Top Ten Words for "Left" and "Right" in Different Languages

This is a bit of a different list, this will be a list showing what left and right sound in different languages, and comment about in which language we think left and right sounds best, that's the point of the list. Without further ado, let's a go!
The Top Ten
1 Links vs. Rechts (German)

Now where are geting into the languages where I think one of them sound cool and one does not. Links is my choice here, it sounds like Link from Nintendo, although recht does sound like the swedish word rätt which means correct or right, it still sonds pretty bad honestly in my opinion

2 Venstre vs. Høyre (Norwegian)
3 Лева (Leva) vs. Правa (Prava) (Russian)

Now we're geting into the russian words: Leva and Prava. I prefer leva, because even though it means negative and prava means something positive, I prefer leva by far, it sounds like the swedish word "leva" which means to live, I love it! Whereas prava sounds ok, but very odd in my opinion

4 Venstre vs. Højre (Danish)
5 Kairę vs. Dešinė (Lithuanian)

This is definitely the language where left and right sounds the best, honestly both left and right sounds awesomne in lithuanian! I think Kaire sounds little bit better due to it sounding a bit more colorful, but I love the sound of desine, it sounds like the french word dessine which means drawing, love the lithuanian words!

6 Gauche vs. Droite (French)

Another language where the two words sound awesomne! Gauche sounds like something colorful and omftorable, droite sounds like droid, I prefer gauche between the two, it just sounds better somehow even though droite sounds cool too.

7 Left vs. Right (English)

Well of course I would include the english words in here too, I mean this is an english website after all. I honestly think left sounds far better, right just sounds not right (no pun intended). I really hate the fact that right is the "right word" while left means left, anyways I prefer left in this language.

8 Chap vs. Rast (Persian)
9 Vänster vs. Höger (Swedish)
10 Izquierda vs. Derecho (Spanish)

Now we're getting into the languages were I think neither sound that interesting, I prefer Izquierda though, it kinda sounds like the pokemon Rayquaza for some reason. Derecho sounds repetitive (Why does the word right have an obsession with beggining with a D in so many languages? Desine, derecho, droite, dexter, it gets old! )

The Contenders
11 Sinister vs. Dexter (Latin)

I like sinister mainly because of the English word, it also just sounds cool. Same goes for Italian sinistra, but I think Italian's word for right is better than this one.

Please do not hate me but I think sinister sounds much better than dexter, dexter just sounds super weird. I'm more familiar with the word sinister, it might sound a bit evil but I've never really cared about it.

12 Maldekstra vs. Dekstra (Esperanto)

Esperanto, the easiest language in the world, I just had to have the esperanto words for left and right. This language also suffers from the whole "right starts with D" thing. So Maldekstra gets my vote. The added mal- adds personality to the word, something Dekstra lacks

13 Leva vs. Desna (Slovenian)

Leva is similar in Russian.

14 Vasen vs. Oikea (Finnish)

Alright, good ol' finnish. I prefer Vasen here, it sounds like the swedish king Gustav Vasa which were one of the greatest swedish heroes of all time! Oikea just sounds like it was made in the last second, you will understand why if you know swedish.

15 Vlevo vs. Právo (Czech)
16 Sol vs. Sağ (Turkish)
17 Stânga vs. Dreapta (Romanian)
18 يسار (Yasar) vs. يمين (Yamin) (Arabic)
19 Esquerda vs. Direita (Portuguese)
20 Sinistra vs. Destra (Italian)

See my comment on Latin; these and many other Italian words are just so cool.

21 ግራ (Gira) vs. ቀኝ (K'enyi) (Amharic)
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