Top 10 Reasons Donald Trump Should Win the 2016 Presidential Election

Everyone on this site hates Trump, but here's why he is the best choice.
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1 He doesn't back down when criticized

Actually, Alpha101, you do have the right to say whatever you want, and Trump has advocated for this. What he doesn't stand for is rude activist babies shoving you off a podium at your own rally, like a bunch of crybaby brats. If they wanted to speak, they should have held their own rally, they had no right to shove Bernie off his podium. The difference is that Trump held his ground while Bernie backed off like the pansy he is. THAT is the kind of leadership we need in these unsure times.

Hillary is a liar, a murderer, a cheater, a anti-American, and a strait up communist. She has taken no hits from anyone, she killed US soldiers and ambassadors. The truth is, she is awful and Trump is the only good candidate. Sorry to tell you the truth you weak minded communists. Thank you for putting this up Jackamalio. Trump for Prez.

2 He will destroy ISIS

I bet he thinks that Indonesia and the Philippines are filled with ISIS members, because you know, they are non-white foreign countries. If he destroys these countries...

This is good. I mean, we can't afford to have a terrorist group worse than Al-Qaeda! If Trump wins, ISIS will be a distant memory!

I hate Trump as a person, but I like him as a president. He's really going to end ISIS.

3 He isn't afraid of the liberal media

Trump has been the butt of ridicule for years, so some CNN correspondent calling him a racist doesn't even phase him. Republicans have a history of backing down before the leftist media, but Trump tells them to get lost. What a boss.

I mean, he does get the most airtime on the news networks. In truth, media companies are happy that they are raking in the cash from their 24/7 Trump coverage.

Your right, kicking Mexicans and their families out of our country isn't racist. Not allowing our Muslim ALLIES to come into our country isn't racist.

4 He will remove Common Core

Yes! Common Core is tearing ALL children and students down. It tells them that they are not as smart as they should be and deceives them into thinking they are the way to be smart, even though grade levels have plummeted since it came into operation!

He's wrong in so many areas, but hey, he's correct in this one tiny area.

I could also say Doritos are healthy for you because they have 10% of your daily iron in them.

Yeah, once I'm out of high school and already dumbed down by Common Core.

5 He knows how to manage money

One can't deny he has more financial experience. Also keep in mind that running a business is different to running a country. In business you can take a lot more risks which depending on how they play out can either be big money or complete failure. When running a country though you can't really make the same kind of risks.

Oh my god, Trump has owned more than 500 businesses, and people are upset over 4. That is really good.

And I hope that would be effective once he's in office, though.

6 He will build a wall

We need a wall so when I grow up, I can find a job (I'm 13 years old) that's not already taken - by an ILLEGAL immigrants! DCfnaf knows Trump should be president (well actually, Trump has already been president for over 6 months)! If everyone seems to like DCfnaf so much, than listen to him - he's an open Trump supporter! Those salty liberals are still sour about losing the 2016 election - they still are bringing-up the ''russian hackers'' although that was NEVER proven! And besides, no one said that mexicans couldn't still come into the country - they just have to do it LEGALY! Is that so hard? No one should have a problem with this unless they are criminals, trying to smuggle drugs into this country!

7 He is a shining example of capitalist success

He took a small loan of a million dollars and turned it into 4 billion net worth. That's some skill.

Trump Steaks, Trump Airlines, Trump Vodka, Trump University, Trump Mortgage, Trump Water. Real success people, this is how you do it!

He's gone bankrupt 4 times and come back over and over, the guy is a comeback king.

8 Many of the other candidates are all clowns

I'm not the biggest fan of Trump, but I can agree he beats most of the politicians we have running.

YES! SO TRUE! Hillary lies, wants us to waste our money on illegal imagrants insured of buying things you love, and wants to start fights in states to start a purdge. Some of the Clinton company has already gone to JAIL

Rubio and to a lesser extent Bernie aren't that bad, but Hillary and Cruz are clowns.

9 He will repeal Obamacare and replace it with something even better

Actually, he's just said he would repeal the ACA. He doesn't know what to do after that.

He said we should allow private insurers to sell across state lines to increase competition and to reduce costs. They can already do this. Many do. I don't understand what he wants here.

He also said we should block-grant Medicaid to the states. This sounds great, but this usually means that it will eventually be cut, which means many would lose their Medicaid.

The main bject of the ACA is to get more people insured, including those with pre-existing conditions. Before, they would have to pay very high premiums for insurance. Now, they pay around the same as everyone else. Trump said when he repeals the ACA, he would find a way to get those with pre-existing conditions health insurance. He has, of course, nor said how this would be done yet.

So the 22 million people who bought insurance from Obamacare will lose their insurance, and also a large number if people on Medicaid will lose theirs as well. Since less people have insurance, this means higher costs for everyone.

In short, don't tear down a law if you have nothing to replace it. At least other Republicans, like Rubio, have a plan.

10 He's hilarious

He posts memes to his Twitter... finally a President who has some humour and is different to his predecessors!

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11 He has savage burns

Rubio is a robotic retard who panics if he has to say anything he hadn't already memorized.

Cause, you know, roasting people just makes you the best president.

Especially the time when he made fun of the disabled.

12 He'll strengthen the military

Maybe this is right. They'll get stronger & smarter on their will to assassinate the moron insulting them & the guy thinking that they'll commit a war crime because he told them to.

He'll waste his money on getting bankrupt & himself & won't give a rats ass about making our military more powerful.

If anything he will scare them away, I'm sure the military will say screw it and leave America

13 He can't be bought

Another great thing about Trump is he don't care what he says, he doesn't have a politicians filter and just talks like a normal guy. (maybe that's why so many blue collared workers voted for him)

Of course he will get a Goldman Sachs person to runs the finances of his campaign. Can't be bought, indeed.

He's a millonaire because his dad was, he inherits money from his father, and now he gets money for being a celebrity.

14 He's the only one with a real plan

He has been criticized for his nonspecific rhetoric, but that's his playing to the crowd. His rallies are a celebration of America. On his website he has outlined his plan which includes lowering taxes for everyone and closing many of the tax loopholes available only to the wealthy. He also explains how he will get Mexico to pay for the wall as well as other policies such as healthcare, job growth, education, the military, etc

Except all this time he tries to get all the hate on him and do something like Zero Requiem(like what they did In Code Geass), I hardly doubt It. He'd be a bad president.

15 He isn't politically correct

Trump is a breath of fresh air and what America needs to get everyone to shut up, get along and move the country forward instead of people being offended every day by every little thing.

Only anti-PC if it offends minorities. Forget it, Trump blows up if you insult him.

16 He's stupid

Americans are stupid, I mean aside from bad foreign policy, they also have bad music like Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Carrie Underwood. Suck it fools!

He has an IQ of 156, which is almost as smart as Einstein. For him, the myth of using 10% of your brain is real. He basically has an IQ of 15 most of the time.

I may be wrong...but how is this a GOOD reason? Well, at least it's the only one that's true.

17 He isn't a professional politician

Yes, the ideas would be fresh. They would also be naive, unworkable, uninformed,
poorly advised, not well thought out, and unable to be passed. Since he's taken so few stands on issues, I'll use his Mexican wall and his Muslim ban as examples. Neither one would stand a prayer of making it through even a very conservative house, and certainly not the Senate. When he starts debating Clinton or Sanders (meaning an intelligent, experienced candidate) you'll see Trump's flaws fully on display.

Politicians who do politics as a job can become corrupt and ignore. The needs of the people. Trump doesn't have an experience in politics, so he isn't likely to use it for money, becuase, you know, he's a BILLIONAIRE.

18 He's honest

Donald Trump filed for bankruptcy unnecessarily six times to get more money! That's not honest! That's a lying sack of trash!

Hahaaakahahajsshgadfjjg LMFAO!

Right. And I am the goddess of the whole universe! What a great joke!

Hillary is the most deplorable and untrustworthy person I ever herd

19 He has a history of being bipartisan

This could make it so Trump can work together with both parties, finding compromises and such.

20 He isn't Clinton
21 He treats women equally

He has taken a lot of flack for being mysogynistic, but he only fights back when attacked, regardless of the gender of his attacker. His company hires and promotes more women executives than almost any other, and his daughter holds an equal position in his company with his sons.

22 He's a good guy

By all accounts from people who actually know him, he is generous and caring. There are numerous stories of his charitable acts to strangers over the years.

23 He will deny Muslim refugees

He did it because he didn't want USA to end up like Germany.

24 He has memes made after him

So is Obama, and he was a phenomenal president. Trump sucks, and he's a living meme.

25 He claims his IQ Is 157
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