Top Ten Filipino Revolutionary War Generals

They were the Leaders and Officers who fought for the Philippine Independence in armed struggle against the Spanish (1896) and resisted the Americans (1899).
The Top Ten
1 Emilio Aguinaldo Emilio F. Aguinaldo (March 22, 1869 – February 6, 1964) was a Filipino revolutionary, politician, and a military leader who is officially recognized as the first and the youngest President of the Philippines and first president of a constitutional republic in Asia. He led Philippine forces first against... read more

No doubt many would disagree, but let's face facts: he was young, inexperienced, and never had any formal military education. The only experience he had was being a Municipal Captain. The revolution in 1896, started by the Katipunan, of which he was a part, saw him leading many victorious battles (Imus, Binakayan, Zapote, Alapan, Aliaga, and many more), defeating veteran and capable Spanish generals. His popularity grew because of his achievements as a military leader, which later led to him becoming the first president of the Philippines. Although he lost the war against the United States in 1901, his legacy of nation-building endures.

2 Edilberto Evangelista

He could have been the first president. It's a pity he died in battle against the Spanish. He was responsible for the construction of trenches and served as an adviser in terms of firearm combat, leading to the victories of the revolutionaries.

Intelligent general. How I wish he wasn't killed in battle.

Pity he died early. What a genius man he was.

3 Miguel Malvar
4 Antonio Luna

Antonio Luna was considered to be the most famous and infamous general during the Philippine-American War. Intelligent, highly skilled as a marksman, and with a formal military education in Europe, he became the Commanding Chief of the Army. He was aggressive in a way that he got praised by the enemy, despite the fact that he had yet to taste a significant victory in battle against the Americans. Then, he was killed during his visit to Cabanatuan.

5 Manuel Tinio

I believe he was the youngest general.

6 Artemio Ricarte
7 Mamerto Natividad
8 Licerio Geronimo

Under his leadership, he defeated and killed the famous US General Henry Ware Lawton, the general responsible for the capture of the famous Native Indian "Geronimo". Lawton was shot by a Filipino sharpshooter, Mariano, at the Battle of Paye.

9 Andres Bonifacio
10 Tomas Mascardo

As much as the movie "Heneral Luna" portrayed him as a cowardly tempered man who hated General Luna, in reality, he was a war hero. Notably, during the 1897 Battle of Zapote Bridge, he led to a Filipino victory against Spain and was fatally wounded during that firefight.

The Contenders
11 Gregorio del Pilar
12 Pio del Pilar
13 Jose Ignacio Paua

With Chinese blood, he was also controversial, but this guy was a one-man army. He led and fought his enemies even in hand-to-hand combat and was promoted within a short period of time. He fought many battles, from the Spanish to the Americans.

14 Simeon Ola
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