Top 10 Reasons Why Bullying is Bad and Should Stop

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1 It can lead victims to commit suicide

I feel very sad and sorry to hear about anyone committing suicide, especially because no one knows what that person has been going through. Bullying is never the answer. Suicide is not a joke. There are people out there, like suicide hotlines, counselors, your doctors, and your loved ones, who can help you and always be there for you through thick and thin. No matter what you have been going through in life, be strong! Suicide is never the answer.

I have a quote: "Suicide does not stop pain. It passes it on to someone else." So, please don't commit suicide. It hurts the people that love you.

2 Bullies may face legal consequences

I couldn't agree more because I've been bullied way too many times and I'm fed up with it. What I'm also fed up with are people who claim that bullying is good when it actually isn't. Honestly, do bullies want to create criminals to terrorize a lot of people?

If anyone asks me, I'd love to see all bullies and their supporters face enormous amounts of consequences for their bullying.

Wait, hold up a second. Bullying isn't bad because bullies can face legal consequences. They can face legal consequences because it's bad. Things aren't bad because they have legal consequences. They have legal consequences because they are bad. This entry sort of suggests that bullying wouldn't be bad if it didn't have legal consequences, which is straight up not true.

3 It negatively affects the victim's physical, social, and emotional health

How right that is. Those who think and claim bullying is necessary, good, and part of growing up are deluded liars. All bullying does is ruin people's lives as if there's no tomorrow. In other words, it can depopulate society.

I have been through a lot of bullying, teasing, and even name-calling throughout my school year at Mount Anthony Ideals. Because of the bullying, I didn't have any friends at all. My only friend was my journal! I was in serious depression.

I gave up trying to make friends. I needed to be medicated for depression. I was afraid to go outside the house.

4 It can ruin the victim's self-esteem

That is very sad. To the victims out there suffering from extreme self-esteem issues due to bullying, I want to say this to you: "Be strong! Life can be very rough. Also, be kind to others from your side, don't stoop to the bullies' level. Bullies don't matter as much as you do. You're worth it!"

This makes the victims feel unsatisfied with their appearance. The most common concerns include:

- Body shape
- Skin color
- Height
- Facial features (e.g., pimples, scars)
- Hair color (e.g., stereotyping blondes, though I don't want to mention the stereotypes)

5 Bullying sets a bad example

Many bullies are insecure and suddenly take it out on you. They can even ruin your reputation, and it is unfair to judge others. Bullying is wrong and hurtful.

Bullies are terrible role models for everyone!

6 It can cause victims to become violent

This might sound extreme, but unfortunately, it's actually true. For example, many of the most well-known serial killers are noted to have had terrible social experiences during their childhood, with bullying being a common factor. Bullying does cause an individual to develop anti-social traits, which can morph into nihilism if taken too far. Psychopaths are usually nihilists, seeing as they are unable to relate or bring any genuine interest and care to anyone or anything in general.

This may also extend to a few school shootings. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, who were responsible for the Columbine High School massacre, were noted to have been bullied during their time in high school, which may have contributed to their decision to shoot up their school. Nikolas Cruz, responsible for the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, was also bullied by students of his school and by his younger brother.

This is not a comment about sympathizing with these individuals but rather a display of what bullying could do to people. There is a side just as dark as a victim committing suicide if you think about it.

7 Bullies can become depressed

We all wish bullying would stop, but it won't. No matter what, people will hate you for all kinds of things, even for just being you.

I also think bullying should stop because it gets repeated around the world. It just keeps happening.

8 It harms others' feelings

This is true, bullying is awful. Nobody in school would even like you, except if you're one of the popular kids. Some people do not understand that people have feelings.

Be careful what you say to others (especially your loved ones and pets), or you will deeply regret it. All of us human beings feel negative at some point, but hurting others and their feelings is definitely crossing the line.

Words can hurt you. Not only can they hurt your feelings, but they can also hurt other people's feelings too. Your friends can help you, even a trusted adult.

9 It can lead to poor academic performance

No one deserves to have their academic health messed up at all. Everyone deserves better!

A bully is only nice to you if they want you to help them with their work. That's not very good.

I stopped caring about my grades. I just wanted to get the school day over with.

10 It causes people to think less of the victims

At my school, it's different because the bully has friends and cousins that stand up for the bully, and they all bully the victim. It's sad. But I stand up for myself all the time.

I am glad this list was made! Bullying is a BIG issue that needs to end. I strongly agree!

I have been bullied, and teachers/adults don't really care about what happens to the victims.

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11 It demonstrates immaturity

Bullying is very immature. Bullying is also intimidating. Bullies are very immature. They may think it is cool when it is uncool and impolite. I have been there in the main school, especially in the school hallway and the lunch cafeteria. Bullies are very insecure and mean, and don't know that words can hurt! It is very immature to bully anyone. I have been there, and I don't want to go back.

People be saying that "They're just having fun," but know dang well that the victim doesn't feel the same way.

I think bullying is a mean thing to do.

12 It offers no benefits

People bully to raise their own self-esteem, but if they realized it was wrong, it would probably lower their self-esteem greatly. If I was a bully, it would only make my self-esteem worse.

Yeah, what do you even get out of bullying?

13 It impacts those around the situation

When I was being bullied, my friends noticed that something was wrong. Bullying can have an effect on your friendships. Even friends can help by getting a trusted adult or teacher.

14 It can lead to retaliation

The victim stream snipes you and finds you in the same game and one-taps you with a hand cannon, and you hit a 9 with a pump.

15 It can lead victims to harm themselves

Yikes! If you are a victim of bullying, please don't harm yourself! It is not the answer. No matter what you are going through, God will always be with you through thick and thin.

Bullying is very bad! One thing I hate is fake friends. They talk about you behind your back and they spread rumors. It's bad.

This is very true. I have lived through this, and it hurts. Bullying is not a joke. It can lead many people to do some stupid things. I know this.

16 It causes depression in victims
17 It can affect one's future

That is very true. But it depends on the person themselves.

It can ruin whatever you wanted and wished for.

Just because someone called you a name doesn't mean it should affect your future.

18 It can cause drinking or smoking

I agree with this very truthful topic. That can happen to some people.

It also makes the victims go to rehab.

19 Bullies might end up being victims of bullying themselves

If you bully others, it will come back to you. If you bully someone with autism, then you are likely to have a child with autism who will one day be the target of bullying because you bullied someone with autism.

20 It can result in mental disorders in adulthood

Yikes. That would be quite sad and also very scary.

21 Bullies can lose people's trust

Bullies could lose people's trust by betraying them, manipulating their victims, taking advantage of them, and of course, lying to them.

In elementary school, a girl who had never been mean to me before started hissing at me during lunch, while talking with her mother. Thankfully, her mom realized what was happening and made her stop.

If somebody drags you down, it reveals his or her uncaring personality. If he or she continues, they will never have meaningful relationships with people. The bully will never be trusted again.

22 It can violate privacy policies
23 It is inherently cruel

Of course, bullying is cruel. But it's also very disgusting, unacceptable, and very depressing. No one deserves to get bullied at all. Ever!

Of course, bullying is cruel! Who doesn't know that? Plus, it's also inhumane as well as very cruel.

That's true. People don't know how others feel.

24 It negatively affects perceptions of the bully
25 It leads to regret

If you bully others, then it will come back to you. Additionally, you might have a child who will be bullied in the same way you bullied others.

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