Dumbest Things to Do on a Street

There are just some idiots who can’t cross the road correctly for some reason. Here are some things that you should not do while on a street.

Note: This is about dumb things you can do IN THE OPEN of a street. Don’t add anything you can do while in a vehicle.
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1 Stand in the middle of it

You can stand in the middle of it, just not for too long. Still, not a good idea.

We all know what's gonna happen. You'll be run over by a car.

2 Sleep on it

Yeah, I know this is kinda silly, but still, you shouldn't sleep on an open street. Who knows what will happen? You could get hit at 4 in the morning.

3 Try getting into a passing car

Aside from the fact you could get injured trying this, this can be seen as stranger danger since you may not know what car you're getting into.

4 Walk in the middle of it while a car is approaching you

Do you want to die? Well, if you do, this apparently is the way.

5 Run laps across it

First off, you know what could happen. Second, why would you just run across the street anyway unless something went onto the driveway across from you? Now that I'm thinking about it, I was almost killed running across the street when I was 12 (there was something that went across the street).

6 Try doing tricks

The idea of this list reminded me of last summer when I saw someone riding a hoverboard in the middle of the street. He almost got run over but fell off just before a car hit him. I can only imagine what would have happened if he had stayed on the board. But yeah, please don't try to do any type of tricks in the open street.

7 Take too long looking at your phone

If you're just looking down for a second or two, it should be fine. But if you're scrolling through for minutes, that's when it becomes risky because you can't see where you're going. You could be right in front of a car about to hit you without knowing.

8 Put a banana peel on it

There's a thing called the trash can. Oh, and yeah, this can result in an outcome.

Wait, what! I put a banana peel on it and saw 800 people slip and get run over when I wanted to see a car slip.

Yeah, I mean, it's not Mario Kart in real life.

9 Wrestle with someone

This increases your risks for both injury and death. One because, well, it's a worthless fight. The other because it could cause a car to run over both of you even when you're not expecting it. That's why you should be aware before doing this type of stuff.

This kind of reminds me of Superbad.

10 Scream at the top of your lungs

What if I'm practicing my metal screams?

Well, this would be pretty disturbing, and if you get away quickly, it could lead to confusion that something happened on the street itself.

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11 Scream "I'm Immortal" When a car is about to run you over
12 Try to put up an advertisement
13 Pretend you have telekinesis when a car comes

Apparently, some people had some really funny ideas for this list that I didn't think of.

14 Put a wall in front of it
15 Dance in the middle of it.
16 Walk real slow
17 Strip naked
18 Kiss the pavement
19 Ask the first driver you see for directions to a completely random place
20 Have sex
21 Twerk
22 Look at your phone
23 Play sports
24 Attack someone
25 Throw stuff at passing cars
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