Top 10 Biggest Reasons People Give for Not Liking Conservatives

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1 They are Homophobic

I guess it's ok if you don't like homosexuality but I don't like how (some) conservatives disown their family members, bully gay people, and try to make gay marriage illegal, sometimes even say God hates them which is ridiculous because the bible says God loves perfectly.

A lot of other people are homophobic (not me included) and some conservatives are not. Don't generalise please. It's rude and disrespectful.

Not supporting gays for their choices for moral or religious reasons is different than homophobia. Homophobia is hating gay people, not not supporting them

2 They Use Religion as an Argument

Religion intertwined with politics is really humdrum and religion in all honesty isn't necessary to be brought to light every time.

Most conservatives are completely incapable of rational thought.

3 They are Christian Extremists

So? It's not like Christianity is the only religion to have extremists. And Christian extremists are nothing compared to Muslim extremists

Trust me, Muslim extremists make Christian extremists tame.

All religions have extremists, as well as political beliefs.

4 They Act Stupid

I'm not right or left, but I can say that over 90% of conservatives (as a former conservative myself), are not homophobic whatsoever. Many think it's gross, or wrong, but they aren't scared of gays and they don't hate them. Same thing with "trans-phobia". I think the worst things about conservatives is the weird borderline pro-war attitude. I mean, they say they are "pro life" and then they want to get involved on foreign nations that have fought one another since the dawn of time, and usually cause more chaos than was there before. Also, they talk a big game about fiscal responsibility, and then they spend massive amounts of money on bombing religious fanatics in the desert.

5 They Can't Handle Different Opinions

Hypocritical items, a lot of liberals also can't handle different opinions. Many claim they are all about free speech, but when a conservative tries to voice his opinion, most of the time he or she is shut down, put to the side or even bullied, especially on College and University campuses.

Most Conservatives resort to the vilest hate-speech imaginable as the first line of defence and then start crying and sobbing if you point out the many, many flaws in their reasoning, no matter how politely you do so.

6 They Fight Against Certain People's Rights

"If you can't handle different opinions, you shouldn't really be online." Just how you barely handled anyone's opinion on your other lists, and here right now, where you seem to have a problem with them justifying their opinions. Not just regarding your lop-sided democratic drivel. And mark my comment as an insult all you want, but I just stated my opinion. And think about how people will react, and respect that, before you make a half-arsed rant about it.

Again, not all conservatives are like this. Mostly it's the psycho-religious people who live in the Deep South and don't support separation of church and state who act like this, but it isn't even close to all of them. CNN just picks out those select few to make republicans look bad.

Also makes me laugh to see all the users pointing out how TTP claims to be open minded, then tries to shut up and shame people whose opinions differ from him/her. Typical liberal...

7 They are Hypocritical

They keep doing the same things that they accuse leftists of doing. They get butthurt at silly things, like not standing up for the national anthem, making fun of Trump, urning the flag, etc.

8 Donald Trump is a Conservative

And? He doesn't represent every conservative

9 They Hate Poor People

This is a lame argument and the comments also. Not everybody has the chance or opportunity in their lives to do studies they want to do or to find decent work in this society. Not everybody can be rich like not everybody can be poor. Poor people need help and a government is the helping ( at least it should be ) institution in a civilized society. If a government should not care about their people ( rich and poor ) then they are not worth to be called a civilized humanitarian government but worth to be called a facist regime. And please, before you write comments about socialism learn first the philosophic theory of socialism because you don't know what you're talking about. Socialism ( and I'm not talking about absolute socialism like it was before the boljevic revolution! Socialism is very democratic now and has nothing to do with communism anymore since 1919! Learn your lessons! ) strives at acceptable human conditions at work, Healthcare, pension, the right of a minimum salary etc...and above all trying to help better their nation ( and that's not only poor people. ).

10 They are Represented by Fox News

Again, not a legitimate reason. We have only Fox News. The liberals get nearly every other news source, be it CNN (Crappy News Network), MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, every other newspaper in America. In addition, they get Saturday Night Live, every other night show, talk shows, and movies and T.V. shows with liberal celebrities. And conservatives are bad because we have one news source that supports us?

Makes me sort of feel bad for conservatives that a group of idiots who hate on others, disgrace the whole country, and make idiotic claims.

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11 They are Transphobic

This originally came more from the religious psycho fundamentalists, but the dumb online right made this kind of bullying mainstream. Nearly every hard-core conservative is an absolute piece of crap towards transgender people. Many people fear what they don't understand, and that fear is redirected into moral panic and moral panic is turned into policy by sociopaths capitalizing off of that moral panic. As a result, transgender people have higher suicide rates than other demographic groups because their level of morale or self-confidence has been beaten down repeatedly by many people around them. All they want to do is live their life.

12 They are Uneducated

Again, this is not true. Being educated does not have anything to do with your political views. I'm pretty sure this item was added by a liberal who thinks that if conservatives don't have the same political views as the left then that somehow makes them uneducated and stupid.

How many libs have a college degree? Or should I say, how many libs have a college degree in something other than liberal arts of Gener studies? I thought I would find sympathy here, but this place (the internet) is not where I should go for sympathy I guess.

13 They Don't Believe in Climate Change

I'm not trying to say it's wrong to be conservative, but I find it puzzling how some conservatives still don't believe in climate change even though it's been scientifically proven by SCIENTISTS for years that it's a real phenomenon.

This isn't necessarily true of all conservatives but after Trump was president for 4 years spewing bullcrap about wind energy not working and confusing the terms "weather" and "climate", more Republicans went back into the shadow of pseudo-intellectualism on this topic.

14 They Don't Like Non-White People

Always deny institutional racism, always think all immigrants do nothing but destroy the country at the expense of "hard-working" white Americans, etc.

I'm a Republican and I am anti racist. I just don't try to help anymore because every time I do, the Liberals turn it against me. Then I'm the one whose racist.

Well, not necessarily. This applies to Alt-righters, but not all Conservatives. Please remember that some does not mean all. One does not mean all.

15 They Don't Believe in Universal Healthcare
16 They are Pro-Life

OK I am a hardcore liberal, but abortion is one area where I support the conservatives. Unless the life of the mother is in danger, abortion is wrong. According to biology, a fetus is a living, independent being. It gets nutrients from the mother, but it has all the organ systems and body structures that we humans possess. Furthermore, people are considered dead when their heart starts beating. So shouldn't people be considered alive when their heart starts beating (within first month of conception).

As for the guy who asked why should we prioritize fetuses over women, because the woman (most likely) isn't going to die from giving birth. Again, I said IF a woman's life is in danger, I support abortion. However, why would you kill an innocent baby when you can give birth to it and spare it? It was not the fetus's choice to be born. If you have a baby, then it is not a choice, but your responsibility to nurture it to the best of your ability. NEVER punish someone for something they didn't do. I would also like to add that you can give your baby up for adoption after giving birth to it, so why abort?

I'm going to end my argument with some great quotes from famous people.

"I've noticed that everyone who supports abortion has already been born."
- President Ronald Reagan

"It seems to me clear as daylight that abortion would be a crime."
-Mahatma Gandhi

"I do not believe the promises of the Declaration of Independence are just for the strong, the independent, the healthy. They are for everyone-including unborn children."
- George W. Bush

17 They Use the First Amendment to Defend Hate Speech but Whine About SJW Speech

The first amendment is that you won't get into formal trouble with the law for saying something. You will get fired for a post on social media in work in the USA. That's pretty hypocritical. Liberals, on the other hand use the first amendment to defend SJW speech, but get mad when someone uses hate speech. Conservatives want traditional values.

I am not a big fan of SJW's, but conservatives are extemely hypocritical about this. They always talk this way, and get far more triggered than the SJW's do.

18 They are Pro-War

Beware of WWIII North Korea or Russia or Middle East or Who Knows. ( its an alien! )

19 They Love Guns

The guns are a huge problem in America! And if it is a people problem then why the hell have they made in America so that you can buy a guns at normal food shops!? Terrorists can just go and buy guns because there's not strict gun laws! I'm sorry but I don't see a real reason for guns to being defended!

I know that I'm not a conservative but isn't the Second Amendment the Right to Bear Arms (which was originally made for rights of like hunting guns or guns to use to defend your property. Not machine guns).

Second amendment rights people. It's the person behind the gun who needs to be restricted, not the guns themselves.

20 They Don't Believe in Overpopulation
21 They Hate Black People

Only the far-right hates black people. What about the leftist black people who hate white people?

Yet Hillary Clinton uses them for votes. Why are we not discussing that?

White American conservatives are, far too often, racists.

22 They Hate Michelle Obama for Pushing Healthy Food in Schools

Answer to Randomator : Yeah, " it's not up to the government to decide what we eat". Totally. It's not like they're the ones funding the schools through taxes. It's like saying "my parents should not decide where I live" when you're only ten. It makes no sense. It's funded by the state, and the reasons canteens are so bad is because the Reagan government cut funding by 1$ per meal. Thank you, Reagan. Smooth.

M.O ruined American school lunch. It's so bad that kids drop it in the "share box" or whatever and go to class hungrier. And, in turn, those who consume it end up eating 3 portions because of the leftovers

23 George W. Bush is a Conservative
24 They Believe in the Death Penalty

This may be the most hypocritical aspect of conservatives. These people are the same people who push for pro-life legislation but they'll be perfectly fine with you dying after you're born by any number of methods including state-sanctioned murder that does nothing other than bring us down to the level of the murderer.

25 They Do Not Believe in Science.

Idiots. They don't even believe in climate change, and that is what will kill us all. I hope conservatives die first- or last, so they can absorb how stupid they are.

Most do, just we have idiot conspiracy theorists who represent us.

I believe in science as long as it is not used as a weapon of any sort.

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