Top Ten Led Zeppelin Songs That Should Be Covered


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1 Immigrant Song - Guns N' Roses

Axl probaly would have a higher pitch voice than normal this would defintley kick ass

2 Achilles Last Stand - Rush

Dream Theater covered part of this, and it was completely amazing. I'd love to see Neil Peart playing this drum part.

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3 Communication Breakdown - Alter Bridge
4 Whole Lotta Love - Mötley Crüe
5 Kashmir - AC/DC

This would be so epic - UsernameHere

6 Stairway to Heaven - Blind Guardian
7 Black Dog - Aerosmith

This would sound amazing! - Beatlesboy9

8 Kashmir - Iced Earth
9 Immigrant Song - Demons & Wizards

I have ever dreamed of a Led Zep cover performed by Hansi Kürsch on vocals and I have expected something like that from him. He eventually did it in 2005 - this cover is already a fact and it's available on YouTube. This is the best cover of this song I've ever heard. - Metal_Treasure

10 In The Evening - Def Leppard

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11 Communication Breakdown - Wolfmother

I can't imagine a better cover version of this song because the voice of Andrew Stockdale reminds of Robert Plant a lot (the closest I've ever heard). Give a listen to 'Woman' by Wolfmother and you will agree that Andrew could be called Robert Plant Jr. - Metal_Treasure

12 Whole Lotta Love - Judas Priest
13 Since I've Been Lovin' You - Queen
14 Stairway to Heaven - Guns N' Roses

Would make sense to cover crap like this Guns N Roses and Stairway to heaven are crap

15 Wearing and Tearing - Slayer
16 You Shook Me - Glenn Danzig
17 Trampled Under Foot - Metallica V 1 Comment
18 D'yer Mak'er - Red Hot Chili Peppers
19 Immigrant Song - Metallica
20 Communication Breakdown - Edguy
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1. Stairway to Heaven - Blind Guardian
2. Immigrant Song - Demons & Wizards
3. Kashmir - Iced Earth
1. Immigrant Song - Guns N' Roses
2. Communication Breakdown - Alter Bridge
3. Whole Lotta Love - Mötley Crüe



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