Top 10 Reasons Why Justin Trudeau is the Worst Canadian Prime Minister

Justin Trudeau is the definition of a liberal snowflake. He is the worst PM of Canada ever!
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1 He Put Canada Into Extreme Debt

It is pretty simple to explain the damage Trudeau has done, but it's unbelievable it can be allowed without consequences. Imagine a country whose prime minister has increased the country's federal debt by more than all previous governments in history combined and has literally accomplished nothing positive or substantial to justify this spending. He's added 600 billion to Canada's money supply, creating inflation not seen since the last Trudeau was in power. Sadly, Justin Trudeau and many of his friends, family, colleagues, and cronies have done extraordinarily well for themselves while the everyday common citizens have been substantially challenged.

When an individual, such as a politician, is given so much power and control, it has the potential to have dangerous consequences. It seems obvious this has happened in Canada. One might wonder why Justin Trudeau was recruited and groomed to lead the liberals and subsequently become prime minister. It's obvious he has zero qualifications in any of the essential departments of government.

Is he connected to people and organizations that have vested interests in influencing and shaping government policies? This is the reality. Justin Trudeau is a puppet who does the bidding of other influencers such as the Canadian government-funded Trudeau Foundation, the World Economic Forum, the Chinese Communist Party, and any organization from Quebec that can squeeze Canadian tax dollars for the province's own benefit.

It is obvious Justin Trudeau does not have Canada's best interests in mind and his failed leadership and historical track record displays this fact clearly. He is a corrupt individual who will have increased his personal net worth by millions while doing the bidding for his masters and destroying Canada from his incompetence from debt accumulation, inflation from money printing, uncontrolled immigration, doubling the cost of housing, mortgage payments, and rent payments. He is a disaster and needs to go.

2 He is Unqualified

When he was recruited into the Liberal Party at 38, he possessed a prior 20-year track record of party boy, bouncer in a bar, college dropout, snowboarding instructor, journalist groper, so-called high school teacher, accused schoolgirl creeper, and wore blackface so many times he doesn't remember. This is Canada's Prime Minister, and we're not getting even a fraction of what we're paying for.

He partied for 20 years, enjoying the lavish lifestyle of a rich boy whose bills were always paid for him. His experience included being a substitute drama teacher, snowboarder, college dropout, blackface wearer and promoter, teenage schoolgirl creeper, and female journalist groper. All these accomplishments were achieved before the desperate Liberal Party recruited him into politics.

Canadians have suffered so much as a result of their failure to recognize the incompetence, corruption, and arrogance of this utter failure and disgrace.

3 He Has Multiple Convictions on Ethics Violations

The number 1 answer here is "He put Canada in extreme debt". This answer should be number one because much of his ethics violations put Canada in this debt. For a guy who promised "Accountability and transparency", this government is a complete sham and the bunch of them should be arrested for treasonous behavior. Steven Guilbeault or whatever his name is? The convicted eco-terrorist? He continues to raise the carbon tax, blaming "global warming" for the fires even though most were arson, just to continue bleeding Canadians dry with carbon taxes? They are all traitors!

Justin Trudeau has created and participated in a continuous and endless series of corruption scandals and unethical conduct throughout his reign as prime minister, and it's only getting worse. The question is, why is Canada's government leader allowed to conduct himself in such an egregious and unlawful way and not suffer consequences?

4 He Gives the Most Money to Quebec

He only represents Quebec, as proven by his condoning their corporate corruption, funding Quebec social programs and anti-English policies, and regularly giving Quebec passes on questionable environmental practices. He does not represent Canada and only governs by frequent polling data.

Quebecers have always been very successful at squeezing resources out of the rest of the country. You have to give them credit, despite the lack of ethics. They float oil tankers from Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Nigeria up the Saint Lawrence Seaway to refineries in Quebec, while Trudeau's Bill C-48 bans oil tankers from floating off the BC coast.

The "Have" provinces pay transfer payments to the "Have Not" provinces. Alberta has contributed 85% of transfer payments, and Quebec has received about 85% of the transfer payments. If you're a Quebecer, that's genius and amounts to about 650 billion historically. This is the province with by far the best government-funded social programs in the country.

Also, Canada's immigration is out of control thanks to Trudeau's incompetence, but Quebec is smart and keeps control of their immigration policies while Trudeau floods the other provinces. Meanwhile, we are 1.5 million houses short in Canada, but try to get a building permit outside Quebec.

Quebec bans the English language in many districts, while the rest of Canada, where 98.5% speak English, has French language written on everything. There are staggering federal regulations on various industrial and commercial sectors in Canada, while our Quebec counterparts continue to get passes on environmental and corruption issues. SNC Lavalin is an example.

It goes on and on. Wake up, Canada, and well done, Quebec.

5 He Doesn't Care About Alberta's People

Hundreds of billions in capital flight have resulted. The world will still be using fossil fuels 100 years from now. Trudeau knows China builds over a hundred coal power stations per year while he tries to shut down Alberta's natural gas production. Alberta's technology in carbon capture leads the world but is impeded by Justin Trudeau's government at every opportunity. Very strange.

It is almost incomprehensible how idiotic, costly, and damaging his energy policies have been to Canada. Any marginally educated person knows the planet will continue to use fossil fuels for literally decades. Why would he prevent or cancel so many LNG projects and pipelines by the cleanest, most technologically advanced, and innovative energy producers on the planet? This scumbag, like his father, seems to have a disdain for Alberta. There is a video from about twelve years ago with him doing a casual interview with a guy in a pub. He clearly speaks about his disdain for Albertans and also explains why he believes Quebecers are superior.

6 He Values Terrorists and Refugees Over His Own People

Only an uneducated idiot would compare the Turd to Donnie Dump. Trump's accomplishments were tremendous, despite his personality failures. The Turd is an incompetent, corrupt, narcissistic, debt-producing fool who has not accomplished anything in 7 years except paying Omar Khadr, a Canadian terrorist who killed a US soldier, 10.5 million dollars. That's a war crime against your own country.

I remember that time when the only overweight protagonist (a male Canadian veteran) in your videos grounded him forever. Then he took over the country and reverted all the things, like kicking out terrorists, laying off transgender Mounties who smoke weed to pay for debt, reverting the national anthem back, mentioning Alberta for the 155th Canada Day, revealing all information about him (besides password), including doubting #MeToo rumors, spending $100 million on hospital funds, tearing down the Trans Mountain Pipeline, extending parental leave, spending $250k himself, and being in the Tories, Canada's largest right-wing political party.

7 He Has Accumulated an 84 Million Dollar Net Worth While Only Making 2.34 Million Off His Salary

Although there is little question of the enormous, catastrophic decades of damage he has done in so many areas of Canadian life - debt, inflation, division, reputation, immigration, housing, bloated bureaucracy, education, the military, and foreign affairs - there can be absolutely no doubt he and his friends have done very well for themselves.

There can be no doubt that when you are involved in continuous unethical activities and corruption scandals with so many very questionable business entities, you are pocketing millions. The pandemic provided him multiple opportunities to spend billions of taxpayer dollars on so many questionable so-called benefits. He, without a doubt, extracted and skimmed millions. His character as a person has been sketchy for as long as anyone has known about the creep.

There is no question he will have accumulated millions from his endless scams, such as the ArriveScam app, his billion-dollar "green" slush fund, the 237 million dollar unapproved ventilator production scam during the pandemic, and so on.

8 He Changed the National Anthem to Make It "Gender Neutral"

Yet, he wants everyone to call themselves "feminists", which is not a gender-neutral word.

This is a perfect example of what is important to this fool.

9 He Was Accused of “Groping” and “Inappropriately Handling” a Female Reporter

Justin Trudeau did it and does not even deny it. He just claims his perspective of what transpired is different. Convenient for him but likely terrifying for her, given who he has managed to become. A creep and, oh yes, the Canadian Prime Minister.

He did it and has acknowledged it. However, this egregious act was okay because "he" perceived it differently and was unaware she was a journalist. So, in his mind and in the mindset of his government-funded media, it's all good. He is such a disgrace.

He is mentally ill, as has been evident for a long time.

10 He Keeps Information Hidden from His People

Justin Trudeau is a master of failure. Turn the page, shut down the committee, fire the Attorney General, throw fellow cabinet ministers under the bus, lie, shift the blame, and accuse your opposition of the very crime you're committing.

He never answers questions in the House of Commons and frankly, only occasionally attends. He regularly shuts down committees and inquiries into his government's corruption. He is a corrupt politician without question.

He is beholden to the World Economic Forum, a bunch of absolute losers that hate humanity. He should work for the Canadian people, not a bunch of people who got rich off capitalism but now want to game the system to make it fascist and impossible for competitors to enter the market.

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11 He is Unable to to Remember How Many Times He Dressed in Blackface and Stuffed His Pants in Public

Wore blackface more times than he can remember. Who among us knows anyone who ever wore blackface? There's a yearbook from when he was a "so-called" teacher at the private BC high school. In this yearbook, there are far more pictures of Justin Trudeau than even the most prominent athletes or academic students who attended the school. There are many pictures of him in costumes, including blackface, and also with his arms around schoolgirls. It's where he was eventually fired for accusations of inappropriate conduct with several schoolgirls.

I have never known anyone who has ever worn blackface, and this fool can't remember how often he enjoyed partying while wearing blackface.

The guy can't remember how many times he wore blackface. The pictures do look like he was enjoying himself. And by the way, according to blackface, you're the racist.

12 He Was Accused of Statutory Assault of an Underage Student Under His Care

Justin Trudeau was fired from his substitute drama teaching position for many accusations of misconduct with teenage schoolgirls.

A little investigation into this story finds multiple allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior with teenage schoolgirls at the private school in BC called West Point grey academy. He was fired from this job and although not confirmed it is believed that hush money was paid.

He was fired from his teaching position at West Point Grey Academy in BC for multiple accusations of inappropriate sexual conduct with female teenage students. It had been alleged the hush money was paid.

13 He Let the Opioid Crisis Spread and Take the Lives of Innocent Canadians

He has legalized hard drugs and issues them out for free. He encourages citizens to end their lives if they feel depressed, by promoting his assisted dying program. He has also increased the catch and release of repeat violent offenders.

He legalized hard drugs and issues them out for free, and now is encouraging the assisted dying program for depressed, drug-addicted citizens.

14 He Forgot to Mention Alberta on Canada Day

Justin Trudeau is a failure. Alberta is a success. Justin Trudeau is corrupt. Alberta uses the cleanest technologies and practices on the planet to produce clean energy. Justin Trudeau is an incompetent manager of government. Alberta is a clean and efficient energy provider. Justin Trudeau is an idiot. Alberta has given hundreds of billions in transfer payments to the other provinces, namely Quebec. We want Alberta to stay.

15 He Used the Emergencies Act to Lock Up Protesters and Freeze Bank Accounts

Justin Trudeau forced truck drivers to get vaccinated with unapproved vaccines or lose their jobs. When the truckers legally and peacefully protested these mandates, Justin Trudeau went into hiding and failed to even engage in dialogue with the truckers. He then invoked the Emergencies Act (a war measures act) to suppress the truckers, froze bank accounts, and charged many with crimes, bankrupting so many citizens. It all proved that Canada is governed by corrupt, incompetent cowards.

He forced illegal mask mandates on people who virtually spend their entire lives alone in their trucks. He would not even speak to the truckers and hear their concerns, and a year earlier, he had referenced them as heroes. Now, he calls them racist, misogynist, and extremists. He implemented the modern-day version of the War Measures Act and froze Canadian citizens' bank accounts for supporting the truckers. Justin Trudeau is a shameful disgrace.

16 He Has Multiple Cases of Direct Illegal Interference with the Justice System
17 He is a Social Justice Warrior
18 He Managed to Look Like a Complete Idiot in Front of Other World Leaders

Justin Trudeau has destroyed Canada's reputation on the world stage. We are not even invited to meetings with allies or asked to participate in military exercises. Trudeau is shunned by our former friends around the world because they know he's an idiot. Too bad more Canadian citizens couldn't figure this out.

Justin Trudeau has destroyed Canada's reputation abroad. He is shunned by world leaders, particularly our allies. Canada is not even invited to participate in joint military exercises.

19 He Did Not Extend Parental Leave for Parents
20 He Supports Homosexuals
21 He Doesn't Care About the People of Canada

Justin Trudeau's actions clearly have shown he cares only about his ego and enriching himself and his cronies.

22 He Lets Immigrants in Canada

Justin Trudeau is flooding Canada with immigrants who have no place to live, and many do not share historic Canadian values. He allows unvetted immigrants into Canada. Of course, Quebec has complete control over their immigration into the province.

23 He Spent $250,000 on a Vacation that Canadian Taxpayers Paid For
24 He Expanded the Trans Mountain Pipeline

He canceled the Northern Gateway, Energy East, and Keystone XL pipelines, and purchased the TMX pipeline. The TMX was estimated to cost 4.5 billion but now, 6 years later, it's at 22 billion and not even close to completion. Idiots do what idiots do?

25 He's Politically Correct
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