Worst Places to Go to on a Field Trip

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1 A Gas Station Bathroom

Now this one is an amazing idea, I love it! Imagine... Going into a bathroom that's so trashy and small with toilet paper EVERYWHERE! Sounds fun, guys.

Come with me class! Let's go see the dirty restrooms!
Wow, look at the sweaty man taking a piss!
*Gets beaten up*

Of course this is first place! How rude, people! I'd LOVE to go here with my class!

2 A zoo where all the animals are dead

This really happened once! In kindergarten

I'd hate this. I'd be sad and disgusted.

Seaworld for example...
I'm joking.

Because those totally exist.

3 A ceremony where all your least favorite teachers and the bullies get awards
4 A restaurant that serves moldy food

On the bright side, you might be in an episode of "Kitchen Nightmares" starring Gordon Ramsay!

That should be shut down.

I just wouldn't eat.

Oh how holly jolly

5 A dump

Let's go there! We can treasure hunt and look for valuable items!

Whoever finds the broken pipe with mold on it wins!

6 A house that is said to be haunted

I guess this wouldn't be so bad if you are really into anything that is paranormal.

7 The middle of nowhere where you have to stand four 4 hours without talking
8 A store where you can't actually buy anything

This is real. Teachers make this rule all the time on museum trips. Once my special ed homeroom teacher took the class to Adventure Aquarium in Camden NJ and we went to the gift shop and she told us that we were not allowed to buy anything there.

We went to Krogers for a field-trip once, and all we did was look around!

Then what's the point of the store?

It's a museum, then.

9 A volcano

Teacher:class looks like we have a field trip! Kids: yay! The bus drives there. Teach: congrats we Made it just there so who calls dibs on swimming in that hot dangerous molted lava. Suicidal kid: I am the most hated student I wanted to just so I can kill myself I called dibskis

Not if it's the one in front of the Mirage hotel in Vegas. That would be awesome!

10 A deserted island
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11 Justin Bieber concert
12 A laundromat

Boring and pointless.

13 A stripper joint

No this would be awesome!

Yay this would be fun!

14 A car wash where the school bus gets washed

Also pointless and a waste of time.

That sounds fun.

15 A Trump Rally

Teacher: Okay Class, Let's all go to a Trump Rally!
75.10% of the class: NO!
25.4% of the class: YUSS!

16 A war zone

Ah Somalia, a playground for kids carrying AK-47! Also please give aid

17 A Graveyard
18 An Airport

This would be way better if the class actually got on a plane to go somewhere cool such as LA, NYC, San Fran, Orlando, Vegas, etc.

I actually went on a field trip to an airport once and it was fun ngl. We didn't go anywhere we pretty much just explored it.

19 A school bus

Let's take a field trip to the bus! All aboard the bus!
okay, you can leave now!

20 Jail

Watch your bully getting sentenced in the courtroom. Laugh at them through the bars of their cell.

Ha ha Miranda rights you learned not to litter jimmy field trip rules

21 A Funeral
22 Baby play area

It is the worst field trips because you are not a baby anymore.

23 KFC
24 Abandoned school

No, this would be fun!

25 Adult Movie Theaters

This would be interesting!

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