Top Ten British Slang Words and Terms

Everyone enjoys putting on a British accent to make them sound pish posh, but it’s not just the accent, or the presence of tea that makes you British. There are many slang terms, some of which mean a different thing, that are fun to say and easy to use, and they are quite present in British pop culture, like the Harry Potter book series and movies. But which slang word is the best? And if you don’t know what they mean, I included a little definition in the comments for each of these words. Just a fun list.
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1 Brilliant

Oy mate, your list is bloody brilliant, innit? I am, however, gobsmacked that the word "bollocks" isn't number 1. Other than that daft choice, you're a good bloke and your lists leave me right chuffed!

This list is just, purely, purely brilliant. Sloth21, you're bloody brilliant.

2 Mate

This is the one that British people always use, so it should be first. My soccer coaches, most of them have British accents and are from Scotland or England, and the only word on here they ever use is mate. So, it should be first.

Mate means buddy or pals, and it's a very common British slang word.

3 Git

This means, well, an idiot. "Git" is definitely used a lot in the book series Harry Potter, so you should know it by now.

Slimy git. I am going to use this at my American school because nobody knows what it means.

4 Bloke

Basically another word for "guy," but usually just someone completely ordinary, clueless, or innocent.

Bloke, Rubbish, and Mate are commonly used in Australia too.

5 Knackered

Oh, I love all the words on this list. It's so hard to choose one. But I have chosen this because it just sounds so British. "Knackered." It just really sounds British. So fun to say.

Exhausted because of something. Example: "I'm knackered after that workout."

6 Rubbish

This, obviously, means something bad. "That's rubbish" or "I'm rubbish at this sport" could be phrases used with this word.

Oh, I hear this word all the time. I just didn't think it was considered slang.

I didn't know this was considered slang.

7 Blimey

An expression of surprise, an exclamation. The British way of saying, "God," "Woah," "Odin's Beard," etc. You've probably been exposed to this in movies or TV shows.

8 Codswallop

This word is just really fun to say. It's kind of like rubbish, so it means something is bad, a lie, or unfair.

9 Gobsmacked

Gobsmacked means that you are so surprised that it needs a whole new word.

10 Bollocks
The Contenders
11 Innit
12 Daft

A British slang for calling something foolish or stupid. Oops, I mean, schtewpid.

13 Chuffed

Being proud of something. "I was right chuffed that I aced that test."

14 Ace
15 Bloomers
16 Arse
17 Bugger
18 Bloody
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