Top 10 Reasons Why the Death Penalty Should Not Be Implemented in Philippines

Philippines, a third world country. Notable of being one of the highest criminality rating in the world. Death penalty is never the solution. We should be aware what it costs.
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1 Poor defendants don’t have the wealth to hire a good lawyer.

I am also against death penalty. I can imagine rich people getting away with murder and poor people getting killed in extrajudicial killings.

Not all people has the the money to get a good lawyer specially those who are at the bottom of the social ladder.

2 Tendency of wrongful verdict.

Specially if the justice system is flawed. There is a high probability of a misjudgment. There are also cases of people who were executed and were later found out to be innocent.

That's right. I could not agree more.

3 Lifetime imprisonment is much better.

If you want to get revenge on the person who has done something wrong to you, reclusion perpetua might be the best opion. Life in jail is no joke specially for rapists and killers. That's according to some police officers. Also, it saves more money from the government fund than ending the life of the criminal.

4 It does not deter criminals.

Studies have shown that no country has ever deterred criminalities by imposing capital punishment. Fear from death penalty will just make the criminals more careful on getting away with their crimes.

5 The trial is very expensive.

It's very costly. Talking about the judge, lawyers and other logistics. The fund should be rather spent on educational, anti-poverty and law enforcement purposes.

6 The justice system is flawed.

The new administration should better focus on solidifying the integrity of the justice system instead of bringing capital punishment on the table.

7 It is wrong to kill people

It is against the 5th commandment of God which is "Thou shall not kill". And we humans do not have the right to get one's life, only God has the right to do it.

8 It violates human rights.
9 It justifies killing.

Say for example, if I was convicted of murdering one of your family members and then as a revenge, you'd want to kill me as well. Then what are our differences? None. We are just both murderers.

I can say that solitary confinement is better than death penalty.

10 We can't solve a sin with another sin.
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11 The trial takes a lot of time.

Definitely. It takes more time to arrive a final verdict compared to typical murder cases which death is not being considered as an option.

12 The court is overloaded with pending cases.

Think about the pending case in the Maguindanao Massacre. Justice delayed is justice denied.

It's not a question at all. The court has so many pending cases.

13 May lead to public execution.

This is just pure barbaric.

14 It is very expensive

A serum to kill someone isn't somthing you can buy from your local store. Its an expensive thing so the government could be saving more money by giving them a lifetime prison sentence rather then actually using expensive things to kill them

15 It haunts the executioners and juries psychologically.

The trauma, stress and all the other psychological effects are big-time if you're the executioner or the judge in the trial.

16 We don’t give people a chance to change
17 It's a sin
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