhi'


I will not say like others best on the earth best on the planet etc. But Gujarati is language to all.All other indian languages of india is also beautiful.

It is fun to speak gujarati because of it's ease of speaking and listening

Gujarati is easy language and I love it

Easiest language is gujarati


I'm glad Urdu is being featured because 95% of Bollywood was Urdu. Well, today anyway. The other 5% is either Punjabi or cringey English because Indians are losing their culture. But back in the day Bollywood was 99% Urdu. See their love songs? Bollywood can't do without the beautiful poetic nuances of the URDU language. Words like Zameen, Dua, Ibadat and hard Urdu words like Khanabadosh are nowhere Hindi. Its pure Urdu. Bollywood must credit the Urdu language for the industry as its incredibly sad Urdu isn't known.

Bollywood adopted the language Urdu for its films otherwise no non-hindi speaker would have been able to watch their films! Classic and recent example of urdu words being used in a Bollywood film is the bajirao mastanj song Aayat (Ayat means verse in urdu/arabic) yet Indians keep arguing that who cares it's a Hindi film this is all Hindi. Okay make all Bollywood films Hindi now please because after all its national language of INDIA, that will stop this confusion

Urdu is the national language of Pakistan and they are so blessed because it's a beautiful language, spoken, written, and heard. Bollywood is ridden with Urdu words, no song in its history would've been complete without heartfelt words like "dua", "humsafar", "meherbaan", the list goes on. Bollywood overuses Urdu words, A LOT. In fact Bollywood is an Urdu or Hindustani industry, far from Hindi. And even adopts Islamic terms. The Mughals after all left their impact.

I got lost on the day of Hajj, and found that hardly anyone could speak my native English, after hours of wandering I realised that I was using the wrong language, switching to Urdu saved the day, a surprising number of Arabs can speak a heavily accented version of it.

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Sanskrit is the mother of all Indian languages. The pronunciation of Sanskrit makes us easy to learn and pronounce any other language Properly. Even though I am from Karnataka I giv first preference to Sanskrit

Love the language which can easy to computer proved by NASA, Mother language

We have dumb idiots who ignore mother and choose silly imperfections

Old and death. But mother to all world languages.


Odia is third oldest language after Tamil and Sanskrit. As it was evolved after merging of Aryan and Dravidian language. The number of its speakers declined due to continuous natural disasters in Odisha and people left this place and started moving to western, central, north-eastern India. The development of Odia language is found to be the mixture of Tamil and Sanskrit as Odias are (People of Odisha) believed to trade with Indonesia, Sri Lankans, Chinese in ancient ages.

As an Odia I'm proud of my language. It should be listed among top 10 languages of India, as it is the language of imotions. One can easily understand our imotions like laughter, anger, love, sadness etc by just listening it. Because it has it's unique way of expressing any state of our heart. It is filled with sweetness as well as others like anger, love, hate, fun, sorrow, excitement, and many more ie various feelings which are created in our heart in our mind.
Bande Utkal Janani
"Uchha heba pain kara jebe aasha , uchha kara aage nija matru bhasa."

Wait till you get scolded by an Odia, you will know how different the sweet language becomes when someone is not having a good temper. It just is richer and can semblance any emotion easily.

It should be in between top 10..because it is very simple and easy to learn...its not too tough like the south Indian languages


English is worst according to me because, we don't spell what we write in English. Indian languages, what we write we spell in same manner.

Best English version language is Strine - from Australia.
Champion version, top shelf and stone the flaming crows, mate!
Crack a tinny and 'ave a bloody go ya mug1

Effective language to communicate anywhere in the world...

That's true my friend


Sweetest language, even getting scolded seems to be a pleasure, in this language

I like maithili because its very sweetest language for conversation.

Maithili is sweetest language. Even scolding sounds respectful and sweet

Language name 'Maithili ' itself means goddess Sita. Maithili culture is most beautiful.


My people says it is very rough language and these people don't anything about this language why they think so.

No words can be about such a beautiful language. Very sweet and simple.

Yup bhojpuri is the best & respectful language in the world

It is the most respected language in india


Easiest to learn, most effective communication medium is Assamese. Very sweet to hear without any sharp and harse pronunciation is the beauty of Assamese language. One can express his/her feelings with a very less vocabulary.

Its popular language in NE. People of enire NE can speak this language. It's a means of communicate among the NE people in day life

Assamese language is the best sounding language in India. It is older than Bengali.

Assamese is one of the richest and sweetest language in India.


It's the most sweetest and respectful language

Best and sweetest language

It is very good

Very good leng...


Arabic is divine. The most beautiful language of the world. It is the the language of both worlds. The world here and the hereafter. It is the language of the most righteous Person of the world.

Really it is best language of world


It is a language spoken along the west coast of India, across Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala. It is a logical language, and has many dialects according to the region in which it is spoken. It has a touch of royalty in its most pristine form.

I love Konkani because it's mixture of three Marathi Kannada and Hindi
Let Konkani hail

Konkani is a classical language

Konkani is the best language


It's a language based on sanskrit. Ist vocavulary is very rich and different adressing words. There is a specific tune of this language. Similar, almost, to Hindi. Sweet and rhythmic.

Spiritual language


In this language u can find (N) no. Of words for an single word. It's also polite language


Best in the world

Easiest language to learn but toughest language to write no one ever will learn to write tulu... because its too tough... Beut sweetest language in the world...

Nice language

We love tulu


It is the world's only complete language you can even pronunce all words of any of the language if you can speak Sindhi completely...

It is also one of the most oldest language specially in south asia.

One of the most hospitable language around the world like as people.

Best language


I speak this language and it is polite and fun to speak.

fun fun fun always positive or funny


11 crore people speak Haryanvi in India

Using Haryanvi we beat anyone easily

Dhakd and sweet language


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