Top Ten Led Zeppelin Songs Over 6 Minutes Long

The Top Ten

1 Stairway to Heaven
2 Kashmir

I get the chills every time I hear the chorus, this song is legendary. Stairway to heaven is ok I hate always hearing how it's the number 1 led Zepplin song all the time. Kashmir is just amazing I can't describe how amazing it is between Jimmy Paige's amazing guitar playing and Robert Plant's haunting vocals Kashmir is perfect and the longest led Zepplin song at 8:28 s (which is longer than stairway 7:30s)

3 In My Time of Dying

This song is such a jam - LizardKing99

4 Achilles Last Stand

Just listen to this song. One of their longest songs, and isn't that what this list is about?! I have listen to this song a dozen times and each time a little part of me feels complete.

Third longest and amazing

5 No Quarter
6 When The Levee Breaks

In my opinion, it's their best song.

7 Dazed And Confused
8 Moby Dick (Live Versions)
9 Heartbreaker / Livin' Lovin' Maid
10 How Many More Times

Nothing against Heartbreaker or Livin' Lovin" Maid but they are 2 distinct songs. How Many More Times is a nonstop rolling and rocking wave!

The Contenders

11 Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
12 Since I've Been Loving You
13 The Rain Song
14 The Lemon Song

An incredible LZ song that almost no one knows about. Awesome riff, awesome guitar solos, and an amazing bass solo by John Paul Jones

15 Carouselambra
16 Since I've Been Lovin' You
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