Top Ten Least Overpowered Clash Royale Cards

The Top Ten

1 Skeletons

They only stop golem with extra support

Copy and paste the link if you want to watch the video about them. After an update they only spawn 3, but they are still a very good card if played correctly. It's a great card but most people don't know it.

They are very useful, I wonder who even thinks their bad. despite the June/21 update decreasing the spawn count to 3 their still useful at distracting a prince and taking 3 hits from it They can also reset sparky's charge is placed correctly, and making your deck a lot cheaper and cycle through your deck quicker.

Who ever doesn't agree is dumb

2 Knight

Why is the Knight up here It is awesome

3 Canon

The cannon is AWESOME. if played properly is can serve great use. Yes I know a mini pekka can destroy it easily because the mini pekka destroys almost everything like butter.

It is great for defense, it can lure a hog rider into range of both your arena towers and with the cannon shooting it as well, the 3 elixir cannon will counter the 4 elixir hog rider.

it can also take out a giant with the help of 1 elixir skeletons (it can pull a giant into range of both arena towers), you'll need something to take out the troops hiding behind the giant

Great for pulling a giant or hog rider in range of both arena towers, also very cheap - An average experienced player.

This breaks like butter with the mini pekka

THEY ARE VERY USEFUL, the reason the mini pekka destroys it easily is because the mini pekka destroys practically everything like butter.

The cannon is great against giants or hog riders. it will lure those troops in range of both your arena towers and help take them out. for a giant you just need to take out the troops supporting the giant seperately, for a hog rider, the hog rider wont even touch your tower unless if your oppoenent uses a zap spell

4 Goblins

Goblins do a ton of damage. and they can do anything skeletons can. They can distract a prince, reset sparky's charge, and lure minions


5 Fire Spirits

These guys can kill almost any swarm or at least lower a swarms health.

They get one shot by anything

Easy way to kill minion horde

For the cost of 2 elixir, they provide insane value, they can do almost the same amount of damage as fireball except they cost twice as much. but they can be countered if you know how. They're cheap and can help cycle your deck

Heres a video that I found useful and taught e how to use and counter them properly: v=2JrNB13CKh4

6 Minions

THEY'RE AWESOME. They do a lot of damage and they can take out troops that only target ground without worry. They're cheap as well

They're sooo good when used properly, they're so good, I wonder who doesn't even know that


Minions are amazing! I love them! you should all join the clan XxballinbrosxX!

7 Spear Goblins

Very good Behind a tank but have less health then goblins

8 Tesla

useless - owenmyr

9 Zap

THIS IS PROBABLY THE NUMBER ONE SPELL IN THE GAME, ANY PRO WOULD USE THIS CARD. It can stun and damage troops for one second, also it can reset sparky's charge.
I found this video really useful that taunt me how to use zap to my advantage: v=Ef8P8ZiP710

10 Bomber

This is op



The Contenders

11 Archers

Almost all cards on this list are good

These things are a two shot kill

12 Sparky

You use sparky, then she ends up using all her power on goblins, seriously?

You already know what I'm talking' about

13 Ice Golem

no damage

14 Wizard

It is cost five exilr, which is very expensive for me, and also, it has just a few hitpoints and does too less damage to the towers!

15 Mortar

This has the worst damage per second!

16 Witch
17 X Bow
18 Lava Hound
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