Top 10 Reasons Why Justin Trudeau is the Worst Canadian Prime Minister

Justin Trudeau is the definition of a liberal snowflake. He is the worst PM of Canada ever!
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1 He Put Canada Into Extreme Debt

The amount of money that has been spent on scandal ridden covid benefit schemes is being exposed. He as also spent billions benefiting his government and corporate colleagues in scandal such as WE charity, the arrive cam scam, the ventilator production scandal and many others. He spent millions when he signed canada up to receive (ineffective) vaccines from china's can-sino. They then kicked Canada to the curb forcing months of delay ensuring Canada had to pay up big time for Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Air canada got 498million, an airline literally rated one of the worst in the world and was also rescued from bankruptcy by the liberal government in 2002. It just goes on and on. In the end after scandal after scandal this government has accomplished virtually nothing but indebted its citizens by more than all previous governments in history combined. Sickening

Turdy flys around the world on a huge 310 airbus with his entourage in tow and which always includes pretty Melanie Joly at his hip. This while possessing by far the worst ever prime minister attendance record in parliament and ramming ridiculous carbon taxes down canadians throats. The hypocrisy. The latest is his recent statement that he never forced citizens to get vaccinated and to avoid criticism he once again flys off to a summit in NY to hobnob with the upper class, drink expensive wine, stay in luxury hotels all on taxpayer expense. Every Canadian citizen is $37,000.00 in federal debt and MORE than HALF this debt is the result and responsibility of this corrupt incompetent prime ministers out of control spending. He is a DISGRACE

It really is a terrible position he has unnecessarily put the country in. Sheer arrogance and complete fiscal incompetence and mismanagement. So many have been enriched by the billions and billions spent on countless pandemic schemes which did little if anything helpful and more received payments like cerb that didn't even qualify. It massive the spending this corrupt government continues to spend.

Imagine a government lead by a substitute drama teacher that as stated by other posters on here has accumulated MORE DEBT than all previous governments from 1867 to 2015 combined. It took nearly 30 years to get Pierre Trudeau uncontrolled debt accumulation under control and here we go again. So unfortunate that subsequent governments will be so burdened by this fool's debt accumulation and the creep just continues to rack up more and more. Makes ya wonders what's the real plan here?

2 He is Unqualified

His qualifications are the ability to literally never answer a question, deflect accountability and talk without saying anything. He is able shift narrative and this is done by repeatedly playing the race card. Recently this repeated black face wearing hypocrite called leslyn lewis and racist. His track record displays complete incompetence and has literally no substantial accomplishments in now eight years. He is morally empty, completely corrupt and ignorant. His arrogance is disgraceful but is what narcissists commonly do. He was a repeated college dropout who had 4 to 5 years of language and drama teaching experience be fore becoming the liberals poster boy in his late 30s. So pathetic. Now we pay for decades and hope we can repair his debt, division and corruption damage.

He has no qualifications in management of the many critical sectors of government. And his track record displays this clearly. He has most definitely displayed incredible competence at misinformation, maintaining unaccountability for his regular unethical behavior and endlessly steam of corruption scandals. He is enriching himself and his friends and has done extraordinarily well for himself.

Repeatedly dropped out of college, worked as a drama and language teacher for a few short years. Fired from West Point grey academy for alleged inappropriate sexual conduct with female students. Very accomplished at virtue signaling, never answering questions, corruption scandals and getting very very wealthy.

He is not qualified at finance, law, economics, business, management, healthcare, geology, environment, foreign affairs, military or any aspect of government. He not even smart enough to employ credentialed and professionally qualified people in these positions. Our government is truly incompetent. He's a drama teacher.

3 He Has Multiple Convictions on Ethics Violations

2023, the corruption scandals are ongoing and continuous. Take your pick. The latest one regarding china's interference in our elections and donations to the trudeau foundation is an enormous scandal and coverup. Unfortunately there is a very high % of canadians that are so apathetic to world affairs and politics that this won't even matter. In canada government corruption has virtually no consequences and this current government has no issues with unethical behavior and corruption.

He is a completely unethical person who literally has gone from corruption scandal to corruption scandal though out his time as pm. He has done very very well for himself. He has now orchestrated and benefited from more corruption scandals than all previous governments in Canadian history combined.

Latest corruption scandal is that it's being verified that China now has major influence in many previous federal and provincial elections and this federal government is fully aware of it, has benefited from it and has tried to cover it up. WAKE UP CANADA

It's amazing how someone with such a sketchy background of very QUESTIONABLE conduct could be cleared by liberals to represent the party. His history of BLACKFACE, the GROPING of a journalist, fired from his teaching job at West Point grey academy for INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR with students should have been a warning.

Now the ENTIRE COUNTRY SUFFERS with his obvious continuous incompetence and unethical conduct.

4 He Doesn't Care About Alberta's People

It is almost incomprehensible how idiotic, costly and damaging his energy policies have been to Canada. Any marginally educated fool knows the planet will continue to use fossil fuels for literally decades. Why would prevent or cancel so many lng projects and pipelines by the cleanest most technologically advanced and innovative energy producers on the planet. This scum bag like his father hated the alberta. There is a video from about twelve years ago with the turd doing a casual interview with a guy in a pub. He clearly speaks about his destain for Alberta's and also explains why Quebecers are superior.

He has done everything in his power to try and cripple alberta. A province that has historically contributed 700 billion dollars in transfer payments to the have not provinces of witch quebec has received 85%. Alberta is a province that employs the cleanest most technologically innovative practices to produce oil and gas in the world. A world that will continue the use fossil fuels for decades. That's reality.

Alberta has historically contributed 700 billion in equalization payments to the "have not provinces" of which "quebec" has received 85% of this. And this incompetent corrupt disgrace of a pm has hindered and impeded the province at every possible opportunity. Lower then scum.

The world will continue to need carbon based fuels for decades. That is and indisputable fact. So it does make complete sense that it be sourced from the cleanest producers on the planet during the many decades the planet needs to transition.

5 He Gives the Most Money to Quebec

Quebecers have always been very successful at squeezing the juice out of the rest of the country. You have to give them credit despite the lack of ethics. They float oil tankers from Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Nigeria up the Saint Lawrence Seaway to refineries in Quebec while Trudeau's Bill C-48 bans oil tankers from floating off the BC coast. The "Have" provinces pay transfer payments to the "Have Not" provinces. Alberta has contributed 85% of transfer payments, and Quebec has received about 85% of the transfer payments. If you're a Quebecer, that's genius and amounts to about 650 billion historically. This is the province with by far the best government-funded social programs in the country. Also, Canada's immigration is out of control thanks to Trudeau's incompetence, but Quebec is smart and keeps control of their immigration policies while Trudeau floods the other provinces. Meanwhile, we are 1.5 million houses short in Canada, but try to get a building permit ...more

Quebec has always been very wise at exploiting wealth and resources from Canada. This corrupt pm has ensured countless quebec companies received massive covid support funding as well as ensuring many more companies get passes on regulatory, environmental and corruption issues. It is on a bigger scale with this creep, but nothing really new.

Billions spent on Quebec social programs and infrastructure while bailing out financially many bankrupt corporations and supporting corrupt companies. Quebec often gets a pass (look the other way) when it comes to environmental and regulatory compliance issues. If the rest of the country was treated like Quebec their would be 6 L&G plants on our coasts along with the supporting infrastructure and many other projects as well. This fool is in a league of his when it comes to corruption

SNC Lavalin was just an example of his getting caught. He has often given many quebec corporations passes on corruption, regulatory compliance and environmental issues.

6 He Values Terrorists and Refugees Over His Own People

Only and uneducated idiot would compare the Turd to Donnie Dump. Trumps accomplishments were tremendous despite his personality failures. The Turd is an incompetent corrupt narcissistic debt producing fool who has not accomplished anything in 7 years accept paying Omar Khadr a Canadian terrorist who killed a US soldier 10.5 million dollars. That's a war crime against your own country.

LOL, I remember that time when the only fat protagonist (A Fat Male Canadian Veteran) in your videos grounded him forever and then he took over the country and reverted all the things, like kicking out terrorists, laying off transgender weed smoking Mounties to pay for debt, reverting the national anthem back, mentioning Alberta for the 155th Canada Day, Revealing all information of him (besides password), including doubting #MeToo rumours, spending $100 million on hospital funds, tearing down the Trans Mountain Pipeline, extending Parental Leave, spending $250k himself, and being in the Tories, Canada's Largest right-wing political party.

I agree. Justin Trudeau is the Canadian equivalent of Donald Trump.

7 He Changed the National Anthem to Make It "Gender Neutral"

Yet he wants everyone to call themselves "feminists", which is not a gender-neutral word.

8 He Keeps Information Hidden from His People

He is beholden to the World Economic Forum, a bunch of absolute losers that hate humanity. Work for the Canadian people not a bunch of people that got rich off of capitalism but now want to game the system to make it fascist and impossible for competitors to enter the market.

9 He Forgot to Mention Alberta on Canada Day
10 He Let the Opioid Crisis Spread and Take the Lives of Innocent Canadians

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? He Doesn't Care About the People of Canada
? He Creates Big Issues for the Global Economy
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11 He is Unable to to Remember How Many Times He Dressed in Blackface and Stuffed His Pants in Public

His go to move his to call his many adversaries racists. A douche bag who can't remember how many times he wore blackface. He is a disgrace.

12 He Was Accused of “Groping” and “Inappropriately Handling” a Female Reporter

He is mentally ill, has been evident for a long time.

Yep he did it. He's a creep

13 He Did Not Extend Parental Leave for Parents
14 He is a Social Justice Warrior
15 He Was Accused of Statutory Assault of an Underage Student Under His Care

West Point grey academy fires this creep for multiple cases of inappropriate conduct with female students.

16 He Has Multiple Cases of Direct Illegal Interference with the Justice System
17 He Spent $250,000 on a Vacation that Canadian Taxpayers Paid For
18 He Lets Immigrants in Canada
19 He Has Accumulated an 84 Million Dollar Net Worth While Only Making 2.34 Million Off His Salary

Our media is compromised by your tax dollar support. 90% of witch are politically biased and will not report on these many incidents. But that doesn't mean these incidents don't frequently happen. There were multiple government covid benefit schemes, scandals that took place. Ventilator scandal, arrivecan app, we charity corruption scandal and several others. Many other scandals unrelated to the pandemic. Nothing happens, no consequences, just move on to the next opportunity. It has been reported but one must search to find them. There is absolutely no doubt the this pm has perpetrated multiple schemes theat will in many ways benefit himself and his many government/corporate friends and his family.

This corrupt narcissist has done very very well for himself. He is an unethical crook and has enriched him and many of his government and corporate buddies via corrupt fraudulent government issued contracts like arrivecan, Covid ventilator scam, WE charity scandal and literally many more. Absolutely not a single doubt about it.

How is it that a modern western world country that is supposed to conduct itself by the rule of law is unable to convict and jail this corrupt criminal tyrant. It must be a case of justin being slicker than snot on a door knob.

He has does irreparable damage to Canada due his incompetence, debt accumulation and continuous corruption scandals. He has however done extraordinarily well for himself and his cronies.

20 He Expanded the Trans Mountain Pipeline
21 He Supports Homosexuals
22 He Used the Emergencies Act to Lock Up Protesters and Freeze Bank Accounts
23 He Managed to Look Like a Complete Idiot in Front of Other World Leaders
24 He's Politically Correct
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