Top Ten Disadvantages of Having Long Hair

I have hair that extends to my waist, which I like, but there are a few disadvantages of having long hair. This list ranks the top ten worst things about having long hair.
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1 It takes a longer time to wash

I don't have particularly long hair, but it is ridiculously thick, making it basically impossible to wash thoroughly.

My hair is kind of medium length. It's fairly easy to wash.

Washing hair is such a chore. I guarantee you'll never meet a normal person with more hair than me!

2 It gets knotted easily

I used to have long heavy metal hair, but I had to get it cut two years ago because the knots were horrible. It's medium length now, but even though I prefer long hair, having no knots and easier washing is a plus.

I'm Black, so with my curly long hair, it gets tangled quickly. I have to use a brush (not a comb) to get the tangles out every day and I have to put conditioner in it.

Imagine it: you combed it very well before you sleep, but when you open your eyes again, you see knots everywhere.

3 Gets caught in things

It gets caught in my armpit when I'm running, between me and the chair when I sit down, and under the straps of my bag.

4 Gets things caught in it

I still remember that comb in my hair.

5 People pull it

A few friends in my school use my other friend's hair as a dog leash.

6 It gets in your food

So annoying. By now, my mother's hair has become a common food item for us.

7 Water drag

Athletic people can take advantage of having shorter hair.

When water is poured on your hair, it will go down, resulting in you having to put it back or flip it.

That's why before I race, I have a haircut (the only time I have a haircut).

8 Using a lot of shampoo

My hair is to my knees, and a bottle of shampoo doesn't even last a week. I constantly have to buy more.

Perhaps this is the universe's way of telling me it's time to donate again.

Heh, I could make a fort out of the shampoo bottles I've used since birth.

9 Clogged shower drains
10 Neck pain
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11 Hair falls in front of eyes whenever looking down
12 Takes too long to dry
13 Broken hair ties
14 Headaches
15 Gets greasy
16 Gets in the way when you sleep
17 Falls out constantly
18 More likely to smell

Well, long hair is more likely to trap heat than short hair, so yeah.

19 It gets into your mouth when sleeping or eating
20 Gets stuck in bag zippers
21 Take time to comb
22 People asking for the secret of how to grow long hair
23 People sit on your hair a lot
24 You always have to brush it
25 Drags on the floor
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