Top Ten Everyday Things You’re Doing to Ruin Your Life

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1 Comparing your life to others Comparing your life to others

You can't please anyone. Caring about what others think will only make you empty as people will end up hurting and disappointing you.

Obviously, then your very, very sad and want to be alone and possibly think about deaf.

I think this would be a big one for many, many people, because many can't help it.

Never do this! It makes you feel less good about yourself for no reason

2 Procrastinating Procrastinating

Stop waiting for things to be perfect before you take action. Go out there and do what needs to be done to make your life perfect.

I do this all of the time. It's so fun...

Until the night before it's due.

Guilty as charged. I always kick the can

Really dumb thing to do

3 Complaining about everything Complaining about everything

Living a life of complaints doesn't take you anywhere but will leave you disappointed, frustrated and angry. You need to channel that energy you use to complain into something worthwhile.

Really sad. Complaining doesn't get you what you want and it annoys others around you

Parents in a nutshell

4 Worrying about the future Worrying about the future

I honestly don't worry about the future. You can't fight fate; what will be, will be. So why worry?

The only time I worry about the future is when I'm making decisions. I ask myself 'Will I regret this?'

5 Overthinking the past Overthinking the past

My biggest quirk.

It can cause you to get lost in the past while you should be worrying about the present

6 Telling big lies Telling big lies

Many take on lives that are not theirs. They pretend and live under false guises. You have to be completely honest about who you are and live on that line.

Funny thing: I'm a big-time liar in real life but very honest online.

7 Not forgiving Not forgiving

You can't take life too seriously. People will hurt you and you will hurt others. Holding on to grudges or anger will only blind you from focusing on what is truly important.

You should never hold a grudge on anyone for anything.

8 Believing that ideas don’t have consequences Believing that ideas don’t have consequences

It's also very unhealthy to get overly hung up on the consequences

9 Believe that this life is all about you

No, it isn't, you should learn how to give your own life meaning, not relying on someone else.

10 Insulting others
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11 Ignoring the important questions of life

You need to answer them

12 Playing video games

What is you program games for a living?

Waste of life.

13 Not listening to yourself

Listening to myself is usually counterproductive.

Try do more in life you like and less you don't like.

14 Bullying Bullying
15 Swearing

I am trying to swear less, it just isn't appealing.

16 Smoking Smoking
17 Being jealous of others
18 Watching the news
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