Top 10 Worst United States Governors in 2021

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1 Andrew Cuomo Andrew Cuomo

He is finally resigning because there is sufficient proof that he broke state law and sexually harassing multiple women. His own party got him accountable.

Sexually harassed women, is thankfully resigning, and gets more controversial year by year. Bill De Blasio is a lot better than this guy.

2 Greg Abbott Greg Abbott
3 Gavin Newsom Gavin Newsom

Since he's facing a recall, he is more fiscally conservative than what Republican voters of his state think of him, and they originally wanted to recall him because of his liberal policies. California had a budget surplus in a pandemic, and he is a moderate Democrat in general.

I honestly don't mind him, but I knew someone would vote him on so I just added him here anyways.

4 Kate Brown Kate Brown
5 Kay Ivey

True that doing blackface in high school proves she is racist. Only democrats are allowed to do blackface, and that allowance is extended to college, and office parties.

She is the Governor of Alabama who is extremely racist, she is a conservative nut job and did blackface in high school.

6 Brian Kemp Brian Kemp
7 Mike DeWine Mike DeWine

He did great in handling this pandemic, despite this modern age of the GOP. He's the few good Republican governors in a red state, along with Jim Justice, who also handled this pandemic well. I don't get why Republicans lack respect for others' faith and values, which they still need to come together.

8 Ron DeSantis Ron DeSantis

He is an evil governor. He has been racist multiple times (spoke at a Muslim bashing event, he supports Sebastian Gorka, bashes immigrants, etc.), is a Donald Trump puppet, wants thousands of deaths in his state by refusing to lockdown, his supporters used blackface riots against his opponent, and forced students to pray in all Floridian schools. This guy is definitely the worst Governor in the United States right now, and has done uncountable bad things. He also has anti-vaccine merch. He is literally everything you don't want in a governor.

He is rather placing his bid for reelection than governing his own state by acting like Trump. He attacks despicable things so that Republicans can get more energized in this stuff when in reality, it holds little weight that would affect their lives. CRT is sometimes taught in graduate school, but he scares his white base to be more outrageously mad about it.

Get him back to #1

9 Kim Reynolds
10 Gretchen Whitmer Gretchen Whitmer
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11 Mike Parson Mike Parson

Awful handling of COVID, opened businesses way too early, and is a lazy governor. He said "These kids have got to get back to school, And if they do get COVID-19, which they will — and they will when they go to school — they're not going to the hospitals." He banned vaccine passports, thinks doctors are rude for giving people vaccines, which people actually listen to him and Missouri is doing awful in COVID today.

12 Kristi Noem Kristi Noem
13 Phil Murphy
14 Ralph Northam Ralph Northam
15 Jay Inslee Jay Inslee

Biggest pinhead around! He is destroying the state with tax upon tax upon tax. He is not only causing the downfall and destruction of small business but also is the cause of large businesses leaving the state due to his "all your money belongs to me" policies! He is personally responsible for all the early deaths of our seniors by locking them up all together during the early stages of the Covid outbreak and due to his machiavellian lockdowns is to blame for the skyrocketing teen suicide rates. Freaking liar now wants to make lying a misdemeanor so he would be GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY!

16 Larry Hogan Larry Hogan

One of the best governors in this nation and he's wonderful. Republican voters who are hating on him don't get that he's a Moderate Republican who leans in the center-right and he's also in a blue state. Democrats in general like him as governor.

17 J. B. Pritzker J. B. Pritzker

I live in Illinois. JB is all about UN Agenda 21 and he (and the elites) are using Illinois to spearhead many Agenda 21 initiatives.

18 Tom Wolf Tom Wolf
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