Top Ten Scariest Diseases

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1 Alzheimer's Disease

My grandma is currently fighting this disease and it's getting worse every day..

Mt grandma died of it, and she said nothing was as scary as losing your memory before your eyes.

Very scary, indeed

2 Bubonic Plague

Bro your skin turns black and your limbs start going away while your still alive, and you get painful pus filled lymph nodes that get bigger and bigger, also you cough and vomit blood.

Black death. It goes everywhere in the world, we never know when is the next outbreak. And there is no cure.

3 Ebola Virus Disease
4 Cancer

Too bad it's noncurable

6 Necrotizing Fasciitis
7 Rabies

It makes animals (mammals specifically) go insane, attacking people before dying a horrible death. Without a vaccine, it's a death sentence. They worst part is, not only do you get stuff like foxes, raccoons, and bats with rabies, but there's been cases of creatures like honey badgers and bears getting it. Sleep tight while camping, kids.

Why isn't this number 1, This is literally the worst disease

Kinda scares me, but I never encountered a dog with rabies

8 Huntington's Disease

This is why we have condoms

10 Noma
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11 Encephalitis Lethargica
12 Fatal Familial Insomnia

Just like other prion diseases rare but if you happen to get it you are done for it. Please don’t search up these diseases more unless you wanna for yourself with paranoia.

I remember one time I saw this on T.V.. Just knowing this disease exists will cause you to spend your whole life worrying. Please don't search this up. Chances are it will terrify you. How is this below swine flu? Swine flu won't kill you unless your old, an infant, or have a damaged immune system (Due to a disease like HIV). Plus FFI has a %100 percent mortality rate. It is not worth looking this up, It is terrifying and should be number 1 for sure

Much scarier than lung cancer. Don't search this up, you'll be kept at night.

13 ALS

ALS at the bottom of the list!? Like seriously, does nobody know what ALS does to your body? A lot of the diseases on this list can be treated and managed, but ALS is like a death sentence as you are guaranteed to die if you have it, and is very scary.

14 Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Many people are dying. It is spreading to other countries.

15 Smallpox

Good thing it is eradicated

16 Tuberculosis
17 Influenza
18 Lupus
19 Flesh Eating Disease
20 Sars
21 Viral Gastroenteritis
22 Trigeminal Neuralgia
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