Top Ten Best Accents to Mimic

Fear not lovlies with beautiful accents - this is in no way intended to offend. I just find accents so fascinating. Including yours
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1 Australian

I have Australian cousins, who I enjoy teasing with my admittedly dreadful Australian accent. But we did have an accent contest, which we won. Rule Britannia! P.S. Marmite >. Vegemite. Deal with it.

Well, if I can pull it off, it sounds cool, but I'm never certain if my mimic is more British than Aussie.

I need some BBQ and kangaroos!

2 Irish

I am part Irish, but unless I've watched a show with an Irish actor for a few hours, I won't be able to sound Irish at all. I know some of the Irish words, but I can't say them with an accent for the life of me. It sucks.

I am Irish. We are the best!

3 South African

As a South African, I can confirm that no one does this properly.

Only two words I can say in a South African accent: South Africa.

I wish I could do a South African accent.

4 Welsh

Best accent in the world!

5 Scottish

Seeing bad Scottish accents makes me laugh. Very hard to pull off, and often people are terrible at it.

If I listen to Mike Myers long enough, I can somewhat do it, but not great.

Very easy to replicate, it feels very satisfying to mimic.

6 German
7 Norwegian

Norwegian is a beautiful accent. It's easy to imitate as well.

8 Russian

I immediately think of the stereotype accent here.

Comrades, I am best at making Russian accent.

Let's try sounding like Soviets!

9 Italian-American

I love the tone switching in Italian.

I wish I was Italian.

10 British

I've been watching/reading far too much Harry Potter and British YouTube and have been thinking in an accent for days. I'm glad it hasn't bled out into speech because that would be terrible, but it's probably the best accent out there. Just so charming.

British accents are awfully fun to mimic. My best friend at my school has an awesome "British accent" that he uses to "referee" the soccer games and football games that me and my friends play every recess. Man, the British accent should at least be in the top ten! Oh, by the way, I'm part Chinese, but I can never copy the way how the Chinese immigrants sometimes talk on TV.

Sometimes, I talk in a British accent just for the heck of it.

The Contenders
11 Jamaican

As a white girl with no West Indian about me whatsoever, it looks kind of strange when I mimic this lovely accent.

12 Chinese-English

I utilize Chinese-English (Chinglish) frequently in my home, and I can imitate the accent perfectly. Only used in loving pride, though, of course.

I'm one-third Chinese (I'm also a third Canadian and a third American), and I can never copy the way the Chinese people on television talk.

13 Indian

Listening to Russell Peters speaking in the Indian accent amuses me regardless of how bored I am. (Though he only does it sometimes)

I'm 100 percent Indian, but I didn't grow up in India. So, it amuses me how fun and easily I can catch the accent.

The stereotype accent is really funny. 'Hello, I am from Indian tech support.'

14 Texan

I am from Texas, and non-Texans, and some of my neighbors, claim me and my family have an accent. A Texas accent. I don't hear it on me, but a lot of others do! I hate when people do a Texas accent and make it so stereotypical.

I grew up watching SpongeBob, of course, I know this one.

15 Spanish-English
16 French-English
17 Mexican

I immediately think of the stereotype accent here, and I love it.

I like doing the Mexican gangsta.

18 Danish
19 Persian
20 Glaswegian

Easy enough to do.

21 Chinese
22 Deep South

All American accents are easy to mimic.

23 Filipino

Dude, no offense to all nationalities in the world, but let's be real, the Philippines has the best accents of all countries in the world. They can even mimic any accents and learn many languages in about a month or two.

24 Arabic
25 Michigan

I'll make a Michigan accent guideline in a blog post eventually. Most people don't know it's an accent, but it's quite interesting.

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